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Day 214 of Punk Challenge (1674 - 1677) I go back to work in about 3 weeks, this has been a long journey... did my step aerobics done, got my morning jams, time to take on the day

SIOUXSIE SIOUX & NEIL TENNANT (Dec 2019) Taken at The Delaunay café-restaurant located near Covent Garden in London a few days ago, Siouxsie is pictured with friend Neil Tennant

If you missed our screening of 'Roberta Bayley: She Just Takes Pictures' by Beth Lasch this week, you can log on to our website starting at 3 PM today to watch the film all weekend.

Not sure what to get your loved ones for Christmas? Why not a stirring tale of two people struggling with the demons of their soul while enduring the hell of the inner-city landscape???

Going to March 4 '20 at The ? Their singer Dennis is a guest in the new year! Here's our 23min convo; talking , , , , , & lots more! 

撮りました! . 『CxCxD』 2019/12/14(土) BOBCON Vol.193@鹿島MUSICSHOP BOB(鹿嶋) . . . 日曜以来のCxCxD。MC少なめのたたみかけるかのような演奏。格好よかった! . . . . .

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The Clash “London Calling” released 40 years ago today, December 14th, 1979 (in the UK; it was released in January 1980 in the US). One of the most important and enduring albums ever - not just in the punk genre - it went to #9 in the UK and to #27 in the US and is including on about a zillion best-of album lists. Our version is a promotional-only CBS release that includes a glossy band photo, a 5-page band history with discography and a copy of The Armagideon Times - a glossy ‘zine with lyrics from London Calling, more promo photos, cartoon-like drawings and another brief Clash history. 


I love this album so so much - my top tracks are the anthemic title track “London Calling,” the reggae-inspired “Rudie Can’t Fail,” the pounding punk “Clampdown,” the Paul Simonon-sung “The Guns of Brixton” and “Death or Glory.” The only song I don’t care for on this epic 2-LP masterpiece is “Lost in the Supermarket,” which I find insipidly poppy and so irritating that I always skip over it.