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photo booth 

Itsuka Aeru Kimi ni

Rating: 1/3

Categories: promotional, romance, sci-fi, time travel, tourism

After being confessed to by her friend Ann doesn’t know how to respond and runs away. Somehow she finds herself in the year 2068 where she meets Kibou who shows her around the future to prove that everything will work out.

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2019 has been a busy year for a lot of people. Slowly making progress with new poems, videos, & future songs coming soon. I sure hope you don’t miss any of my adventures. This is only the beginning.


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Sosyal medya paylaşımlarınız için tanıtıcı ve kampanya introları
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When women get together they can achieve greAt things. Being a parent & moving to a new area was a daunting task, but I have been blown away by the support & sheer amazingness of the mums I have met! (Is amazingness even a word? I don’t care!). A group of mums have got together to form a support group to help and empower other parents! Woo! And I was asked to come up with the logo & promotional materials to help them on their way! 

We wanted something bright & welcoming & hopeful! 

As parents we all go through tricky times with our children. Strive is going to be a great source of comfort & information for us parents! 

All the best to Sam & Becca!! woo!