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How to Make Suit Pants That Are Too Small Bigger

Over time, the majority of us are bound to put on some extra weight or, if you are still young, to simply grow. But that is no reason to throw away your favorite pair of pants. Making pants larger, otherwise known as “letting out,” is a simple process if you have the right tools.

How to Increase the Waist Line

  • Remove the belt loop, if there is one, with your scissors or stitch cutters by cutting the stitching and not the belt loop.
  • Cut out the stitching over the center seam, releasing the waist line as far as it will go.
  • Put your pants on and take in the waist line to the right fit. Have someone pin the fabric in place and mark it with the dress makers chalk.
  • Rejoin the fabric with a sewing machine along the marked line, taking out the pins as you go.
  • Try on the pants again. If they still fit, resew the marked line several more times to strengthen the seam and protect from embarrassing blowouts. If it is not a good fit, repeat steps 2-4.
  • Press the new seam flat with a hot iron.
  • Reattach the belt loop by sewing it in place.

How to Lengthen Pants

  • Remove the stitching at the bottom of your pant legs by using scissors or stitch cutters.
  • Try on your pants with a pair of dress shoes. Have someone fold up the excess fabric to the desired length. Hold in place with pins and mark with the dress makers chalk.
  • Sew along the marked line with a sewing machine, removing the pins as you go.
  • Put the pants on again. If it is still a good fit, resew the marked line several more time to make the stitch strong. If it is not a good fit, repeat steps 1-3.
  • Iron the seam flat to finish off your alteration.

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Best wishes my friends.

RANT : i have a shirt and my gf has the same shit ( her’s is on the right ) i washed mine 2 times and hung to dry and it has faded tremendously for 2 washes! ( even the camera does no justice for how actually faded the shirt is ) i bought this at zumiez, and messaged them about what happened. they really dont care about the quality of their brand and told me to return it… i am NOT going back, if you guys had similar experiences you can share but if you know zumiez/broken promises they are not cheap clothing. this shows me they do not value me as a customer or for their clothing THEY put out. i dont suggest you guys, my followers or who ever may see this to shop there again. if you guys want QUILITY clothing for your PRICE do not shop for this brand. they simply dont care 🤷‍♀️

Y’all @pinkwednesdays and I went into the wrong theatre for captain marvel and now we are here and penguins are cool too

Stumped on Intervals("Quality")

Hey folks, been recently studying music on my own and such, however I’m very stumped on intervals.

I understand that you count how many notes are between you’re two given notes, that decides if its a 4th, 5th, 3rd, etc.

I also understand that 1,4,5,8 defaults are “perfect” interval if you will. 2,3,6,7 defaults are “Major” if you will. These are like this unless something is up a semitone or down a semitone(augmented, diminished.)

So here’s where I’m stumped.

The given practice problem is F major, notes are A and F natural, they are 6 notes apart. The correct answer is Minor 6th, but I thought it would be a Major 6th, since A and F natural are both in F major, it defaults to the Major interval.

But If I look at another practice problem. G major, notes are C and B natural, and they are 7 notes apart. I got a Major 7th which is correct, so why does the above practice problem apply differently?

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