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A prototyping tool for Vue.js

Mahtavaa, kun pääsee töissä jutteleen upeiden nuorten kanssa. Espoossa testattiin liikenneturvallisuusaiheista pakopelikonseptia.

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CONGRATULATIONS to customer on winning at this Years Vesta awards in Dallas Texas! Founder Marco kindly sent us this very thoughtful testimonial of our :

What are the benefits of low-fidelity ? 👉 Focus on design and concepts 👉 Real-time iteration 👉 Accessible to everyone 🔗 Get all details about low-fidelity vs. high-fidelity prototyping on

Just published a class about on . It focuses on using to create interactions that are in line with guidelines. You can check it out here

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Did some more prototyping today! Here you can see all three versions. Its very cool how a 3D printer enables me to prototype like this! Imagine if I had to file these from steel or carve them from wood, I would have needed days for only one.

First one was made in Blender and thus pretty much unmodifiable and also wrong in its dimension (which was my mistake). Number two and three were made in the trial version of Fusion 360 (CAD). Thought it would be harder to get into it, but the program is surprisingly intuitive, especially if you have some experience in Blender and a technical background.

V2 was not very good to print and had some issues with the faces where the belt would be held, which I fixed for V3 (lowermost). I am happy enough with the last one. The belt sits flush with the surface of the puck and runs nicely over my ears when I hold it to my head.

Next step is to produce the short belts directly connected to the puck, like the piece I have laid out in the picture. I will need to line them with leather or something so the screw presses onto them nice and even, and so that it does not rip.



This is another installment in the prototyping series from James Ernest at CheapAss Games. This video describes several ways to make prototype game boards. Everything from the basic “print it on paper” to techniques for making folding boards, wrapped edges, and waterproof surfaces. Great job, James!

Lots of little things done:

  • Added some trucks which drop anti-tank missiles.
  • Added tanks which have much more HP than trucks.
  • Air to air and air to ground missiles can only lock onto their respective target types.
  • Added labels to help judge distance and find targets.
  • Added randomization to drops

Added a really rudimentary way to select weapons. Considering each of the missiles is pretty different in capability (damage, range, maneuverability, A-G/A-A, etc) , you’ll want to select the right weapon for the job.

Also added some basic sounds to the missiles and explosions for fun. It was bugging me that there were engine sounds but the missiles were silent.

Missiles auto-lock now, so the missiles you load on the plane can actually now lock onto and kill targets. I don’t really want to write a robust targeting system for the prototype (though I would for the real game) because that’s one of those things that’s a known quantity. This is good enough to get the point across.

Added a simple ticker UI element that any component can publish to at any time using Ticker.ShowMessage. Very basic way to do critical player feedback, but it’s definitely good enough for my purposes

I’m actually really happy with this little thing. It’s also self-contained enough to be put into a standalone package.

Destroying enemies now adds/unlocks weapons back at your airfield. Because this is tied to destruction of the unit, you can have special targets like storage depots (that would be well defended!) which give you some number of rare or powerful weapons.

This is one of those ideas that I always had for something like Redux, but in a much more simplified and somewhat gamier fashion.

The differences between low-fi and hi-fi prototyping

In our material about prototyping tools we tried to group them for low- and hi-fidelity techniques are allowed in those tools. You could find some definitions for lo-fi and hi-fi prototyping (along with ‘rapid’, HTML and paper prototyping) in our comprehensive UI/UX design guide. But …

Meant to add a unlocking weapons, but instead I wrote it so that your airfield stores a finite number of weapons. Instead of unlocking new weapons, you just gain access to new weapons. You transfer weapons between storage and the plane through the loadout screen.

There’s so much I want to rewrite already about this inventory and loadout system though. Writing all of this today made me realize I’ve never really written anything resembling an inventory system. Learned a lot today.

Loadouts are finally done for the purpose of the prototype. When parked at an airfield, you can press L to bring up the loadout menu and select different missiles for your hardpoints. Available missiles types vary per hardpoint.

UI work is hugely tedious and this code is a mess. It is one of my least favorite things to do related to game development. It’s a ton of work, but it’s not the interesting kind of work. I hope I don’t have to touch it later on, though it’s very likely I will have to for one more future feature.


One more day full of colors and fun! This time the place that hosted our creative minds was Cube Design Museum itself!!! Thank you for your hospitality (and colorful materials)!
The change of scenery helped us to come up with new ideas and develop our prototypes. We also tested one of them on ourselves and developed our own fun quiz! 
Do you want to try our quiz and first prototype? Then comment below or send us an email and we will contact you!

The beginnings of the loadout screen! Pressing L when stopped at an airfield will bring up the loadout editor.

Right now all you can do is select hardpoints and view what’s currently on them, but this lays the groundwork for editing loadouts on the fly.

Added a second missile type in preparation for the next pillar of the prototype. In the process of getting a screenshot, I accidentally added a photo mode type thing where if you pause, the camera disconnects and free-flies around.

Photo modes in general are one of my favorite things in video games.


“It’s the most viewed speech in the history of Israel, which is pretty amazing when you look at what’s been going on here in the last 50, 60, 70 years. I find that people who have been oppressed certainly understand oppression better than others, so I think that’s why Israelis are really taking to this message of animal liberation.”

“This is why vegans get so militant…I don’t want to be a two legged devil, I don’t want to be vicious and mean and vile but as a species we are so callous towards the animals, that’s how they [animals] view us.”

Quoting British Bishop William Ralph Inge, 18th century sermon: 

“We have treated our cousins in fur and feather so horribly that beyond a doubt if they ever formed an organized religion, The Devil would be depicted in Human Form.” Yourofsky: “That broke my heart the day I read it.”


Jewish Veg. (2014). Alex Hershaft: From the Warsaw Ghetto to the Fight for Animal Rights. 9 September 2014. Available from: [Online Video]. [Accessed: 9 April 2019].


PLANT BASED NEWS. (2018). Morty Goes Vegan! Exploring Animal Rights In Rick & Morty. [Online Video]. 8 March 2018. Available from: [Accessed: 8 April 2019].

“Is the world worth giving a shit about?” Engaging, interesting analysis of everyone’s favourite show (definitely mine). I would love to see Morty go vegan!