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Anillo con Flor de Cristal de Swarovski

Combining style and utility like never before,this bag makes a statement while providing plenty of storage space Rock manzicloset

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there’s this person who keeps making new account to try and flirt with me even though i’ve told them i have a boyfriend and it makes me really uncomfortable and not wanna exist


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What does your ideal date with Purse look like?

Well. That’s certainly an… Interesting question.

A movie is always nice. Of course, we don’t actually have to be watching it… But it is a good start to do some other things.

Thank you for sending this ask.


Denim Purse Tutorial 👜

Hello Guys! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Toda I’m sharing with you all my latest video. Today’s video is how to reused those old pair of jeans into a purse. I hope you guys like it and subscribe. If you do subscribe let me know so I can do the same for you. Happy Saturday.