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The Parade Company at DTE Energy Headquarters!

Pixie Queene Butterfly Fairy WIngs are created with Sheer Fabric, Ribbon Roses & Iridescent Veins. They are gorgeous in person! Handmade Creations @

Our showroom! With brand new and our back to new waiting to be picked up or delivered to our awesome customers. ✨ (and a dog bed for our resident meatloaf, Vito. 🐶💕)

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Incredible work by creating phenomenal props. Check them out, they even made full cosplay outfits of each Javelin type for EA tradeshows!

kigurumi 角色的頭角與一般cos用的酒吞角,昨天打磨好今天上色。 kigurumi props&cosplay props. the Rindou Mikoto、 Tomoe Gozen horn&Shuten Doji

So Tye Dillinger asked for his release on his birthday. Gotta respect that kind of confidence. The dude is betting on himself.

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Live stream over and done. Progress on the Mjolnir stand was solid and I’m very happy with how it looks. Next week let’s see if we can finish it.

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Time for another tutorial! 
This is a write-up of how I made my Crystal Maiden (DOTA2) cosplay 2018-2019. This cosplay is at version 4.0 now, as I have improved and re-made several parts for each time I’ve worn it, so all together several months of hard work. 

This is one of my most advanced costumes. A LOT of thought and engineering went into making this costume; to make the helmet “work” and the staff collapsable. I have drawn all the patterns (sewing + armor and props). 
I hope you fins this helpful and/or inspirational - and if you do please let me know :) 

You may not sell my tutorial or pictures! This is free for personal use only. 

Click below to get to the full tutorial! 

Fanny / Marugitto

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Is the Gwen Stacy shoe saga finally complete!?!?

Who knows, updates will come once I wear these at a con in the mean time I dub them done! And done is good! Now I can move onto some new projects!

Anyway with these more blue shoes I was able to find a ribbon that matched which I taped the ends of (because I lost my lighter) and then sewed into place. I barely had enough rib ion in the package so maybe make measurements so you know how many rolls you need. Anyway, originally I was going to just cut them and tie them but having them sewn in is helpful two reasons. One, I can’t lose them and two they help keep the shoes on my feet and not flare out like they do.

Oh these shoes…

Who Loves You, Pretty Baby? 🎵🎵
Who’s Gonna Help You Through The Night?

Who Loves You, Pretty Baba?🎵🎵
Who’s Always There To Make it Right? 

Jake Woolmore Cuddles Andy Uren!🏉🐻👬🤗

Baby, Baby🎼
Do Do Do Do 🎵
Come To Me🎵
Baby, You’ll See!!!🎸🎹🥁🎷


King John : French Banner Flags (Texas Shakespeare Festival 2018 Season)

  • Flags cut and serged from recycled china silk originally a backdrop for a previous show
  • Fleur de lis stamps carved out of EVA foam floor mats
  • Detailed highlights and shadows added after stamping onto fabric
  • Total of four flags made, two were later distressed

My modest af Constantine collection. But I’m rather fond of it. Left to right is the Devil’s Vinyl prop from Constantine S01E03. The B-Side is “Venus of the Hardsell” by Mucous Membrane (or rather a very talented counterfeit Membrane played by Spiderlegs). The old DC Direct JC figure who looks a little bit like Howdy Doody. Then the medallion from the tv show displaying a demon containment spell in its runes and shapes. Next it’s the Eaglemoss Metal JC chess piece (I think it’s a chess piece). Then the lighter which was featured in the 2005 film and the tv show. The action figure from the neu fiddy too. A pack of silk cut is next to the line art for JC’s ciggie packs for the tv show. And all in front of the Mucous Membrane tour shirt designed by cover artist extraordinare and top notch fellow Tim Bradstreet back in 2006. Because Vertigo’s HELLBLAZER was an amazing run and John Constantine was such a great and compelling mess of a character and the only comic book character ever to have aged in real time.