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Can you spot the ONE difference? This exact photo will be question 2 in tonight's CONTAINER themed $100 CANDY CHALLENGE at 10PM EST.

Don’t miss our Amazing January Sale Guide for Mystery & Crime! Murder is only a word away... Can you solve the puzzle?

We just got a new so why not a new addition to ? Come destress with one of our growing selection! (Which one is this?)

Here’s today’s selection of puzzles, which you can print out and com0lete with a pen, or play on the site in your browser. Either way, it’s com0letely free, and refreshes every single day! Print - Fold - Play : ,

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Don’t miss our Amazing January Sale Guide for Mystery & Crime! Murder is only a word away... Can you solve the puzzle?

Don’t miss our Amazing January Sale Guide for Mystery & Crime! Murder is only a word away... Can you solve the puzzle?

Great job on the study break puzzle, everyone! New puzzle coming soon. This is located on the south side of the lower level, by the coffee/tea machine and the compact shelving.

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Harper’s Monthly Magazine, 1922


Where are bluegreen, blue, purple tiles? Did you remember them in that order?

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It looks like Equaland will be available on Google Play sooner than we expected! We will share the big news as soon as it happens! 😆

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Belajar mengenal bentuk, warna sekaligus melatih koordinasi mata dan tangan agar tepat di tempatnya 🙏. MasyaAllah Kana 😘

Berdasarkan buku Montessori “kuatkan otot jemari terlebih dahulu dgn stimulus yg merangsang motorik halus, baru kita bisa mengajarinya menulis. Anak yang sdh langsung diajarkan menulis akan mogok menulis diusia 5-6 tahun keluhannya krn tangannya mudah lelah”. Okee sipppp 😆


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Ghost of a tale (Part 2) - Silas the Spy!


The Turing Test
Part 1
Morning, Ava.

Morning, Ava, T.O.M. greets us as we are awoken from our cryosleep chamber aboard the ISA Fortuna. Something is not right inside the research and mining station on Jupiter’s moon Europa.
Our waking has been sanctioned by the ISA itself, we are needed to perform recognisance and maintenance. However once we get inside it becomes clear that something is has affected the crew, they have developed a intense distrust of T.O.M. (Technical Operations Machine), The AI built and tasked with the running of the station.

It seems as the crews distrust is so severe that they have modified the station to not only keep others out but to test and evaluate whether anyone trying to get in, may actually not be human.
This is where the Turing Test comes in to effect. It is believed only a true human could possibly pass it.

Wellness Wednesday: Puzzles

This is definitely not my usual wellness Wednesday.  Normally I am giving out recipes, talking about my workouts or planning goals for the year to come but after reflecting over the past few weeks I noticed something that really brought me a lot of joy: puzzles.

I know this sounds super odd and maybe (scratch that, definitely) a little nerdy but over the past few weeks I, along with multiple family members have put together 5 puzzles.




This has been sort of a Christmas/winter tradition ever since Ty and I started dating, almost 10 years ago.  Every time his fair weather parents come to visit it is always dreadfully cold… like double digits below zero!  So year after year we started doing puzzles together as a way to keep ourselves busy.  Over the years we have done super easy 500 piece puzzles and really hard teeny, tiny 1000 piece puzzles.  We even did a puzzle one year that was so frustrating we put it back in the box (without taking it apart) and finished it another year.  

Before this year I never really thought of it as anything more than a time killer.  Sure I really enjoyed it and looked forward to picking out a new Christmas puzzle every year but it never really went beyond that.  This year though I found myself craving a puzzle, I wanted the simplicity of it.  

On Christmas Eve my dad and I sat down and began a puzzle.  We talked and laughed in a way that we haven’t done in years.  Don’t get me wrong, my dad and I are super close but we just really don’t have much in common.  I don’t get his Harley’s and he doesn’t get my running.  We had so much fun that one puzzle turned into two and two into three.  Day after day he would arrive over and we would sit together.  It was a bonding moment that I don’t think I will quickly forget.

Then, the day my dad left to head back to his 2nd home in Georgia my in laws arrived.  Within hours we had put together half of a 500 piece puzzle.  I began to notice the same experience with J&B that I noticed with my dad; the joy of bonding.  Simple, non forced conversation was flowing as the pieces “fell” into place.  A puzzle also gives Ty’s parents something to do in the hours they are awake before the rest of the house.  As farmers it is not uncommon for them to get up by 5am.  Within 24 hours we had finished another puzzle and I was making a run to Hobby Lobby for backup.


Like I said puzzles have really become a tradition for us.  Back in 2016 Ty even sanded down and cut a large board to fit our dining room table so that we could easily move the puzzle during meals.  During that first puzzle on the board we decided to write down each puzzle/date/who did it so we can look back.

Maybe it’s cheesy, or I am reading too much into it but I really feel like puzzles were exactly what our family needed this holiday season.  We needed to sit down together, talk, laugh, unwind and create something together.  



Magnetic: Cage Closed
Episode 9
No more Jefferies Orifices!

We have finally reach the final part of Magnetic: Cage Closed.
It came a lot sooner than i was expecting to be honest, and the last time i played this through i swear that was a lot more going on right at the end. But i suppose that depends on the choices you make throughout the game.
But there is one thing, and well its a really important thing…. No more loading sequences disguised as 10 second, crawling through a tube sequences!!

Magnetic: Cage Closed Playlist


Vorrei un dolcetto… Cazzarola! Quanto vorrei un dolcetto!

Magari me lo mangio… Giusto prima di andare a letto; per rovinarmi sia denti che sonno: sono un genio!

Intanto ho svagato notissimo la mente lavorando sul mio puzzle: 2000 pezzi di puro colore tonalità e sfumato in tutti i modi possibili ché solo Vincent van Gogh avrebbe potuto fare.

È divertente…

Una volta finiti i puzzle getto via la scatola – e questa dovrebbe essere, è, la metafora ad una cosa che nemmeno mi sento con me stessa ancora pronta di affrontare.

Ho concluso tutta la finestra; e mi piace così tanto vederlo prendere forma…

Anche se ancora manca molto. Mi piace. Mi piace come sta venendo.

Voglio continuare.

Eppoi, mi manca tanto quel libro. Sì, so che sembra assurdo: non mie manca leggere, mi manca quel libro. Quei personaggi, quegli antagonisti, quei luoghi, intrighi, storie, episodi. E mi capita spesso, quasi sempre, solo che ora… Non so, è un po’ diverso, forse…

Vorrei partire… Fare un viaggio di un giorno; vicino; corto; rilassante; leggero.

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