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I worry about this sort of thing on a daily basis. Typos not ageing holes, obviously

Ternyata Joluk bisa melontarkan perkataan bijak juga🙊 Nantikan "petualangan" Karluk di tengah-tengah keluarga Amira yang hidup nomaden dalam 10, terbit di awal Januari 2019!💐

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“So, go get yourself a new Stillson wrench, son. I’ll give you a quarter an hour, and you’ll get it by Pony Express in 60 days.” 😒 Third post in our “Why the best language professionals are with Tradëm” series.

A top tip for you this evening, - use your words wisely! Even with wrapping paper! 😂

Evening, ! Are you set and ready for Christmas? The big day is only a fortnight tomorrow, now! 🎁🎄🌟🎅 Thought you'd like this festive joke spotted earlier!

Ever wondered why is important? Well, wonder no more.

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Should I trust a website with a doctor with an erection on the heading of their website? :)

Dear goodness, . Don’t you know it’s with an “i”, not “y”?! Also you say “1970s - Saturday 27 June”: When did hit the stage? There are ten June 27s to choose from! Rant over!

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So I was thinking about this, particularly regarding the Mystic Messenger fandom, although I am open to others-

If anybody has any fanfic they want proofreading before they publish it, I am willing to help.

As long as the piece is less than 5000 words, whether it’s a one-shot or a chapter, I will read and edit free of charge. If you would like me to check multiple works, as long as each piece/chapter is <5000 words, that’s fine.

I’m hoping to get some practise while I’m doing my proofreading course.

I can work to deadlines and can prioritise accordingly.

If you’d like my help with anything fanfiction related, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Going to try and get a good chunk of proofreading in before the storms come and knock out power. EOA is already completed. I’m nearly halfway finished with TSL.

I am most likely going to change platforms with these stories. I was going to try and post them to Tumblr, but…

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Anyway, where are all of my readers at? Ao3? Another magical place?

Hi friends

Anyone in college knows that finals are coming up. I’m broke as all hell and am also a big grammar nerd. If y’all want some help proofreading/editing a paper, I’m your gal. Since I’m just getting started I’ll be charging a very small fee. Also, if I take a look at your work and find it doesn’t need anything, I won’t charge you!

This isn’t limited to academic papers, I’ll look at ANYTHING! Cover letters, resumes, Christmas cards, emails to your dickhead professor, ANYTHING.

If you’re not interested, then a reblog would be appreciated! And just so y’all know, I would take payment on CashApp.

Thank you!

Discount Proofreading Services

Hey guys - As of the 1st of December I will be offering proofreading and editing services on a “what you can afford” basis; Why? 

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

1) I am in the process of trying to do alot of shit financially and this work is what I do best. 

2) I know exam season can be hell for students, and an extra pair of eyes make all the difference. 

So - if you need anything proofread or edited between December 1st and 23rd I will do it for you on a what you can afford basis; this way we can help each other out!

If you need help HMU, if you don’t please consider reblogging for maximum exposure! 

Attention, dudes!

I’m trying to write a new SPN fic here, but want someone to try to be my beta/proofreader. I’ve never tried such thing before - always releasing my works by having them proofread by myself, so if anyone (a SPN fic writer recommended) is willing to do this, let me know and we can talk the details over.


I realized that there were major typos in the fics I’ve already posted and I’m so sorry for it.. I’m a person who hates spelling mistakes and stuff like that, but as you might’ve noticed, English isn’t my native language so mistakes are always there. I really want that you’re reading experience on this blog isn’t destroyed because of silly mistakes I made and that’s why I would like to have a beta reader.

If English is your native language (or you’re extremely good at it), please message me. I would really appreciate your help to improve my stories.

Thank you!

it was mostly a joke idea, but real talk for those college students out there who need their papers proof read– cause i know that once you finish an essay, you never wanna look over it again let alone nitpick all your spelling errors– so if you don’t mind paying me via paypal, i don’t mind being that proofreader.

i’m volunteering in guadalajara right now and i wouldn’t be opposed to an extra piece of income. if anyone is interested, DM. i’m just proofreading, not going ham and cheese and writing the entire essay for people. plagiarism is bad, kids

Putting out a little blast for anyone who wants an editor or proofreader. I’ve gone freelance and it seems to be working for me. So, if you need services for your 

  • Novel
  • Novella
  • Short Story
  • Playscript
  • Screenplay
  • C.V.
  • Covering letter
  • Academic article
  • Nonfiction book
  • Etc., etc.

I’m your person. (Perhaps it goes without saying that I’m open to LGBTQIA* stuff and stuff that’s erotic. People sometimes hesitate to bring me things of those themes or genres, and I’m always keen to reassure them.) Send me a message here and we can get in contact on the proper platforms. I’m also willing to do rates on a sliding scale if you need it.