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And so Daithi decides now is the perfect time to begin his protest to the Popes visit

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🐰 { @phantomdesires } LIKED FOR POSITIVITY

MINH BRÖTHER you’re literally such a blessing of a person n I can tell youre always doing your best. Your characters are so good n i love lorcan with Nicolette. Its always so nice and refreshing to get messages from you bc i know its either gon be a meme or a nice message of support. but let urself be supported by others too n talk more abt ur gays. u gotta.

i just want you to know that

~ every little thing ~ is gonna be alright ~
Choosing a School for My Daughter in a Segregated City
How one school became a battleground over which children benefit from a separate and unequal system.

This sense of helplessness in the face of such entrenched segregation is what makes so alluring the notion, embraced by liberals and conservatives, that we can address school inequality not with integration but by giving poor, segregated schools more resources and demanding of them more accountability. True integration, true equality, requires a surrendering of advantage.

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Do you support Leakira and the DoT reboot?


please, please don’t ever ask me about this again because it honestly makes me so physically sick just thinking about it and i want to stay as far away from it as i possibly can

i’d rather not have any further discussions about something so racist and stereotypical created by entitled 13-year-olds who think they can get what they want through death threats and harassment

i understand you just wanted my opinion, and i’m sorry if it seems like i’m lashing out, but i’m really not in the mood to ever deal with this ever

Being bilingual is so shitty for me…… I feel like a different person when I speak french like I’ve been fucking lobotomised. I panic when I’m around too many strangers speaking French and asking me questions……. why am I like this…….
Nope, Those Aren't Mailboxes: Paris Rolls Out Sidewalk Urinals : NPR

‘Some others view the urinals as straightforwardly sexist.

“They have been installed on a sexist proposition: men cannot control themselves (from the bladder point of view) and so all of society has to adapt,” Gwendoline Coipeault of the feminist group Femmes Solidaires tells the news service. “The public space must be transformed to cause them minimum discomfort."’

Public radio producers PRI and PRX will merge, raise focus on podcasts

Minneapolis-based Public Radio International will merge with PRX, a Boston audio technology company, the firms said Wednesday. The combined organization will reach an audience of 28.5 million people each month in broadcast and online, and have 56 million monthly podcast…

Public radio producers PRI and PRX will merge, raise focus on podcasts