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Just got this through the post from - whoever is responsible for their material before sending them out is clearly not practicing their . Come on Deliveroo, sort it out!🙄

can best help an author just before publication with Fresh Eyes & a homophone-sniffing mascot. I will make your book better by correcting the invisible misspelled words. I find spelling errors in 95% of published books. What's in your book?

Get a of your book at I find invisible spelling errors in more than 95% of published books. I can help you ensure your book is in the top 5%. What's in your book?

Think doesn't matter? At ZINC we're all about attention to detail, but typos can happen anywhere: says this plane will get a re-do!

is the final check before a file heads to the printer; only errors (misspellings, incorrect callouts, . . .) are marked. fixes errors and edits for consistency and parallelism, corrects and queries discrepancies, creates the style sheet, and so on.

How well can you express yourself in written English? BWS will help you with our expert editing service. لو مش قادر تعبر عن افكارك باللغة الانجليزية بريلينت بتراجع و تصحح جميع قواعد اللغة. 01288463753

Biggest challenge on this project? Author's quirky punctuation style—think ee cummings. And he's deceased, so his agent & I had to make hard choices to honor his wishes. But it's a great book, and I enjoyed every minute. CMS clientalwaysright

The story of Moby Dick was first published today in 1851. Written by Herman Melville, I have read the book and watched the film adaptations. However, did you know in the UK it was first published as The Whale In London and Moby Dick later in the USA!

Need an Editor or Proofreader? I can recommend Digital Quill Editing for a Professional service.

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2018.10.12 // Productivity #5

Completed Section A proofing. Began Section B first pass. Overall, 1 hr 40. Not bad since I only had 2 hours!

it was mostly a joke idea, but real talk for those college students out there who need their papers proof read– cause i know that once you finish an essay, you never wanna look over it again let alone nitpick all your spelling errors– so if you don’t mind paying me via paypal, i don’t mind being that proofreader.

i’m volunteering in guadalajara right now and i wouldn’t be opposed to an extra piece of income. if anyone is interested, DM. i’m just proofreading, not going ham and cheese and writing the entire essay for people. plagiarism is bad, kids

Putting out a little blast for anyone who wants an editor or proofreader. I’ve gone freelance and it seems to be working for me. So, if you need services for your 

  • Novel
  • Novella
  • Short Story
  • Playscript
  • Screenplay
  • C.V.
  • Covering letter
  • Academic article
  • Nonfiction book
  • Etc., etc.

I’m your person. (Perhaps it goes without saying that I’m open to LGBTQIA* stuff and stuff that’s erotic. People sometimes hesitate to bring me things of those themes or genres, and I’m always keen to reassure them.) Send me a message here and we can get in contact on the proper platforms. I’m also willing to do rates on a sliding scale if you need it.

Review, practice, and making a better translation.

One a day translations have gone to the wayside after 2017, which is something I plan on fixing asap. Along with there, there are many translations I’ve done which are lacking a certain flow, and now is a great time to edit them!

Over the next few months I’ll be doing a mix of one a day translations and one a day edits, going through previously translated content and fine tuning it. 

Giddy up October 2018!

Even though I just posted that fragment of my fic yesterday, I keep finding small things that I didn’t catch as I was typing it out.  I keep thinking “how did miss this?”

Also, I shared it with two of my coworkers; two people who know me the best and longest.  I just want more feedback, especially from people who don’t read that much and who don’t read fanfiction.  They didn’t have a chance to say much since 1) they are still working, 2) it’s a public place, and 3) I had to leave because I had other stuff to do.  At least one of them said she wanted to read more.


Hello lovely people. My name is Lynn. 

I’m a 27 year-old Registered Nurse from backwoods, middle of nowhere, rural NB. This blog will mostly be for my own personal writing, but I also hope to take on some projects that involve ghost-writing, editing, transcribing or various other tasks for reasonable, negotiable prices. I’m willing to work on both professional pieces as well as more personal chunks of writing/editing. Following a busy few summer months, I thought I would try and get my name out there to undertake some work since I’m having no luck with sites like Upwork where I had originally posted. I’ll be creating some various social media sites to keep you apprised and post some examples of my writing for you to peruse as well. 

My skills include editing and proof-reading a wide variety of subjects as well as writing. I am knowledgeable in many topics but always do the research required when writing or editing any subject matter that I am not familiar with. Most of my own writing projects have been independent thus far; I’ve been creating story lines and fleshing out plots for many years prior to this in my own free time without requiring any monetary contributions payments for services rendered on sites such as Tumblr, livejournal, AO3 etc. I have been doing volunteer editing work on a variety of different online mediums in the past several months and am now seeking to turn some profit on my skills at this point. I have also been engaging students from a local university in editing their assignments/papers as needed in my role as a freelance tutor there.

I am someone who enjoys role playing with other authors for the enjoyment of the audience but am fully capable of coming up with material on my own; it only adds to the experience of writing when I am able to discuss my ideas with others or make their own come to life under my fingers, and I think this is why I love editing so much - to help realize someone else’s vision on paper or digital medium is so fulfilling. There is nothing like submitting that draft to the individual who commissioned the piece and receiving feedback such as, “that’s exactly what I imagined it could be!”

I have a flexible schedule and always do my best to meet your needs. I am available for pieces both shorter in length as well as more novel like epics. Please message me and we can discuss projects or timelines and I will make every effort to accommodate this. I will be available throughout the entire writing process to update you if required or to incorporate any ideas you may have - I have been known to be good at adapting to changing story lines “on the fly” as I have been writing with other people for several years and often the contribution of a second writer (in role-plays) means that one must be able to change their plan to react to the curve-ball one was just posed.

The writing genres that I most enjoy are: horror, romance, fantasy/adventure and science fiction, but I am able to write/edit most other genres as well, including professional papers and other formal documents if that is what you need. I am open to adult subject matter and even fan-fiction as some of my interests are more on the atypical side of things. I do have experience writing both of the aforementioned genres. I am also able to do vocal recordings or audio book style format if that is something that you may be looking for. I can do transcribing if you need.

I have four years of Nursing education under my belt and five years of employment in the medical field. My writing skills must be on par as it is critical to document each action or change in patient condition clearly and concisely in order for the healthcare team to deliver the best patient outcomes, as well as deciphering transcribed orders from physicians. Most people do not see Nursing as a profession where ability to read and write has such a huge impact on day-to-day care, but it does. We are always learning and growing, reading new research and policies and questioning when something does not make sense, doing our best to make the necessary changes and communicate our points well. I am well versed in the medical field and offer a fresh perspective to edit any such subject matter, but after five years in such an upstanding profession I find that my ability to communicate, of which written word constitutes a great deal of importance, has only grown substantially in the last several years. Nurses must be able to read between the lines and see what the point or cause behind the change is and adequately communicate that with other members of the team; it has led me to develop strong collaborative skills that I can use to put forth great works of editing or writing for potential clients.

I am currently seeking to return to university and expand upon my education.

I have also taken some schooling in the field of Arts and have experience in courses regarding literature/story-telling and editing thanks to prerequisites I have taken in the past. Combining my education and my most recent volunteer projects on top of my own writing, I have a multitude of satisfied clients at this time. I have more than five years experience in the fields of both writing and editing.

I’d like to think that I am flexible and friendly, able to respond and accommodate a variety of requests in a timely fashion. Please contact me about any potential projects you may have and we can discuss prices/payment upon agreement between writer and contractor. Open to negotiation.

Have a wonderful weekend, hope to hear from you soon!



Hey y’all! I’m offering proofreading services!

This is especially great if you’re a college student. $3/page read and $1 extra per page if you would like more in-depth editing done. Services rendered through email and payment made through PayPal. My A+’s and 3.8 GPA speak for themselves 🙂

Message me for more info!

David Toop

Trabajo nuevamente y con fortuna con David Toop y los sonidos. Esta vez, sobre la improvisación musical, que toma cuerpos, voces, máquinas, instrumentos, coyunturas, azares, desviaciones, para construir una pregunta acerca de, más que, por ahora, una respuesta sónica. Se pregunta también si en las otras partes del mundo construirán catálogos de los improvisadores e improvisados de todas las músicas y sonoridades locales. Pensé en Jorge Bonino y las expansiones de la voz que se ha de sonar. Primero pensé en Héctor Libertella y acto seguido en Bonino, o al revés. Bonino sería un buen caso para Toop.

Editing, Proofreading, and Writing Help

Looking for editing or proofreading for your writing? Need help structuring an academic paper or dissertation? Struggling with plotting your novel or short story?

I am now offering services from planning help to editing to proofreading. I am a native English speaker with bachelor’s degrees from an American university who recently completed a MA at a British university. I also have professional editing and proofreading experience.

Message me privately for pricing information or if you have any questions.


Proofreading? I often get schooled by my ten year old.

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“La traduction des cimes” welcomes you on its blog!

You need a translation? This blog is made for you!

Who am I?

Let’s begin with a quick introduction.

My name is Alicia Garin. I’m French precisely from Haute-Savoie in the heart of the French Alps! After my licence in Foreign Languages applied to Trade (Langues Étrangères Appliquées), I started a master’s degree, Commercial and Juridical Translation (Traducteur Commercial et Juridique), in the University of Jean Moulin in Lyon. Once my diploma landed, I started my professional career as a freelance translator.

I can meet your needs in translation (namely all written productions) from English and Spanish into French. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to translate everything: a good translator is a specialised one! Thus, my areas of specialities are juridical, commercial and economic translations, and more original, film-related translation. However, don’t hesitate a second to contact me; if you’re not sure that it’s in my competences to translate your document, the easiest way is to ask.

Looking forward to helping you!

My services for you

  • Translation

A good translator always translate into his/her own mother tongue. So, I can translate your English or Spanish documents into French. My speciality areas are related to the commercial, juridical, economic, as well as, film-related world.

  • Revision and proofreading

All my translations are revised and proofread, in other words, once my texts are translated, I check the fidelity of them compared to the original ones and I make sure that no mistakes slip into my texts.

When? How? How much?

How much time do I need to translate a document? How much will that cost? How do we proceed? And so many questions you might have!

Each translation is unique and requires more or less time. The easiest way is then to ask for a quote at the following email:

You can also ask me your questions by clicking on the tab: “Ask me anything”.

Thus, I will be able to answer all your questions and offer you a personalised quote regarding your needs!

So don’t hesitate anymore and send me a message,