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The following episode touches on the tragic death of rapper and activist Nipsey Hussle, as well as some takeaways from how he inspired many in his lifetime.
Jordan Peele’s “Us” — A Social Commentary on the Black Woman
Jordan Peele's "Us" left moviegoers in awe as he managed to create a horror film with more meaning than meets the eye. The following is a breakdown of a potential theme highlighted in this film regarding Black women.

Acceptance. What is it?

It is like feeling you’re worth it.

Self love. What is it?

It is like tenderly touching your body with a flower.

Self respect. What is it?

It is pure boundaries.

Give yourself what you deserve. And this is everything. It’s worth the work, the patience, the emotional rollercoaster ride. Everything.

Hello and welcome to new followers and hello and thank you for sticking with me so far for those who’ve been following me for a long time; I appreciate the support of my drawings And so to show my thanks I’ve made a shout out/ promote yourself or do a shoutout for your favourite artists :3 💀👻🐾💕✨

Also gonna use this to give a big shout out to @laser-lance @comyet @myebi @csormt @unu-nunu-art @ask-glitch-and-squid @xgemfirex because they’re some of my favourite artists here on tumblr and they deserve a shout out XP


Squee! presents Mick Garris in All Hail The Popcorn King Documentary Tea…