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Rockin her new cable twist head band mom is ready to head out to the town and stay warm too.

Με την εμπειρία που μας διακατέχει, σας προσφέρουμε ένα ποιοτικό και λειτουργικό αποτέλεσμα στη διαρρύθμιση και ανακαίνιση του επαγγελματικού σας χώρου.

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Project 2040 Ireland ... what are the main points to consider ... balanced regional development

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This is another reference video I found on youtube. I looked at this when drawing the body of my lion over my skeleton walk cycle. The design of my lion is based on this video


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This is an updated version of my first attempt. Watching my first attempt back I noticed that because the legs weren’t attached to anything eg. the hips, it made the walk look unnatural and it gave it a limping feel and the were also moving backwards and forwards, so to improve this, I added an oval for the hips to show how the hips of a lion moves when it walks. The next step to this would be to include the head movements to the animation.

This is my first attempt at animating a rough walk cycle. For this animation I decided to watch a reference video I found on youtube of a lion walking, slow it down and pause it on each frame so that i could see how the legs moved accordingly. I also decided to keep the animation simple by using lines to represent the ‘bones’ in the legs and little circles as each joint in the legs. I did this animation by just looking at my chosen reference video and drawing each leg through out a walk cycle. I also decided not to include the head in the test just yet, by focusing on one part of the body first and understanding how they work.

Day 020 - Today’s Prompt

DAY 020 - TODAY’S PROMPT - “The horrified rose grower baked an apple pie in the car at dawn to discover the dark secret.”

“The horrified rose grower” kinda sounds like a witch. Perhaps she’s used enchanted apples and a selection of herbs and roses to create this pie for a spell or something, you know? Or if you changed the phrasing just a touch, “ONLY to discover the dark secret”, it sounds more foreboding. Maybe a neighbor gift, the pie, so after tending to her rose garden she got in the car to drive to this neighbor’s only to see something terrible.

Does anyone have any other ideas? This idea sounds a little more shapely, in my opinion, so plenty can be done with it. If you have any ideas or writing, you can contact me! Message me, submit writing to the tumblr page, or tag me in your posts! You’ll likely see your writing featured.

Happy Writing!

A project I’m starting to do in order to cope and handle with my dumb emotions. Plus my therapist thought it was a good idea and would help. I’m someone who has a great amount of anxiety-like many other people out there, and when I have so much it tends to stop me from doing things I want or have to do witch leads to frustration in my case. One particular day I felt so anxious and so frustrated I felt like a caged animal that decayed every time someone touched it and would lash out. After realizing I needed to calm down I drew how I felt and it helped me clear my head. So I am going to continue this every time I feel to overwhelmed with an emotion or two and I recommend you try it out sometime to see if it works for you.

Agere/CGLRE Community Project- Some Ideas

Hello! Whether you’re a part of my discord server, or just someone scrolling through their dashboard or agere tag, I wanted to share a few ideas I have.

Really, I just want to start a sort of, community project? Not just something where people will meet each other, but something that could make a difference in the community, or even spread awareness about it. So here are some ideas I have, if you’re interested in participating, message this account or reblog this post.

1. A Group Youtube Channel!

I run my own age regression youtube channel, but this community needs content. What if I started a youtube channel, where multiple people in the community are given access to post? Challenges, advice videos, vlogs. I’d run it, approve video ideas, and write up a schedule for who posts when, but I feel like this would be a way for people in the community to have a group of content creators that post constantly. 

2. A Group Tiktok Account

Okay, so there is the hype house, and all these group accounts that quickly blow up. I thought it would be fun to make a age regression account, where again, multiple people would join, and post content. This option would be less strict about when you post, but it also spreads awareness about the community and gives the community content!

3. Story Writing Competition

This isn’t necessarily a “project”, but I’m currently working on a plot with an age regressor as the main character. I’m good at coming up with plots, and I figured, making it a competition somehow, would not only be fun, but would create content for the community.

If you want to see these things, have more ideas, or want to be a part of any of this, message me or reblog this post! Spread it as far as you can, I want to start something that will benefit the community as a whole!

This is (for now) the finished version of my weight project. I think my attempt to show anticipation and struggle during the different actions got better as i progressed into the animation. Because i decided to do all three actions in one animation instead of doing three different animations, i also had to animate the transitions between each action which took longer than i would’ve liked. However it also allowed me to be creative and experiment with ideas and I think i might have went a little overboard with it towards the end, but ultimately I have had fun with this project. There are a couple things i would like to improve on with this project if i have time to go back to it, one of them would be to show more struggle and anticipation during the lift part of the animation.