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195 mile drive from last night. Up to this morning for a for . A 195 mile drive back to Devon tonight! I was going to say something about going that extra mile. It feels redundant.

What do you use for web scraping? Have you tried with This blog will give you detail insights about web scraping with .

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Thrilled to announce that latest adblocker has been released: v0.13.x! ⚡️🎉 It's now easier than ever to block ads in your project thanks to built-in presets (, , , etc.) The code even fits in a tweet! 🙌

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Finally lived the dream of dabbing with a cowboy hat in a sick rap video! Well, at least my left hand did...

の入門書と格闘してたら、上手く動作させられるようになり、寝るのが遅くなった。 これで、いろんなデータファイルを定時ダウンロード出来る様になり、いろんな処理が、かなり楽が出来ようになる。 少々、癖のある書き方がされた書籍だったけど、買ってよかった。

Pre audition coffee. This place is lovely. @cluedupcoffee, next to Guys Hospital, behind London Bridge Station. I hope the giant Ants next door bring me luck.

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💡Scrapes Apple device specs from Apple Human Interface guidelines 💡Uses Chrome via Puppeteer as it is a canvas of your fav image editor, so go wild with SVG filters, variable fonts, gradient backgrounds if you like!

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Brand new black pen and 35 year old watercolor (the silver).
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Relax, Stay Calm and Breathe

I made my first creepypasta story! It includes Kagekao, Puppeteer & Zachary, Seed Eater, Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack and Dr.Smiley! (my version)

No real warnings other than a bit of angst and a tiny bit of shipping at the end.

I put translations for Kagekao so you can understand, keep in mind I used a translator so the translations are probably off but I have the English versions of what he meant to say next to it so excuse any mistakes!

Kagekao by Jinbeizamezama, Puppeteer and Zachary by BleedingHeartworks and ‘Dr Smiley’ (original, not my fanon ver) by KotoriOtome.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do what do the Male Pastas want/need in an s/o? Thanks🖤

(Creepypasta x Headcannon) What the male pastas want/need in an s/o - 


Since I’ve already done this, I’ll do some other male Pastas that I haven’t written for :) Here’s the link to the other one - Here


Kagekao -

He would like someone that will prank around with him & maybe even drink some wine if they are of age. He really needs someone that will stargaze with him and just talk about their day. 

Jason The Toymaker -

He would want someone that would love him for him & won’t leave him. He really needs someone that won’t lie to him & will run their fingers through his hair when he’s stressed.

Candy Pop -

He would love someone that seems interesting to be around & will jolly with him. He needs someone that will always make him smile & will be themselves around him. 

Nathan The Nobody -

He would like someone that’s laid back & just goes with the flow but needs someone that’ll help him calm down & help him take his mind off of things he doesn’t wanna remember.

Dr. Smiley -

Smiley would like someone that would help him with his victims & knows when to be mature. He needs someone that’ll hold him close at night & will treat him like a normal human being. 

Slenderman -

Slender would love to have someone that won’t get in the way of his work and won’t whine when he asks them to do something. He needs someone that’ll be loyal & will help him calm down, like a lot. 

Hobo Heart -

Hobo would like to have someone that’ll be by his side & teach him things that humans do. He needs someone that’ll be loving & kind towards him. 

Lost Silver -

Silver would like someone that’ll play games with him & make him smile. He needs someone that’ll always be by his side & won’t give up on him.


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I've been obsessed with candypop recently, and I was wondering if you could do a short scenario for him trying to be romantic with his S/O?

(Creepypasta x Scenario) Candy Pop trying to be romantic with his S/o -


Yawning, I glanced over at the candles that were flickering in the dark. The blinds on the windows were open, letting the moon shine it’s light on the floor in front of us. I leaned back in my seat, feeling an arm wrap around me. “Tired?” A calm yet jolly voice asked next to me. Looking up, I made eye contact with some vibrant magenta eyes.

“Nah, just stretching a little. Just because I yawn doesn’t mean I’m tired.” I chuckled, poking at Candy’s chest. He lifts his hands up in defense, tilting his head to the side a little. “Aye, you do you. I’mma head to the kitchen, you stay here and watch the movie.” I watched as he stood up and jogged to the kitchen, his little bells jingling while he did so.

Turning back to our movie, I continued to watch like Candy wanted. After awhile the seat next to me felt empty and started to get cold. Sighing, I decided to lay down, cuddling with a pillow until Candy got back. Say, speaking about Candy, he’s been gone for awhile and it’s quiet, a little too quiet. I usually hear his little bells whenever he’s nearby or just moving around.

“Candy?” Calling out, I waited for a response that I didn’t get. “Candy, are you okay? You’re awfully quiet, and that’s not you.” Getting up, I headed for the kitchen until something exploded inside. I jumped, quickly rushing in to see Candy shocked as well. His face was covered in smoke as a little fire rested on the top of his head. “What happened?” Candy only moves his eyes to me before smiling, those smiles when you know you’ve been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to.

“Um…. I was trying to make you something… I think I added too much baking soda in it.” He looks at the bowl in his hands, trying to figure out what he did wrong. I just chuckle and put out the little fire on his head. “Well that’s sweet of you. Maybe I should teach you how to cook so this doesn’t happen again.” Kissing his cheek, he just smile at me, placing the bowl aside. “You would do that for me?” I nodded, resting my hands on my hips.

Candy wraps his arms around my waist, lifting me up in the air before spinning me around. “Okay Candy, you can put me down now.” I giggled, feeling my feet touch the ground again. “I’ll help you clean up your mess, silly.” Taking a rag, I washed off Candy’s face before giving him a peck on the cheek.


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anonymous asked:

How would the Pastas react to their s/o wanting to break up with them without telling them why

(Creepypasta x Headcannon) Pastas reaction to their s/o wanting to breakup without explaining why -


“Did I do something? Is it because of me?” Sad, wanting to know what they did wrong -

Lulu, Judge Angel, Sally, Lazari, Laughing Jack, Ticci Toby, Offender, Nemesis, Puppeteer, Lost Silver, Suicide Sadie, BEN Drowned, Heartful Lou, Vailly Evans, Dr.Smiley.

“Fine, leave! I don’t care!” But deep down they’re kinda hurt -

Jeff The Killer, Sonic.exe, Dark Link, Clockwork, Jason The Toymaker, Alice Madness, Zero, Scissor Mouth, Nurse Ann, Slenderman, Nathan The Nobody, Nick Vanill, Rainbow Factory.

Too shocked to say anything, millions of thoughts running through their mind - 

Homicidal Liu, Pinkamena, Glitchy Red, Nightmare Ally, Splendorman, Candy Cane, Killing Kate, Laughing Jill, Four Eyed Jessy, Rouge, Nina The Killer, Hobo Heart.

“If that’s what you want, go ahead. I’m not going to stop you.” Will be sad but that’s what their s/o wants, so be it -

Kagekao, Kate The Chaser, The DollMaker, Eyeless Jack, Darkness, Trenderman, Candy Pop, Masky, Jane The Killer, Scarecrow, Hoodie, Bloody Painter, The Chessmaster, April Fools, Emra.


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Biggles the Cardinal! #cardinal #cardinals #bird #birds #birdpuppet #birdbrain #puppet #puppets #puppetry #puppeteer #puppeteers #puppeteering #thespianpuppets #puppetlife #guildofthespianpuppets #biggles #muppet #muppets

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anonymous asked:

Yo, if it’s not too much trouble can I get some headcanons of Sally’s opinions on the other Pastas?

(Creepypasta x Headcannon) Sally’s opinions on the Other Pastas -


*Doing the pastas she knows*

Lulu: One of her best friends

Jeff The Killer: She’s not fond of him. Learning all her curse words from him. 

Judge Angel: She likes how she’s nice to her and kinda treats her like a sister. 

Homicidal Liu: Doesn’t know much about him but he seems nice. She doesn’t know much about Sully either. 

Kate The Chaser: Hasn’t talked to her but she seems cool to hang out with. 

Lazari: Another one of her best friends. 

Laughing Jack: Doesn’t care much about him but wishes for him to be happy again. 

Clockwork: She gets into a lot of argument with her. She doesn’t like her. 

Splendorman: Likes how happy he is and can easily put a smile on her face. 

Jason The Toymaker: Doesn’t know much about him but seems scary when angry. 

Eyeless Jack: He’s kinda creepy but will shrug it off. 

Darkness: Doesn’t know much about her, she’s rather mysterious. 

Ticci Toby: He’s kinda mean and rude at times. Not fond of him either. 

Smile Dog: Just a ‘normal’ animal. Neutral. 

Trenderman: Likes the clothes he gives her sometimes. Doesn’t really know much about him 

Offender: Tries to stay away from him, knowing what he does. 

Puppeteer: He’s pretty cool and interesting. 

Lost Silver: Hasn’t talked to him but smiles at him when he seems sad. 

Masky: Always busy and doesn’t seem to like anyone. 

Jane The Killer: She’ll talk behind Jeff’s back with Jane and loves to hear her stories. 

Nurse Ann: Kinda sees her as a mother figure but won’t admit it

Suicide Sadie: Kinda feels bad for her and will talk to her often. Kinda seeing her as a friend. 

Slenderman: Neutral on him 

Nina The Killer: Annoying and is wasting her time on Jeff. 

BEN Drowned: Likes that he helped her learn how to play video games. He’s pretty chill. 

Hoodie: Observant and holds a lot of information about the other pastas. 

Bloody Painter: Doesn’t socialist so she doesn’t know much about him. He didn’t seemed interested in talking to her when they talk once. 

Dr.Smiley: Doesn’t know much about him but he seems cool 


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anonymous asked:

maybe some Puppeteer or Slenderman NSFW headcanons?

I’m doing both because YEET—


  • Always the dominant one.
  • Uses mostly his tentacles to hold his partner.
  • Still using his tendrils, he won’t let them touch the ground.
  • His partner will be mostly held in the air while he fucks them.
  • Loves when his partner just seems hopeless against him.


  • Loves being dominant, but has a secret desire on trying being the submissive one.
  • Has a huge Master kink. His partner calling him their Master makes him go from 1 to 100 in a second.
  • Likes it rough.
  • Scratch his back and pull his hair, he’ll love you for it.
  • When he gives his partner love bites, the marks on their body will be partly covered by ectoplasm.

lovsiqq  asked:

hi! could i request a matchup please?? i’m a 5’5 bi girl (though i mostly lean towards men), have pale skin, green/greyish blue eyes, and a dark blonde faux hawk. i like games like pokemon, animal crossing, and smash bros, though i play casually. i LOVE musical theatre and i’ve been told i have a very powerful singing voice! while i’m very affectionate and caring towards others (sometimes more caring to others than myself), i also have ptsd and easily get suspicious of people’s motives. thanks!!

I pair you with The Puppeteer or Kagekao!

The Puppeteer

He doesn’t know anything about videogames, but I have a feeling he’d love animal crossing.

Musical theatres are his passion along with singing! He’d gladly share his thoughts about his favorites musicals and hear you singing.

Love and affection are not his strong points, so having you being very affectionate and lovingly could balance your relationship.

He’s also doesn’t trust people easily and wouldn’t be offended if you were suspicious of him.


He loves videogames, such as Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and SmashBros, he’d happily compete with you on SmashBros or Pokemon duels!

Doesn’t know much about Musicals, however, he would adore hearing you sing and would always tease you for it.

Kagekao likes to receive lots of affection from the ones he actually cares for, even though he won’t admit it. He does give some special attention to people he really likes, but he’s smooth and discreet about it.

Besides, he wouldn’t mind if you got suspicious of him since he takes everything mostly as a joke, he’d only keep being himself around you despite your thoughts!

anonymous asked:

Do you do Dr.Smiley headcannons??? If so, may I have some Dr.Smiley S/O headcannons???? Thank you!!!!!

(Creepypasta x Headcannon) Dr.Smiley with an s/o -


- He doesn’t want his s/o in the same room with him when he’s ‘fixing his patients’ if they don’t like gore or blood. But if they don’t mind gore and doesn’t interfere with his work, then he’s more likely going to be okay with them being in the same room. 

- He loves to cuddle even if he doesn’t show it. He likes it when his s/o is between his legs while they lay on his chest. Smiley finds it relaxing. He also likes giving his s/o nicknames like babe, sweetheart, kitten, & sugar. Unless his s/o just asks him to call them by their name.

- Obviously Smiley will help with any injuries his s/o has and will even give it a little kiss if that’s what his s/o wants. 

- Smiley likes to take his s/o out for dinner or go on a picnic to watch the sunset. He’s a gentlemen and will dress causal, when out, and will treat his s/o right :)

- If his s/o is silly or childish, that’s totally fine. He’ll just watch his s/o do funny or weird things with a smile on his face, asking himself how’d he got so lucky. 


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anonymous asked:

creepypasta girls with a s/o that is super quiet but like suprises them with the fact that they do muscial theatre??

(Creepypasta x Headcannon) Pasta girls with a quiet s/o but does musical theatre - 


- The girls would be shocked to say the least. If their s/o told them they’re in muscial theatre, they would chuckle and ask if they’re joking. If their s/o took them to one of their shows, making the girls think their just going to watch a show, once they see their s/o on stage, they’ll look around seeing if that’s actually to their s/o or someone the looks close to them.

- They would want to come see every theatre that their s/o is in. They’ll drop everything just to go and watch. The girls would like to join in with their s/o but don’t think they can.

- Many of the girls would shout happily to their s/o when they’re on stage. “That’s my girl/boy!!” Some will just nudge the person next to them, showing their s/o off to them. “You see that human? They’re with me.”  

- The girls will gladly practice with their s/o to prepare them for their next show. Whether it be their lines or their movements, the girls will be there to support them all the way. 

- The girls would love to act/dance around with their s/o on a rainy night or when they’re practicing. Even if they can’t join in on the actually musical theatre, they’re happy at least being in their own little theatre with just their s/o. 


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