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can best help an author just before publication with Fresh Eyes & a homophone-sniffing mascot. I will make your book better by correcting the invisible misspelled words. I find spelling errors in 95% of published books. What's in your book?

Get a of your book at I find invisible spelling errors in more than 95% of published books. I can help you ensure your book is in the top 5%. What's in your book?

I am taking reservations for June. See to get a . Hyper-Spelling works! Place your book in the top 5%, I find invisible spelling errors in 95% of published books. What's in your book?

A clever and accurate summing-up of the process 😊 The only thing is, when I I often get STUCK, looping from to to , but ending up yet again in ! much, fellow ??? (pic via )

When you invoice a customer and then insert a picture of Wall-e and his gf Eva into the email 😂 probably shouldn't send out invoices after a glass of wine but then again, that's typical Charlie & why my customers love me 😂👌🏻

Officially starting today as a Freelance Editor! I’ve waited long enough to start, but today I sat with my first client and went over the goals for her novel!

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Jill Burkinshaw is a fabulous proofreader & editor! SO happy I found her!! "It's normal to not see errors in your own work." BOOK PROMOTIONS TOO!!

I am taking reservations for June. See to get a . Hyper-Spelling works! Place your book in the top 5%, I find invisible spelling errors in 95% of published books. What's in your book?

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can best help an author just before publication with Fresh Eyes & a homophone-sniffing mascot. I will make your book better by correcting the invisible misspelled words. I find spelling errors in 95% of published books. What's in your book?

Get a of your book at I find invisible spelling errors in more than 95% of published books. I can help you ensure your book is in the top 5%. What's in your book?

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Yknow what sucks? When good stories have bad grammar/spelling :( as a grammar NERD with grammar ocd, it hurts my heart. Those poor words, that poor paper

It’s 11:11 pm rn. Make a wish

“Is it possible even to think of someone in the past? As long as we loved each other, we never allowed the meanest of our instants, the smallest grief, to be detached and forgotten, left behind. Sounds, smells, nuances of light, even the thoughts we never told each other; we carried them all away and they remained alive: even now they have the power to give us joy and pain. Not a memory: an implacable, torrid love, without shadow, without escape, without shelter. Three years rolled into one. That is why we parted: we did not have enough strength to bear this burden.” 

Nausea - Jean Paul Sartre (1938)

Hey guys,

So obviously I’ve been pretty absent lately. Things have been kind of rough in my personal and professional life. My dad had to go in for emergency surgery and he’s been in and out of the hospital ever since. Around the same time, my car finally bit the bucket and died (RIP Doris 2002-2019). But the most stressful thing of all has been the problems I’m going through at work.

I doubt many of you know, but I’m a professional chef working in a fine dining Spanish/Middle Eastern fusion restaurant. It’s really, really not easy being a female chef in the very much male dominated food industry - no matter what Top Chef or Food Network may be telling you. I had a conflict with three of my male bosses and made charges of gender discrimination against them. Those charges were supposed to have been investigated by the head of HR and the director of Food and Beverage, but I came to find out that after a very rudimentary “investigation” that they basically swept the whole thing under the rug and are trying to make it go away. There was some intimidation involved, and the impression that I might lose my job because of it.

Long story short, I’m in a very uneasy detente with my employers, and it feels like a ticking time bomb that will go off any day.

So, that being said, I’m looking to raise some funds. I don’t feel right about taking writing commissions, because I have a very slow turnaround time for prompts, but if someone is looking for a proofreader or editor, I feel like that would be a better fit.

I have a background in English, and I was the Digital Content Editor for a financial services website before I decided - very stupidly, as it turns out - to follow my passion into a culinary career.

So shoot me a DM if you’re interested and we can talk about pricing. If you’re not looking for a proofreader or editor, if you could share this post, I would greatly appreciate it.

10 Proofreading Tips and Techniques

I have been writing for so long and yet I still commit errors in my piece – believe meProofreading can be a pain in the ass, more or less. Sometimes, we get lazy enough and post it right away, hoping no one would notice those rascals lurking inside your piece. However, proofreading is essential in order to make your work timeless and readable. These are the ten tips and techniques that I personally use on my proofreading sessions:

  1. Print out your work. It’s more effective to proofread in a hard-copy form than on a monitor screen. Underline and circle every error you catch on your paper. Write some notes if necessary.
  2. Concentrate when proofreading. Stop playing your favorite Spotify playlist. Avoid potential interruptions. Read line by line. Evaluate your wording.
  3. Read your piece aloud. Read it slowly and carefully. If it “sounds” wrong, then there must be a mistake within that sentence.
  4. Check for accidental homonyms. Inquiries from enquiries. Accept from except. Complement from compliment. Pay attention to them.
  5. Check the punctuation. Check for unnecessary, misplaced, incorrectly used, or missing commas.
  6. Check the apostrophes. Their, they’re, there, it’s, its, your, you’re, and so on. Additionally, remember that the apostrophes are never used to form plurals.
  7. Check for typos and spelling. Use spell checkers if necessary.
  8. Read it backward. We tend to be oblivious to our own mistakes. We automatically “correct” wrong words and phrases inside sentences. To break this, read your piece backward, word by word.
  9. Use grammar checker with great caution. Grammar checkers are helpful, at least, correcting basic grammar mistakes. However, some online grammar checkers are not accurate, and sometimes they would tell you to do “this” and “that” to fix a grammar mistake which, oftentimes, isn’t correct. Use them with reservation.
  10. Get someone to proofread your work. Writers that are too familiar with their work tends to skipped unnatural wordings or awkward-sounding sentences. A friend, a roommate, or a colleague will be more objective and unbiased towards your paper. Ask them to give you only a verbal assessment that should reflect only from your ideas expressed in your work.

I’ll do an essay for you

Hey I’ll do an essay for you for any research related topics and certain books, I can provide sample writings, just send me the complexity and the length and I can provide a quote.

Long complex essay: $20.00

Medium complex essay: $15.00

Short complex essay: $10.00

Long simple essay: $10.00

Medium simple essay: $8.00

Short simple essay: $5.00

Proof readings and constructive criticism: $3.00

Singlular paragraphs: $2.50

Call with assistance: $2.50

Directly message me for assistance

I will proofread and/or edit your work for FREE!

Hi, I’m Tanya, I’m 20, and I would just like to offer my help, whether you have broken English, struggle putting words onto paper, or you just want someone to check over your work.

I’m not amazing but I have been doing a lot of essay and professional document writing for the past three years throughout college.

I mainly write in UK English because I am from Scotland and that is generally the language that we write in, but I can also write in US English, it may just take a little longer to process.

THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE PROFESSIONAL DOCUMENTS OR ESSAYS! I will look over your fan fiction or your stories. We could message before hand so that I get the correct tone if I am editing the document, ensuring that it still keeps the original author’s voice.

I can just check over documents and send you back what I think could be changed or improved upon, or I could edit it based upon your parameters.

I will not judge you, I really don’t mind what it is about, I’m just looking for something to do in my free time.

Please drop me a message if you are interested.



It has been long since I’ve been put to the rod of shame! Today is with the words therefor and therefore! It was a very positive review by the respectable Jake on AO3, whom managed to open my eyes to that which couldn’t be seen by my obliviousness, therefore my actions of haste to repair the thinking-wrong.

I’m proofreading a shitty romance novel and one of the main characters, who’s a full-grown adult, just used the word cooties seriously in a sentence.

I can’t take this author seriously. It’s so bad. She keeps capitalizing the first letter of words for emphasis and using words like kinda, sorta, outta, etc.

I stopped taking it seriously after I read this line: “He felt so very yin to her yang.”

anonymous asked:

I meant, how long did it take to proofread The Daughter? I see in your other answer (thanks by the way!) that it’s a WIP. Do you proofread as you go and before you upload a chapter, or go back after it’s all been written?

I didn’t really proof read it but I should’ve. I’m doing it chapter by chapter now. I’m not really happy with book 1 actually so I will be rewriting it so I’ll definitely proof read

Proofread looks so weird (thats why I’m putting the space)

I Had Not; We Had

               I could feel the sweat pouring off my forehead as I watched the seconds tick off the clock. It was as if time was slowing down while I was giving my output a final glance, reviewing the corrected written material, and fidgeting on the desk of my seat. As the buzzer sounded, I felt my pencil fell off the table. I watched anxiously as it hit the ground and bounced for what seemed like an eternity. I finally heard the voice of the proctor. I had survived the contest. I did it—I had not won it though.

           I regretted my decision because I did not choose to write—that I chose to edit. I had underestimated copyreading and headline writing. Easy to say it was going to be easy; but it slapped the truth off of me. Ever since I heard about some of my classmates being one of the writers of the publication, I dreamed of being like them too. I dreamed to be a writer. The truth is people regard writers as the real champions, but few think about the hidden champs who make those words look good— the copyeditors and proofreaders.

           Just a few weeks ago, we were set off for a battle. It was a war of words—a war against errors and inconsistency. The sight and smell of the papers evoked nostalgic memories of campus journalism. A curve immediately formed in my lips as I remembered my struggles before. The familiar proofreading symbols greeted me. They were like saying “Hello Krisnelle, my old friend. We met again.”

           It was not also easy for someone who was not a first timer anymore. Nevertheless, I was able to get through it; we were able to get through this proofreading and editing task. It demanded so much time. It demanded so much attention. Good thing that I was able to satisfy that demands. Even the school works were piling up, I see to it that it will be finished before the deadliest line. I was very happy. I had survived the task. I did it— I had not taken a careful notice of all the errors though.

           When our leader, Leevi, checked my work, we noticed that there were still errors I failed to observe. This is the reason why I love working in a group on this task. I realized that even if you are not good in one particular area, there are still people who will be there for you to offer you some help and advice. I was not alone and I did not feel alone. We all have different styles of writing and I was able to see that on my groupmates. How they utilize and play with words gave me new ideas how to improve mine.

           One indeed will not be able to do task without Structures of English as his or her bible. As English majors—guardians of language on duty— the task will make you realize that once you violated the rules and if you always will, you will lose the meaning of being in the program. People are gregarious in nature; and there is no way it could be possible without communication. The thunder boomed. The window cracked. The wind howled. It does not matter if we are a student or a professional, the real question here is: how are we going to organize our thoughts and put our messages and ideas accurately and precisely right without proper structure of language?

               It was already past six in the evening that time. I could still remember our haggard faces. I could still hear our laughters erupting now and then because we were already confused which was which. I could still feel the sweat pouring off my forehead as I watched the seconds tick off the clock. It was as if time was slowing down while we were giving our output a final glance, reviewing the corrected written material, and walking through the hallway of the college building. As the silent buzzer sounded, I felt my heart skipped a beat when we saw our instructor. I walked anxiously as we got closer and closer. I finally heard his voice. 

                “Ano man, tapos na ini?” 

                 We were already done. 

                “Asya na ini an ratings?”  

                 We had survived the task. 


                  We did it—and this time, we had won it.

I’m finally making a decent amount of money doing freelance work from home, and I’m really starting to think it could be a viable option long term. I don’t know how long it’ll last, but I’m getting more experience with proofreading either way which will help me get more jobs in the future.

My mom is an editor, but she’s been offered a job writing/editing in the pharmaceutical industry again, so a lot of her proofreading jobs are going to me now.

By the way, this is totally unofficial and stuff but if you guys want to support me but don’t feel like just donating to my paypal or something, I can offer beta reading/proofreading/editing for fics, essays, etc.

If you’re interested, contact me for more details, and feel free to signal boost it to any of your friends who might be looking for something.

2 things…

1. I read fanfiction. So much so that I haven’t been writing my own. And there are grammatical errors. No I’m not one of those people just saying. What I’m, very badly because I’m wanting to crawl under a rock right now, is I offer my services to proofread before you post. Am I perfect? Far from it but what could another unbiased pair of eyes hurt? You send it to me via email, I send it back. No I won’t divulge the content to anyone just a simple read, correct, and send.

Ok, next.

2. If I post snippets of my story I typed on here would anyone be interested in reading it? Idk if it qualifies to be posted on ao3 and the like. The people, some of them, are based on actors but not from any particular collective outlet like TV, film, music, etc. I sent it to 3 people who said they’d like to read it and of course they haven’t. My mother wants to read it but no. I think of her as saintly fragile China and I’m the filthy bull in the China shop so to speak. I don’t think she’d care for it and heaven forbid my dad reads it. I also have a cousin who’s a self published author but he’s a pastor and I don’t think he’d like it either. I have a lot of preacher, teachers, and cops in my family and I’d hate to be schooled by any of them lol. Anywhoodles, any takers?

P.s. I proofread this and had to correct more mistakes than I’d like to admit.😰🙄