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Witchy humour ... 🤣🧙‍♀️🔮 .. 🔮🧙‍♀️🔮

Just pick the right colour of which theater session you want to listen to... Effective solution to avoid background noise at these kind of big events with a lot of speakers...

Moms of the Missing by Steffen Hou Raising awareness of abductions in the US. How the parents cope, plus advice that may help prevent abductions. A book that could change lives.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how beneficial Nyalic is. Or maybe it does...we did protect the Apollo 11 mission. 😏

Need more info on baby safety products? There are tons of different baby safety products on the market, take a look at this guide for a better understanding of these products.

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So I chewed out my young cousins boyfriend for acting like a creeper…

Boys take notes:

1. Don’t tell a woman not to do something. We’re still going to fucking do it but now even more so because we’re mad and want to prove a point. (Sometimes we can talk ourselves out of doing it but not when we’re pissed.)

2. Don’t tell us you have people watching us. That’s creepy and again will piss us off… (Also that’s just stupid, it doesn’t show you care just means you don’t trust.)

3. Don’t openly say you saw us doing shit when your technically not around because again that’s FUCKING creepy and now we think your a stalker. (Especially don’t do this when the girl has a family member like me who will raise hell about it.)

4. Don’t make it seem like you bugged the house. Psychic like abilities are fine and all but if someone asks you questions to try and debunk that shit, especially someone who is paranoid as fuck, don’t encourage it. (I still think there are bugs in my new home now and I will search until I think otherwise, thank you dude.)

5. Get to know the girls family. Mainly because family means a lot to them but also because their family can be crazy and will hunt down facts about you until they are satisfied with basically ripping your past apart and dissecting it… It’s better to get ahead of that (I’m a prime fucking example and I do this with my younger brothers too because I fucking care.)

This what I deal with because I care too much about my family. And my cousin made a HUGE mistake by giving me her boyfriends number so I ended up texting him a rant last night similar to this one (because he did the creepy things above) letting him know I know people who will fuck him up here in San Antonio and even where he lives because we got family there too.

Don’t fuck with my family because I’m a demon who will laugh and dance on your grave.


Protection chalk

Today I made this protection chalk, my idea is to use it to cast my circle or to draw protective runes, but I have to wait for it to completely dry and then figure out if it actually work as it should (maybe my proportion were fucked up or something).

Anyway I just used some plaster and water for the base and I added black pepper, sage, rosemary and basil (dried and crushed in a fine powder).

If it works I’m going to make other kind of chalk, maybe (banishing? Blessing? I’ll see) and if not I’ll try again! Maybe I should buy some kind of silicon mold, to make a not terribly ugly shape next time.

Archon of Bats

They have a surprisingly strong sense of justice, bats.

[ ] Sonarsight – You can see anything you would be able to perceive with echolocation, and anything you see you can perceive as if with echolocation, the two senses mingling inextricably in your mind.

[ ][ ][ ] Batblast – With a flick of your hand, you can project a phantom bat up to 30 feet in an arc or a straight line, dealing 1 terror damage per level of Batblast to anything it passes through.

[ ][ ][ ][ | ][ | ] Bat Swarm – With a swish of a cape or with a motion of both arms, you can summon a rushing cloud of phantasmal bats filling 10 square feet per level of Bat Swarm. Anyone caught within it has their movement speed reduced by half for one round, and must make a willpower roll against d6 per level of Bat Swarm or else be filled with dread or fear.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]The Night Avenges - Whenever you have witnessed wrongdoing against an innocent, or such a victim has reported it to you, you gain a d6 bonus to track and identify the perpetrator per level of The Night Avenges. Once you have found them, you deal 1 bonus vengeance damage to them per level of The Night Avenges, as long as it is between sunset and sunrise.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] Belfry Step – Whenever you are cloaked in darkness, you can teleport to the highest point within up to 50 feet per level of Belfry Step.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] Protection of the Bat’s Wing – For each level of Protection of the Bat’s Wing, you may choose a single ward. While you are observing any of your wards or while they are in complete darkness, they cannot be reduced below 1 health.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] Draw the Cover of Night – By the manipulation of a cape or the dramatic gesture of your arm, you can pull a blanket of magical darkness which consumes and snuffs out light sources over an arc of area from your perspective, a cone up to 90 degrees wide and extending up to 15 feet outward from you per level of Draw the Cover of Night.

Whump Prompt 088

“Stop!” The whumpee shouted curling up, shielding the wounded caregiver from the whumper, sending a rounded blast of energy. It was bright, sudden and sharp, knocking out the whumper, sending them flying across the room as the light left the wooden flooring charred.

Turning their attention back at their caregiver, the whumpee sobbed, “S- stay with me.”


Fresh strong batch of War Water made by the Muses …

Traditionally, the war water bottle would be broken on the land, doorstep or the feet of your enemy, and whomever walks through it will have a hex laid upon them. If breaking glass is not appropriate the spell works just as well if you simply pour the war water out on their land or sprinkled around the outside perimeter of your own land as a protective measure.
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▪︎Silver vinaigrette.

Place of origin: Europe

Date: 1701-1900

~ From the source: Like pomanders, vinaigrettes could be used as a vessel to hold strong smelling substances to be sniffed should the user be passing through a particularly smelly area. At a time when miasma theories of disease – the idea that disease was carried by foul air – were dominant, carrying a vinaigrette was considered a protective measure. Vapours from a vinegar-soaked sponge in the bottom were inhaled through the small holes in the top of the ‘acorn’. If a person felt faint they could also sniff their vinaigrette and the sharp vinegar smell might shock their body into action.

Another pentagram of protection has been created in the family. They’re always made with natural materials to increase the strength of protection anywhere. The course sea salt is also for protection as are the dark blue feathers. You can hang it on your bedroom wall as it would work in dreams or on the front door of your house for unwanted guests. Outside or inside. Also works great above any kind of Altar for negative or positive energies in spell casting.

If you don’t have any pentacle, it is possible to use your own finger and trace one upon each door, window and even under your bed. You will not see the pentacle, but it’s energetic imprint will be there protecting the opening of your home.