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به قول معروف اگر وارد اتاقی شدید که شما از همه باهوش‌تر و حرفه‌ای‌تر بودید، سریعا اتاق‌تان را عوض کنید!! آنجا چیزی برای آموزش به شما وجود ندارد، در نتیجه در یک سطح درجا میزنید! . . . 💭 🖋

Do not let people put you down. Believe in yourself an... Jacob Neusner

You’re not lost. You just forgot the way to go. Next time take the directions 🧭. Haha 😂 Happy Wednesday (Hump Day) everyone! 😊❤️💕

"I've learned to appreciate everything that has been given to me " Photo: ’s Big Ern with Mayer

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They’re only truly great who are truly good.

anonymous asked:

Qotd: Wishes 1. complete world peace (that everyone is fine ,no mental health issues - and no one has to starve ect) 2. that no more deadly diseases exist (like cancer ect) 3. (I don't know about this one I would keep that last wish ig unti I really need it) ~🍃

Qotd response~

Omg, the world peace wish, that says a lot about you, you wonderful, wonderful person. If only it was possible. 😞

And the second one too??? You’re an ANGEL.

And good idea saving the third, you never know when you might need it.

koda-jayy  asked:

My wishes would be to go on a trip with both you and Athena, we all get VIP and front row tickets to Ateez and a fat ass $50 million. You didn’t say nothing about no money HAAAA

Qotd response~


Us three need to meet at some point omg even if we’re all old and wrinkley idc it’s gotta happennn and hell yess front row ateez tickets? HELL YES $50 MILLION?!!!!

anonymous asked:

Your hapiness (u lovely), speaking all languages and my goal weight :c ~🐙

Qotd response~


speaking all languages would be so amazing, like imagine the power that holds? The ability to explore? Definitely a good choice.

And awh sweets, whatever you’re working towards, I believe in u! 💗💗💗

Question of the day Oct. 16

I’m so tired guys… like I never get enough sleep ughhhh. So sorry that this is a bad one, I’m not feeling very creative. If you ever think of a good one, submit it to me and I’ll be sure to use it!

You get three wishes. No one can fall in love with you. No one can be killed. Time can not be manipulated. No, you can’t have more wishes 😂 What are you wishing for?