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Frick and Frack are excited to show off some of the new companies we're working with! is an iconic product composed by up to 93% of one of the strongest & most appealing elements, it's able to give life to a truly multi-functional !

It was a great night in at our Seminar-a night of learning care&maintenance specifically for . Congrats  to our custom winner, Linda, of &thank you to everyone who attended!

Get ready to fall in love and get cozy with the warm rustic vibes of this featuring countertops

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A or B? A: Featuring pebbled gray kitchen with white sleek cabinetry. B: Evocative dark brown that equals out the flecked white quartz countertops. Ready to your MonteVista Home? 541-516-1999

What colors are the popular ones? If you want to see what some are, check this out:

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1. 20 sided quartz die, Roman 1st-3rd centuries AD.

2. Vintage Baccarat crystal elephant paperweight.

3. Crystal chess pieces, Spain, 11th century, Museo da Catedral. 

4. Reliquaries in the shape of a Stupa , 2nd–4th century, Sri Lankan.

5. Buddhist reliquary carved from rock crystal. Japan, Kamakura Period, c. 13th century. 


Aesthetic Quartz Crystals Points on Prehnite Matrix from Baluchistan Pakistan. Wonderful specimen with Fine and Lustrous Quartz points and self standing position. A small but very perfect specimen.

6.6 x 4.8 x 5.7 cm

$110 Shipped

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What keeps Alan Patricof excited after 50 years in venture capital
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Venture capital pioneer Alan Patricof started his current firm, Greycroft Partners, in 2006 with one mandate: All investments should touch the internet or mobile devices.…
MBA grads are more employable than engineers in India
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Students pursuing a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) in India have a reason to cheer.

In 2020, they will be 54% more employable than the ones with other degrees, according to the India Skills Report 2020 released by online talent assessment company WheeBox. The B. Pharma, Polytechnic, B.Com, and BA courses also saw employability improve by over 15% in 2019.

WheeBox surveyed over 300,000 students across 3,500 educational institutions in India between July and November this year.

The survey observed that the overall supply pool of talent in the country had considerably improved over the past six years. More than 46% of the students were found to be employable or ready to take up jobs as against 33% in 2014.

This year, a decline in employability has been registered among engineering (BTech and BE), MCA, technical, and computer-related graduates.

Where are the jobs?

The Wheebox study found that India’s financial capital Mumbai ranks highest in terms of employability, while Bengaluru, New Delhi, Pune, Lucknow, and Chennai have made it to the top-10.

Among states, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh showed the highest employability among students while West Bengal, which was at the second spot last year, registered a dip. Haryana, third in 2018, could not even make it to the top 10.

“The talent pool of women can be found in Telangana, Rajasthan, and Delhi and at the city level, Hyderabad, Ghaziabad, and Visakhapatnam constitute the top three cities with the most employable female talent pool,” the Wheebox survey observed.

The study mentioned that job portals, professional networks, social media, and internal referrals stood out as the topmost channels used to find the right talent.


Candy cane minty freshness 🎄🎁
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Wants to be a big yellow diamond 💎 This is a show stopping Lemon Quartz cocktail ring. Just the thing for Christmas 🎄🍋🍸
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Beautiful Topaz combined with Quartz on Microcline Feldspar from skardu.
11.0 x 4.3 x 3.2 cm
$115 Shipped

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Pink Diamond made the Rose Quartz Gems after Pearl came up with the Quartz disguise for her. Gems are made in their Diamond’s image and Pink had to come up with a way to make her secret have weight.


If I’m not mistaken we see her perfecting the Rose Quartz Gems design here in her vanity. She also probably made the one Rose Quartz look exactly like her as a easily swapped out stand in. I don’t know why people assume Pink had an entire line of Quartz soldiers uniquely her own before she got Earth. The Amethyst in Prime were literally some of the first Gems Pink had all to herself on her own colony. The Rose Quartz Gems definitely needed to have been produced somewhere in the middle between Prime and Beta becoming operational. It even makes sense when you look at the main three types of Earth Quartz. Amethyst are purple primarily and we know Diamond essence determines Gem color and court. The Amethyst are clearly a join project between Blue and Pink, the Beta Quartzes are primarily red and orange, again showing how that was a joint project between Yellow and Pink. But the Rose Quartz Gems are pure Pink. Pink made them, designed them all on her own. There Gems were all specifically made to look like her, have a cut similar to her own Gem rotated and obviously, being Quartz Gems there cut would be more shallow then her own. Basically Pearl came up with a Gem type, and Pink just made it real. Because she’s a Diamond, and that’s 90% of her duty, making Gems.

Nearly half of urban Indians are willing to forgive their partners for one-time infidelity
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Many urban Indians don’t seem to believe the dictum “once a cheater, always a cheater.”

Nearly half of all respondents in a recent survey said they are willing to forgive their partners’ infidelity, while 20% of them are willing to completely forget it ever happened.

The Hostar Out of Love survey, conducted by video streaming platform Hotstar, in partnership with New York-based marketing firm Mindshare and mobile in-app survey firm Unomer, included 1,088 married smartphone users aged between 18 and 64. The respondents, 50% of whom were women, were based in metros and tier 1 Indian cities.

Most respondents consider forgiving infidelity because they believe “it’s a one-time thing,” the survey said. “Individuals choose to forgive because the partner who has been cheated upon makes an emotionally smart decision. At the core, humans forgive because there’s a silent voice that says it’s a natural phenomenon,” Ramon Llamba, a life coach, therapist and a quantum medicine doctor, said in the survey report. “The next big reason is having a family and they do not want to disrupt their lives by taking any drastic step.”

Among the major metros, 38% of respondents in Delhi said they would fight with their partner for cheating, while 48% of respondents in Mumbai said they will choose to forget it ever happened.

The affair

The survey also showed that every person has his or her own view of infidelity.

“Over the past few years, the definition of ‘an affair’ has evolved beyond the physical aspect of a relationship to now include emotional and social media influence as well,” the survey report said.

Almost half of the respondents said that physical intimacy is the worst form of cheating, while 37% feel that way about emotional infidelity. Besides, 16% of respondents are bothered by social media infidelity.

unpopular opinion(?): PP getting hurt was not abuse

yall PD lost her SHIT and went absolutely wild? And wrecked PP super bad. Yeah checks out! But it ain’t abuse! 

Why do I think so? Because it was totally unintentional.

Not ‘unintentional’ as in like someone having a bad life and being pissy! people rarely ‘intend’ to be abusive. I mean ‘unintentional’ as in ‘it’s like actually legit an accident’ unintentional. Like a kid losing control of her powers!

That doesn’t make it ok! what PD did was absolutely fucked! 100% terrible! On many levels, it doesn’t even matter, because PP was still terribly hurt and it’s still PD’s fault. What she did was actually awful and hurt PP a lot and that’s never justified!

But I don’t think the incident makes her ‘abusive’ towards PP. 

Emotional tantrums = collateral damage–We’re seeing the exact same thing w/ Steven! He freaked out b/c of his mom, just like PD freaked out because of the colony. The only real difference is that nobody got hurt. And if someone DID get hurt I really don’t think we could or should label Steven as an abuser OR call it abuse. 

It’s not like PD had her tantrums to just flex? there’s no hint of that anywhere and we shouldn’t automatically assume otherwise until we get more info.

Which still doesn’t make it ok at all. but isn’t that a huge leap from abuse? 

It’s not like this is an UNCOMMON trope? Naruto (Naruto) loses his shit because of the fox. Ichigo (Bleach) goes off because of his inner demon hollow thing. Mob from MP100 has the same emotions = wrecking someone thing going on. Deadass there’s TV Tropes pages with varying degrees of relevance (See: Power Incontinence). But my point is none of those characters are considered abusive because of THAT.

To hurt does not mean to abuse. You can hurt without abusing. You can be hurt without being abused.

TLDR: if we call PD’s actions ‘abusing’ PP, it could also apply to Steven, and that doesn’t check out

Note: everything is subject to change with reveals in future episodes. but rn calling PD abusive b/c of this specific incident makes no sense to me