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BLOG POST: How to Use Problem Statements to Solve Project Issues

The SAP Cloud Platform can aid organizations in seamlessly integrating technological advances with existing business operations to address citizen needs and challenges

While the market and public are constantly changing, there are a few core skills that are fundamental to world-class procurement. This page brings you resources and training to continually learn →

The trillions of dollars required to achieve the cannot derive from the alone. This is where the new operational and financial models made possible by the of hold promise.

Building incrementally accelerates value delivery as opposed to the traditional waterfall development method. Contact us to register for /SAFe certification courses and learn more:

is proud to announce a new partnership to deliver solutions from machine data analytics and security leader to the .

Hundreds of lighting fixture configurations equip Big Shine Energy for any application in the public or private sectors. 

Looking to build confidence in your role? Find out how the Procurement Program did just that for our grad "Li Lei":

"There is no strong without strong institutions", reminds Nathalie Delapalme on the need to ensure the is also attractive to the youth. Read our 2018 forum report to learn more about in Africa:

LiGO provides a whole new view into your operations – that will provide your ROI just by seeing where your staff are, in conjunction to where you know work needs to be done.

The next week, will bring together and managers from the and its contracting organisations. The perfect opportunity to network! Find out who's attending here

Application programme interfaces are becoming an increasingly important element in the transformation and evolution of digital services - read more here

Tune in on January 29, 2019, at 10AM EST to learn how to move your government agency’s SAP solutions to SAP NS2 Secure HANA Cloud service on Azure Government

What a brilliant couple of days at ! Thanks to everyone who came to debate, network and share their views on how we can better connect the for our future. Until next time!

Calling all to the ! We're hosting a half day masterclass with here at our offices in on 1 February. If you supply goods, equipment and materials this will help you with writing great bids >>

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Our Customer Energy Solutions Group aims to connect NY’s public sector with innovative products & services.

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Endorsement desperation

Needy PT advocates:

’ American hip-hop legend Coolio has hailed Canberra’s light-rail project as “dope” .

Apparently that means good.

“It’s a very inexpensive form of transportation and very easy to get around, so yes, it’s dope.” he told the Canberra Times.

I know the public sector is downsizing. But consulting dread-locked rappers for town planning advice seems a little extreme. Our hero kept busy, dispensing advice to Yarralumla residents worried their leafy suburb will be transformed into a “ghetto of crime and god knows what else” by the residential development of the former Canberra Brickworks.

"Don’t worry about that because if you are it’s probably already a ghetto,” he said.

Good times. And best of all? There’s plenty more where that came from.