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Let the facts do the talking! πŸ‘πŸΌ

Increase your brand value by doing a wonderful using our 40 Oz Refresh Stainless Steel Bottles.

The History Of Screen Printing Screen printing is a method of printing onto fabrics where you force ink (or metal) onto a surface through a screen of fine material

Unique, personalized gifts for every occasion! From keepsakes for newborns, to special gifts for grads. If you can think it, we can gift it! πŸ†

Complex Embroidery Digitizing is the process of applying stitches to the artwork so the embroidery machine will know where to thread and in which colour

are one of the most widely owned . 89% of consumers claim they own and 20% own more that 10 pens! Get your pens today: 978.250.5553 or

Consultant Today ┃ 5 Questions To Ask An Unmotivated Team Member β–Ί "Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection." --Mark Twain

ripstop polyester padded shoulder strap can be converted from backpack to carry handle external water bottle pocket storm collar to secure your gear front zippered pocket key clip attachment

What does Lady Gaga, Lego plastic and a wolf’s head have in common? 3D printing is something that could change the fashion world and it is something that we're very impressed with

goodies like tech and gadgets are great high perceived value gifts to give to specific clients and potential customers to associate good feelings with your brand!

Loving that Chartwell was the wine sponsor at this event....not your tired old pens & mugs here!

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Vintage promotional photos of Yoda. I remember seeing these in an old magazine, before I had seen the films—so intriguing. The Star Wars films were fantasy films, not sci-fi: they had more in common with say The Dark Crystal and The Never Ending Story than with Star Trek.

To me, the prequels and later films hurt Yoda’s character more than it deepened it, but that’s different for everyone I suppose.


Here’s a school project I’ve been working on for a while! It’s a promotional poster which we had to make for a made-up company we are currently all individually developing, and of course, I am the art kid who had to draw and render the whole thing. 

The thin lines may have been a bit of a pain to draw but honestly, I really like how they look so unnoticeable, especially when coloured over with a dusty brown. I think I’ll start using them in future art pieces more often (Not sketches but fully finished pieces.)

I hope you guys like it! I didn’t render everything super great since the details wouldn’t be zoomed into too much but I tried my best. What do you guys think of this style and the semi-realistic look? I’m interested! Leave your suggestions, opinions or critiques in the comments below, and have a good morning/day/evening/night!


Thank you @Austinchiropractic for the shout-out! we like it so much, we are posting it also!
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