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Interessiert an ? Dann verpassen Sie nicht die Keynote von Dr. Joseph Reger beim am 5. Februar in Frankfurt. Jetzt anmelden:

Interessiert an ? Dann verpassen Sie nicht die Keynote von Dr. Joseph Reger beim am 5. Februar in Frankfurt. Jetzt anmelden:

Increase of 2- gate fidelity in time from the ``Technical Roadmap for Fault-Tolerant '' (2016) The 99% threshold is crucial for utility of error-correction codes. Some updated values from 2018:

announces ‘high-precision’ model, new quantum design, and enhanced Project Debater -

"New York Times Shines Spotlight on Quantum Computer Threat" is one of the stories in SecureRF's latest IoT Security Update newsletter.

is needed in order to create the future of mobility the future looks bright for 🚘🏍🛵🛴

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Forward-thinking business leaders like already recognise how the combination of quantum computing & AI could revolutionise the tech world - but could they alter humanity's future entirely? via in

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Scott Aaronson - The Ghost in the Quantum Turing Machine

Scott discusses whether quantum computers could have subjective experience, whether information is physical and what might be important for consciousness - he touches on classic philosophical conundrums and the observation that while people want to be thorough-going materialists, unlike traditional computers brain-states are not obviously copyable.  Aaronson wrote about this his paper ‘The Ghost in the Quantum Turing Machine’ (found here ).  Scott also critiques Tononi’s integrated information theory (IIT).

Questions include:

- In “Could a Quantum Computer Have Subjective Experience?” you speculate that a process has to ‘fully participate in the arrow of time’ to be conscious, and this points to decoherence. If pressed, how might you try to formalize this?

- In “Is ‘information is physical’ contentful?” you note that if a system crosses the Schwarzschild bound it collapses into a black hole. Do you think this could be used to put an upper bound on the ‘amount’ of consciousness in any given physical system?

- One of your core objections to IIT is that it produces blatantly counter-intuitive results. But to what degree should we expect intuition to be a guide for phenomenological experience in evolutionarily novel contexts? I.e., Eric Schwitzgebel notes “Common sense is incoherent in matters of metaphysics. There’s no way to develop an ambitious, broad-ranging, self- consistent metaphysical system without doing serious violence to common sense somewhere. It’s just impossible. Since common sense is an inconsistent system, you can’t respect it all. Every metaphysician will have to violate it somewhere.” Many thanks to Mike Johnson for providing these questions!

I am coauthoring a packtbook : Hands-On Quantum Computing with Python. The book will be published around Aug 2019

The book will introduce quantum computing and a comprehensive overview of the quantum programming languages currently available, such as QCL, QASM, QUIL, and the differences between them. It will have examples and teach the reader how to write popular quantum algorithms in some of these languages, such as Grover’s search and Shor’s factorization algorithm.

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Hiring Quantum Computing Expert Witness? Skills You Need To Ensure!

Quantum computing in real life

This is a quantum computer. While today’s classical computers have served society incredibly well, there are complex problems they haven’t fully solved––ranging from simulating the interactions of atoms to optimizing supply chains. Quantum computers forego the bits, or binary digits, of classical computing—the  “1”s and “0”s––and instead use qubits, which enable them to perform calculations in a fundamentally different way. Qubits can exist in a superposition of “0” and “1”, allowing them to calculate more information. It’s an entirely new approach to computing that could help us solve these complex problems. The science has been advancing for decades, and now in the last few years quantum computing has started to become a reality.

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ICO Review - Quantum1Net (Q1S Token) - Future of Quantum Based Security [ Hindi / Urdu ]