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Don’t Become A Puppet To Other Peoples Desires

invites you to Lasya Tandava -- with Indian forms by a Puppeteer On , 21st at 7pm at Auditorium Entry .... Open to all

Ok so other than some tech issues mid stream, I had an awesome 1st stream on the new schedule! New followers👌 keep rolling in! Had a blast on & we got at least 1 chicken 🍗 dinner on stream playin with randoms👍!

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plans to take the dispute with to the International Court of Justice. PM still doesn't understand has no interest to become . ICJ waste of time & Money. May God grant some wisdom to in Pictures.

Day 20: Deceive I know. You like the puppet. He tells you things you want to hear. Some people say the puppet is bad, but you know better, right? Don't be deceived! Look beyond the puppet! Evil is afoot.

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Working out the final pattern and a video of my new, version 30, Marionette control. This is a major refinement which I hope to stick with for a while.

😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬 Technical issues ie: HD60S capture card freezing and not working mid stream has got me nerd raging like no other right now!

I Maltesini di Lidia ti danno il Buon Giorno! Ti ricordano che ti aspettano oggi in Allevamento, siamo aperti dalle 15 alle 18. Per info chiama Lidia al 3355212368 o clicca qui

and You should be ashamed, condone breach of convictions for Ethics violations. STAND for Canada & DEMAND stop being his defence lawyer. You all are complicit

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#100 Un prince grenouille charmé, charmeur, charmant, pour enchanter Damaris avec le petit éléphant (#99).


Happy Tuesday everybody …

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Basic character info


He’s energetic and tries to be helpful. He does his best to get along with everyone.

He’s calm in pretty much every situation. He likes spending time with the others, though gets nervous when there’s too many robots.

She’s silent, cold, and aggressive. Some of the other robots have started a conspiracy that the owner found a military ai, and decided to stick it in a robot when they made her.

He’s gentle and tries his best to stay calm. Pirates Cove was considered the little kid area, so he’s the most used to handling small children.

Toy Freddy/Fred
He’s acts cold and strict, though does care for the others. He’s surprisingly good with kids.

Toy Bonnie/Candy
He’s a kiss ass, and stresses over rules. Though he’s also often drowning in sarcasm

Toy Chica/Chia
She’s upbeat to the point of being unbearable. She tends to ramble, and would need more then ten hands to count how many times people have walked away in the middle of a conversation.

Funtime Foxy/Vixen
She hates the children for taking her apart, and hates the other robots for giving up on her.(toddlers were able to switch her arms and legs around, it shouldn’t be that hard to switch them back) She’s currently working on fixing herself, since the others seem to be too incompetent. If you want something done right, do it yourself.

Puppet master
No one knows anything about him. He prefers to keep things on a need-know basis, and all the others need to know is he’s not a threat.

He’s anti social and quiet. He was rebuilt by Chia.

He has three minds: his ai, someone who died in a spring lock failure, and the killer. His mind is basically a single dad and his two asshole sons.


There is No … Fork?

Julius tells us all about his experience at a fast food restaurant that was out of forks.

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Alternative responses to “i love you” (fnaf version)

Mike: thanks

Jeremy: *laughs nervously*

Phone guy: i’m sorry

Fritz: who doesn’t

Springtrap: a horrible desicion, really

Ballon boy: *laughs hysterically*

Puppet: *finger guns*

Toy bonnie: i know

Freddy: why

Fnaf 3 guard: YEET

William: if only there was someone out there who loved you


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