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Dis as-tu testé l’accessibilité de ton app ? J’ai comme un doute en voyant la fonte utilisée.

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The team were ready and organised for their pe lessons today. We delivered HRE in ks2 and Gymnastics in ks1.EYFS were working on ball skills. Our value we are celebrating for the month is perseverance. Love what you do it’s so important!!!

Take 7 steps to help grow and secure your brand and reputation. As food supply chains increase in complexity, these seven steps will ensure the design and implementation of an effective end-to-end risk-based audit strategy

Superior Door & Glass ~Master Plan to Masterpiece~ Simplicity & durability make this bathroom a clean contemporary space. The frameless shower glass is the perfect touch. Our clients love the results!

Tired,peckish &chilly? Make today by having someone cook 4u. prepares yummy meals for u to reheat when ready.Tonight could be chicken/veggie balls supreme with rice 😋 without any hassle

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Vitamin D: A horror story

QC failed—rules violation, 2-2SD levels 1 and 2

Action—calibrate test

Calibration successful!

Action—rerun controls

QC failed—rules violation, 1-3SD level 2

Action—run with fresh QC

QC failed—rules violation, 1-3SD level 2

Action—calibrate test with fresh calibrator

Calibration successful!

Action—run with fresh QC

QC acceptable

Warning: Reagent level low

Add standby?

I started watching prodigal son and like is it good???? tbd but Michael Sheen…….. Michael fucking Sheen…. this man…… I’m having a visceral physical reaction to watching him act…. he is…. so good…… I just….. his body…. his movements….. his eyes……….. this man is a fucking master class….. I’m literally almost crying…… how can he be so good…….. I’m just…… I’m not ok….. I hope this show turns out to be half decent because holy shit this man…….. is one of the best actors…… I would do anything to have one conversation about acting with him….. like I would kill to have a fraction of the intuition and openness and freedom that he has….. I can’t handle it………… I just…. oh my god