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Trump wants Russia back in NO! Keep talking and it'll be G2 Trump and Russia

Custom Puppets ➡️➡️ Whatever you wish, Puppenwelt Creations brings it to life, like celebrity inspired characters, caricatures, people you love or animals.

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There's no doubt that the Presidency comes with power. But the REAL money really doesn't like it when a man who owns his own suit is awarded such command, since it disrupts the usual via which they express and increase their OWN power. 😀👌

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He must have brought crayons , construction paper and hand a to help illustrate.

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At Wednesday's Awesome August session, we're hosting a puppet show! 🎭 Join us at 10:15 am at Hebron & Josey Library.

Gracias querido público!! Sois lo más!! 🔝🔝😀😉🙌🙌 🐵🙉🐸🦊🐻🦁🐰🐰🦋🕸🕷 Seguimos con Animats durante este mes de agosto de lunes a domingo!!! Nos vemos en el !!

Mark your calendars!! We've got "The Roz Puppets" headed to . Come join us on September 15th at 2pm. Details found below.

Storytelling this morning! On till 12noon so call down and join us! Banyan Theatre on after at 12noon with a brilliant puppet show, The History of Tom Thumb

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Clowns have nothing left, and Trump hasn't even declassified the crimes these past admins have committed for decades. You clowns spent all your ammo on Russia & now are only left with the "racism" bullshit.

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Hello everyone! I want to introduce you to my dear friend Sean Awesome and his family. Come and watch the second video on our Youtube channel. Let us know what you would like to see in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to help us make more videos. #helloseanawesome #paperdoll #puppetshow

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Hello everyone! I want to introduce you to my dear friend Sean Awesome and his family. Come and watch the second video on our Youtube channel. Let us know what you would like to see in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to help us make more videos. #helloseanawesome #paperdoll #puppetshow

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Hello Everyone I want to introduce you to my dear friend Sean Awesome and his family. Come and watch our second Youtube video! What else would you like to see? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel 🤗 #helloseanawesome #paperdoll #puppetshow

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*comes back from the dead* Thunderstorms with me and huffle? *dies again because the story was so good*

@huffle-dork and V being cute sisters again~

The rain sounds like bullet fire on the windows, smacking into the glass with a ferocity only the harsh winds can provide. The downpour has been going on for over a day now, but only a few hours ago did the thunder begin. It was distant to start but had slowly and steadily been growing closer, creeping its way towards the mansion with patience nothing else possessed. Everything was fine until the rattling BOOM from the heavens, followed by the brightest flash, cut the electricity and plunged the house into darkness. 

Predictably, chaos soon followed. 

The divide between clearly frightened out of their minds and enjoying this too much was not even in the Stream Buds. Vanessa happened to be on the former - well, not quite, they weren’t terrifying per se, but they certainly brought back bad memories and the noise was just too much when even the house seemed to be bowing under the sound. 

Predictably, Vanessa passed by Phantom, attempting to drag a drenched and very excited Storm inside, clearly on the latter of the divide. 

Also as predictably, Huffle was in the library, up in the loft with her laptop and headphones on. The window next to her rattled with the force of the thunder, but she didn’t seem too off-put by it, simply turning up the volume. 


“I brought a headphone splitter,” Vanessa said sheepishly, offering Huffle the device once her sister realized she was there. 

Huffle didn’t have to verbally respond. She just lifted the blanket next to her, making a spot for Vanessa to curl up against her side comfortably. They adjusted accordingly, putting in the splitter and going back to the laptop. The Little Mermaid restarted, and although the lightning flashed across the screen and the window rattled, Vanessa allowed herself to get lost in the tunes of dreams and ocean.

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Fireworks. Static and Schneep. (Static is absolutely terrified of fireworks)

Static is @phantomspirit14 ‘s dark persona, and Artza is a cat from the rps. 

The first firework went off and Schneep immediately knew he’d made a mistake. 

“Oh oh-” he floundered, unsure how to help, what to do to quell the quivering of her bottom lip, the tears gathering in her eyes. “Is okay, is okay- they are just fireworks, they can not hurt you.” 

His words didn’t do much, unfortunately, as Static burst into horribly loud body wracking sobs not a moment later. She flinched at each consecutive boom in the sky, huddling by Schneep’s leg as the light flashed around them and people cheered. 

“Is okay, is okay- shhhh, shhhhh.” 

Static wasn’t any ordinary child, but Schneep’s father instincts were kicking in. He bent down and scooped the little dark into his arms, turning on his heel to head back inside. The doors muffled the sound, but the big glass windows continued to shake, and so did Static. He bounced her on his hip, rubbing her back while she wrapped her arms around his neck tightly.

“To-t-t-t-too loud,” the dark whined. 

“I know, I know, I am sorry, I should not have brought you outside without a warning. We will stay inside, away from the fireworks, I promise.” 

Static didn’t respond, so Schneep just found a seat and cradled her in his arms, allowing her to cry on his sweater. He thought she’d calm down eventually like his child had, but Static only got more and more upset as time went on. She was exhausted, but no further to settling down than before.

One of the fireworks exploded outside, forming the bright green image of a cat face, and Schneep got an idea. 

“There is someone else who does not like fireworks,” Schneep began, standing up carefully and crossing to the stairs. “I think she would like some company.” 


“Is a surprise, you will see.” 

They stopped at Schneep’s bedroom door, where it was significantly quieter. He slipped in carefully, quick to close the door behind him before his mischievous pet tried to escape. The windows still rattled, but Schneep had taken the precaution to reinforce them earlier. 

Static lifted her head, looking around curiously while sniffling and rubbing her eyes. She didn’t see anyone, what was Sheep talking abou-

“She is probably hiding, we can wait for her to come out.” 

Static refused to let go of Schneep, and the doctor didn’t mind, just turning to lay on his side on his bed so that Static would be on the covers and more comfortable. Minutes passed, the septic softly humming to himself while he waited, and Static only stewing in her confusion. 

A sudden mew brought her attention to the side of the bed, and then a weight over her head on the pillow. 


“Yes, Artza does not like fireworks either. Too loud for her, so she hides.” 

Artza, emboldened by the presence of the two, crawled between them and hunkered down, her face peeking out from under the sheets. Static found herself giggling, and Schneep knew they would be okay.

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“You always do that. Pull away when I get close. What are you afraid of?”/“For once, will you just look at me!?” Storm and Phantom pre-Social Experiment

@phantomspirit14 and I are in a Discord server where we do roleplays.
Social Experiment was mine to run, all about my devious Dark persona Volt Lichten. I think that’s enough context~ 

Sometimes I think I see her in the mirror. In the reflection of my phone. In the eyes of others. I swear I see her, and my arms itch, and my eyes burn, and I have to go hide before I break down. It’s too much. She’s still here, after all of that and it- it hurts. 

It doesn’t hurt nearly as much as this though. 

“You always do that.” Phantom gestures towards me, to where I am a foot further away from her. I’d moved, literally jumped back from her touch. I glance down to the side, raising a hand to scratch behind my ear nervously, smoothing my hair back. She takes it as uncertainty and continues. “Pull away when I get close. What are you afraid of?” 

Her voice breaks on that last sentence and my heart jumps. I see her in Phantom’s eyes, which are glistening, the unspoken floating heavily between us, the pressure before the thunder. 

Are you afraid of me?

I glance away, back up a little. I need distance. I don’t want people to see me like this- I don’t want her to see me like this. 

“I’m sorry,” I mutter, but it doesn’t sound genuine. I don’t have the energy for that, despite the fact it is. “I’m sorry Phan, just- after….after all that I’m…I don’t wanna-” 

“Don’t wanna what? Touch me?” 


The silence settles like the dust after a bloody brawl. It’s thick and suffocating. Phantom is…shocked, or at least I think she’s shocked. I won’t look at her. I fold my arms in tight, squeezing my biceps, backing into the wall. My body is trembling. There’s a voice, her voice, in the back of my head. Whispering, taunting, shaming- 


I refuse to look up. Her steps get closer. The voice gets louder. I shudder, shaking. My eyes are burning. I try to gulp it all down, to hide it- I hate this, I hate it, I hate it I hate it I hate it-

Her hand on my shoulder is like a raw shock. I jolt, but there’s nowhere to go. 

“For once, will you just look at me?!” She…doesn’t sound as angry as I expected. Confused and hurt, but not upset. 

“I see her,” I mumble, letting the words tumble from my mouth just as the tears roll from my eyes. “I hear her. I-I don’t….I don’t want her touching any of you.” 

“That’s why?” 

“I-I just…..I wanna protect you.” 

“Not like this.” 

I can’t argue that, and I don’t fight her arms wrapping around me. I hide my face in her shoulder, shuddering as the sobs grow stronger. But the voice gets fainter, and the hand running up and down my back is soothing. 

“You do it like this.” 

And I know she’s right.

vanessasepticeye  asked:

“You always know how to make me smile.” Me and huffle? If you can/want to of course^^

@huffle-dork is the creator of the Stream Buds Discord, and V is her sis~

Days like these remind her why coming here is worth it, why going through everything is so, so worth it. 

Today there is no mind control. Today there are no evil darks chasing them, there’s no risk, no injuries, no terror and questions, and long, exhausting ends. Today, it is normal, or as normal as things can be here. It’s a good normal, considering the other normal it could be, so it’s worth it. 

An hour picking flowers from a garden that is never tended to, but always remains perfect, is worth it. Spending two hours carefully sorting through the flowers, pairing them up, and then slowly and carefully twining them together, is worth it. Traveling around the spacious house, never dusty or dirty but with no one cleaning it, to distribute the flower crowns is worth it. 

But the most worthwhile is seeing the surprise on her sister’s face, the way her eyes travel from Vanessa’s up to her own head. She sets down her pencil to gently touch the flowers, layers of pretty pastel greens and blues, soft under her fingertips. The smile that follows is radiant, so deeply genuinely grateful that Vanessa has to look down. She’s received these looks all days, but this is different. This is her sister, and her heart soars. 

“You always know how to make me smile,” Huffle says, and then pulls her properly into the library loft. 

She didn’t make herself a crown, so Huffle draws her one, intricate light lines and carefully folded edges. It’s beautiful, colored oh so carefully, and Vanessa is glad it’s made of paper. She can wear it over and over again, put it next to her things, hold it when times get rough. 

It’s a reminder it’s all worth it, and she loves it.


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