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version 2 released, check the deviantart link

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Huge THANK YOU to Josh Carter for donating to our beautiful new film VIOLET. Your support is invaluable. Perhaps you would like to donate too? Please head over to to find out more.

I’m building a new puppet! This time I’m making a wolf 🐺 and I’m sharing my process on Instagram! Check it out, my insta handle is @ timothyphelps 🔥👌🏼😁

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"Animaker" teması karakteri "Oli" ile stopmotion animasyon videoları çekebilirsiniz. 🎞📸Setini hazırla ve çekime başla. Daha fazla bilgi ve sipariş için 'u ziyaret edin.

Are you a user? If so, you need to check out to use as you Puppet Acceptance Testing Harness! Beaker is widely used at

We are having a magical time with our ‘Under the Sea’ in ’s brand new theatre! Their runs until Tuesday 26th February! 🐠🎭💡

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Paris the charming puppet

“A puppet to life. A puppet to be tortured endlessly for entertainment, to portray whatever that person feels, to be whatever Jack feels.

That is what you are and will always be, don’t dare deny it or maybe do. But you will always end back here, no matter “your” choices, they will never be your own. So think long and hard, and debate if this is what you want or chose to join me and be free.” 

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Take this time to be Pokemon.

Junior: Pika, Pika!

Ryan: Chu?

Junior: Pikachu!

Everyone, this is Micheal Brooks Junior, the fifth child that possesses Golden Freddy. He is a small, chubby five-year-old boy that has a wild imagination and he loves to play games with everyone and everything.

And he’s a precious boi as well-


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"Puppet. Come here." Corrupt motions with his hand, holding a long sleeve turtle neck, "Put this on, and get mysterious-magic-marvin Infected using this." Corrupt gives him a potion bottle filled with red liquid "I dont care if you have to shove it down his throat. Make him drink it." Corrupt then fades away

Marshall nodded, taking the two items from Corrupt. He didn’t say anything; he simply didn’t want too. Though the turtle neck would be a good to change into something not bloodied. Good to fool Marvin. He slipped on the turtle neck before turning on heal and heading toward Marvin’s place.


Bueno, ahem, como digo esto?… TARDE ETERNIDADES EN ACABAR ESTE DIBUJO PORQUE LO HISE SIN LINE!!! aksbabajbsjaJ!! Y aun asi no me convencio tanto el resultado qwq. Pero puedo decir que me gusto hacer el dibujo, tal vez traiga mas de este tipo, pero no solo de fnaf qwq. XD.

Espero que les haiga gustado, nos vemos en otro post~

Bye bye~🎁🌹


Another few frames from the stop motion, “Deeper,” which screened at @charmcityfringe ’s Nights on the Fringe over the summer. It screened as a rough cut, with a few minutes left to animate. Moving through it now a few frames at a time.
#stopmotion #stopmotionanimation #animation #animator #Deeper #paperpuppet #paperpuppets #puppet #puppets #drawing #drawings #sketch #doodle #illustration #art #artist #filmart #instaart #film #filmmaker #filmdirector #director #screenwriter #writer #indiefilm #indiefilmmaker #independentfilm #cartoon #comic #comicbook

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