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Cuddle up with these velvet pillows made in-house

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Women's watch, watch for woman, big round bronze retro minimalist watch, wrist watch with trendy 2018 ultra violet strap by JuSal08

It's official, I love ! And what better way to fill them than with showing off her ! It's all about the !

Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Crochet Boho Handbag, Leather Interior, Handmade Purse, Lilac and White

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The art process video is available on YouTube, links in my blog because tumblr is a dick when it comes to links. I am also open for commissions.

Also a Print to be on sale at Bartow Syfy, on February 15

Lupin is reaching to the stars the Constellation Canis Major whose brightest star is named Sirius.  See not just some random stars.

Now if you think of it as a WolfStar (the ship of Lupin and Sirius) or the awesome friendship they had…just please don’t argue about it, I just wanted to do something cute and I knew Sirius was a star and it looks cool.

Also bloody Lupin and his love of damn tweed, like had to make 2 tweed texture files so I can give him proper movie texture looks.

Yes I did the whole make a pattern that may not be seen in an image again don’t care I work hard.

Please enjoy the art and share and have a good day.

Frisk Hart Clips #21

(The Rainbow Kids are leaving Madame Martha Meh’s Supernatural Shop after a going on a mission.)

Madame Martha: Well done, Rainbow Kids. Before you go, care for some chocolate chip cookies for the road. (presents a platter of cookies.)

The Six: (taking some cookies) Sure. Yes, please. They look good. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thanks.

Frisk: (takes a cookie) Gracias, Madame Meh. (Orange giggles at Madame’s last name, but quickly stops when Cyan stares at him with suspisoin.)

Madame Martha: (notices Chara taking one and eats it slowly) What’s the matter, Charaleena?

Chara: I’m just upset that I don’t have magic powers to help out my team.

Frisk: Why should you? You got sharp teeth, speed on four limbs and great agility.

Chara: That wasn’t magic.

Madame Martha: I believe the time has come. Wait right here, Kids.

Orange: (confused) (as Madame leaves to go back into her shop) What does she mean the time has come?

Blue: Well, the way she said it doesn’t look bad.

(Madame Meh returns with a very pretty red book with a large K on the cover.)

Purple: (impressed by the design) Wow, what a gorgeous book.

Madame Meh: Chara, this book was left behind by your parents. They knew one day you’ll return to the Surface and they won’t live to that day. They gave me this spellbook, so you can have it.

Green: (confused) A spellbook?

Madame Meh: The Killmans were not only high paid assassins, but they were also wizards. This book belonged to Chara’s father and he wanted her to have it because he believed that Chara will use it for a great purpose. Take it, Charaleena Killman. This spellbook will help you on your missions.

Yellow: (amazed) Wow, Chara. Now you can use magic.

Chara: (takes the book and looks at it with admiration) Woah…