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Do not compromise on QA. We never do. Always keep space for QA when you do Product Planning. Keep following us for interesting takes on Software Development happenings.

Do not compromise on QA. We never do. Always keep space for QA when you do Product Planning. 
Keep following us for interesting takes on Software Development happenings.

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softjeon  asked:

*smacks your ass*

To be fair that might just make me pass out by shock and shyness lmfao

anonymous asked:

pinky huh? pinky and the brain? (sorry, sorry, its the first thing that went through my mind when Madeline called herself pinky) also, how would original!Madeline fare in the story if she didn't see/remember her father getting eaten?

I had to google pinky and the brain just now, and literally laughed when I saw the images pop up. xD 

Hmm, original!Madeleine would definitely be a lot less traumatized, I’ll tell you that. It’s also rather likely that she wouldn’t feel any pressing sense of urgency to get stronger at all costs, wouldn’t feel the need, and why would she -she’s been lucky enough to be born the child of a Yonkou, has numerous siblings all strong and skilled in different ways, protective of their own-

So, there’s two main routes for this, I think? The first is where Madeleine stays safely within the confines of Totto Land, because she’s not particularly driven or ambitious, especially not without the threat of death via Big Mom hanging over her like a guillotine. She takes up baking, or something. Madeleine is not the best chef, but she’s skilled enough, and she can be satisfied with that.

The second route is where an accident happens and Madeleine gets caught up in an altercation with hostile forces. She’s shaken, and decides to take her training a little more seriously -and in this verse she’s much stronger than chef!Madeleine would be other wise, but unlike several of her siblings, Madeleine’s never had much of a taste for blood, and it’s not like she goes looking for fights, either. In fact, she’s very much in favor of avoiding fights when she can. It’s a lot easier for her combat skills to… stagnate. 

I guess the main difference is: If Madeleine didn’t witness+remember her father’s unfortunate demise, she would be a lot more mellow and overall happy, if not quite as strong as she would’ve been otherwise (better than cannon fodder, but a far cry from reaching her full potential. madness!Madeleine would wipe the floor with her). 

Her relations are better with her siblings, even if she never quite strikes up a close camaraderie with her combat-oriented siblings, but that’s okay. They’re family and they care for each other, and that’s enough.

anonymous asked:

Do you find it hard to make friends?

Kind of, I’m really shy most of the time so that can make things a little hard. I think though once I get a little more comfortable with people it’s easy for me to make friends. 


Test Automation Interview Questions and Answers | Basic Automation Inter…

anonymous asked:

can you translate the clip of nikolai and his cat???

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A post shared by Nikolai Tsiskaridze (@tsiskaridze) on Oct 10, 2019 at 6:32am PDT

This video actually re-surfaced recently and it finally clicked with me what the anon was after. Sometimes I get these requests a few days after something has been posted, and I can’t make sense of what people want from me 😅

Here’s what he’s saying:

“I’ve always wanted a pet. I live in a share-house, and this year we’ve decided to get a kitten, because here’s always someone here to look after it even though I’m away at work a lot. So now I have a living toy *laughs*. I’m a real homebody. I always miss this place when I travel for work.

d i s c l a i m e r

sasha140907  asked:

Hi Melmoth, thank you so much for running the site - a ray of beauty and intelligence in the increasingly crazy world. Please keep in up! I note that most of the videos of Nikolai you have are quite official, but in case you have not come across this joke from 2007, it may put a smile on some faces: "Joke of Tsiskaridze on the Jubylee of the Actors House", via youtube

Some more goodies from the Ask backlog. I completely forgot about this video’s existence.


d i s c l a i m e r

anonymous asked:

for some reason that picture of Homeboy stretching his leg towards a wall reminds me of The Adicts (punk band) frontman, Monkey, it really looks like him....



I’ve begun the herculean task of going through and sorting the backlog of Ask messages. Some of these are quite old and, for one reason or another, have not been addressed. There are some gems in there. This one cracked me up (and creeped me out a little). The resemblance is uncanny. 

d i s c l a i m e r

anonymous asked:

no I worry too about breast cancer I thought I was the only one lol

Our gyn’s don’t run tests if you’re under 30 it’s so weird. But yeah I’m always worried 🤦🏻‍♀️

anonymous asked:

With how much I talk about Yoongi, I don't even seem like a Tae stan anymore *sigh* but honestly, since we didn't get manbun Kook, I want undercut Yoongi instead - diet anon

I thought you were a yoongi stan? lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

anonymous asked:

oh my goodness what is happening… the asks you’re getting are hilarious. bless your soul for having a good sense of humor~ xp 👏

we respect diverse opinion in this household 😪😂💕

anonymous asked:

i don’t understand why we can’t all just realize that it’s jungkook??? he could shave his whole head and still look stunning?? this is NOT a big deal lmao (this isn’t directed at you btw or anyone in particular i’m just tired of everything bts does being turned into a whole thing™)


anonymous asked:

Things feel different in the fandom nowadays.. I'm not really talking about overly negative stuff, but, I don't know. Of course there are a lot of ARMYs so it's hard to generalize anyway but idk... It feels like things are shifting in people's hearts. I feel some kind of 'disappointment' from some people and now they don't really see BTS the same... This explanation doesn't make sense at all lmao

I think a lot of people struggle with bts becoming so popular. It does change things and for those who have been there since the beginning it’s rough. A lot people also don’t like their recent music too much so they are struggling. Maybe that’s what you’re perceiving from the fandom?