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Onset I sometimes wear a lot of hats. On this one I am a puppeteer, writer, puppet wrangler, puppet captain, and production consultant. It can get pretty messy on set when you have many jobs to do. 😁

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The Dubion is getting a paint job. See my next post for more details! @xptatlanta

Reggie watched the first episode of the last season of . He was very quite until the dragon flying scene. When he saw them flying together he bursted out laughing and started singing A Whole New World!

Currently in a production called Little Fish where I play Storm Drain. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it conveys an important message. Grateful for this talented and loving team. Check me out in my full body puppet.

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Dude. So it's partly your fault that she manipulated him so easily.


Make the Wicked

“We have a gun that will shoot that bird dead…” The haunted melody was no longer falling from his lips, it was coiling around them, echoing off the concrete walls and picking up the flakes of blood, pulling them and tugging them to coil and change as the force around Sal’s intestines and inner organs finally tore the heart and lungs free. It surely had to be odd, to look at your own beating heart hang above you, to see your lungs expand and close with a breath you couldn’t taste. But it wasn’t his problem much at all. 

 That’s what your mama and papa once said.. 

 The blood around the rooms seemed to come alive with memories, pain and suffering, echo’s of past lives lost begging for something, anything to take hold. There were even apparitions of the victims flashing in the very edges of their visions, the screams of horror slowly dying out into the cawing of a Crow… then another, and another… and more all until the movements in the corner of their eyes were full of red eyes and black feathers.

 Crow on the cradle, now what shall I do? 

 Puppeteer’s hands never stopped moving, the blade working into the body and fishing out any small imperfections that could be cut away, the crow’s flocking behind him in a murder as the beats of their wings bore down on them the black feathers falling into the open empty space before Puppeteer moved his hands and the crows moved on their own volition, the entire murder going into Sal’s chest cavity as he was held oh so still by green eyes and back feathers.

 That is a thing that I leave up to you…

The bloodied strings formed around Sal’s throat, cutting into his skin and sewing it closed, the crows screams inside of his chest turning to a pain so blinding and raw it would’ve made lesser men beg at Puppeteer’s feet for it to stop. The raw power he contained in him and set him to be a perfect little weapon rolled off in large waves that could be felt, though there was a new sudden oppressing force. Puppeteer’s eyes made what he made Sal become feel as if he was merely a speck of dust under his shoes, the fire and pain gone and missing as Puppeteer made it very very clear in a mere show of power who was in utter control. His new wicked being drew in a gasping breath. No longer Sal. 

 Cries the crow, Crow, crow, On the cradle.


G'Weezl in slow motion.
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anonymous asked:

Alright, but you better be sneaky or somethin. We can't exactly help if Puppeteer takes control of you. m!a Chase is at Puppeteer and Hacker's house.

“Oh, fuck-” he hides behind something. “I thought you were gonna tell me where they lived!” He whispers loudly.


anonymous asked:

So I watched, and I'm pretty sure she never told Hacker where you live. Not sure why, but she didn't.

“THANK GOD! …Though, she might hunt me down when she’s healed and stuff…”

Dancing in fire


Be. Fucking. Hold- this was the collabration I went to participate on BleedingHeartwork’s base in devaintart. I was thinking to do the different position so I went to create my own in FireAplaca (lmao pun intended 😆-)

Then after the coloring and all, i went to experiment over the filters. And dude- it turned p nice tbh- I enjoyed the attempt I made on it. Let me know what I should’ve added to this so maybe one day I’ll make a different thing like the background or something-

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When she appeared outside of his house, she took care to make sure her glamour was still in place, hiding her burns and keeping her eyes a more normal blue. Then she stepped up to the door and paused before knocking gently.

After a minute, JJ opens the door, a white board and marker in hand. He writes on the board and shows the stranger. “Hello, ma'am.” It says in nice cursive.