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RT : As we look to the future for brighter days ahead, I wish all our Muslim brothers and sisters a joyous Eid Mubarak. From our lips to God's ears!

As we look to the future for brighter days ahead, I wish all our Muslim brothers and sisters a joyous Eid Mubarak. From our lips to God's ears!

All ready for today’s training day... Grateful to the people employing for staff declvelopment! Get in touch, and if you require the people in your building to perform to their maximum please contact us. 👍❤️

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**Milestone** Installation of the Inter-Array cables is complete! That’s 91 cables installed by Siem Offshore Contractors between the 84 turbine locations and Offshore Transformer Modules. All offshore cable installation is now complete.

Good news: The world is getting better. Bad news: You were wrong about how things have changed

You have to develop certain perspectives about the way you see yourself and the world around you.There are many ways to get whatever we desire in life and it all starts with the way we chose to think. . mentality

8 stone loss between us. It's been a year since me and my sister joined , now both happily at target and enjoying the new lifestyle change.

The 1000m row challenge is back in the studio this week. Can you beat your previous time? Post your results in the comments!

ALRIGHT! Episode 3 of ’s Cosmic Cataclysm Event started out WAY slower than expected! I’ve moved onto the Heroic map and will hopefully get ’s outfit. Without the outfit I may have to settle for a gold trophy 😰

We unpacked 3 x 40ft containers from Czech Republic today. All the equipment we need to finish our 3rd Germination box in our new maltings

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Not perfect but I’ll polish it up 🤙🏼
#humanflag #calisthenics #streetworkout #gains #progress (at 24 Hour Fitness - Renaissance Marketplace, CA)

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Me and my boi @persistentxperfection out here grindin 💪🏻😤 if you can still walk after leg day did you even leg day?
#legday #gains #bodybuilding #powerlifting #progress (at Rialto, California)

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Therapy day 3

Took an edible before, started to lose concentration but then it ended up relaxing me.

Didn’t think I was going to cry this time but she noticed things I never realized before and made my jaw literally drop when she made me realize how much I put myself down. I knew I was a negative Nancy about myself but I hadn’t realized how much I blame myself for so many things.

She had me imagine me as a child standing in front of me (I immediately pictured little 5 year old me with missing two front teeth and piggy tails and an oversized Disney sweatshirt). She told me to tell myself a few different things and that was no problem but then she told me to say I’m worth loving, and I’m worth loving myself. Fuck. I could hardly get those words out. I bawled. I let it all go. Years of just shoving it all down and thinking my pain wasn’t worth talking about because people around me had it so much worse, also blaming myself for the people(mostly men) who have left me.

I feel so relieved. So free.

There’s still pain, and suffering, but there is also progress.

(Small preview for upcoming models for the merevent, shes not done, hence only a bust shot. Face textures aren’t finalized yet, I’m gonna edit the lashes again so they’ll match eachother better. I’m just really happy with the result so far so I’m sharing it! Rose will be coming right afterwards! Also yes, I’m using MMD again, because theres no way I’d be able to participate if I drew it, the mermaids would look awful- girls will be in their twenties for this event btw, and don’t worry they’re getting bras XD )

A Different Kind of Healing

It had been a little over a year since Shoutmon became the Digimon king by defeating Lord Bagramon along with the rest of the Xros Hearts and Blue Flare army. Everyone was certain that he wasted no time in re-shaping the entire digital world into something beautiful upon returning! Taiki gritted his teeth as silent, glassy tears flooded down his cheeks. He stared down angrily at the shaking fists upon his knees currently soaked in his own tears but that didn’t matter to him. A sharp sigh came from his right as Zenjirou lightly placed a hand upon Taiki’s shoulder wearing an almost empty expression. The bags under his own eyes matched the size and weight of Taiki’s as he gently squeezed his shoulder. Taiki’s eyes shifted towards Zenjirou as the spiky, straw headed boy spoke. 

“We’ve had some good times, haven’t we?” 

The calm in his voice was incredibly forced, harboring traces of sadness and defeat. Unable to handle the horror that was suddenly pushed onto him, Taiki stood up abruptly and bolted out of the sliding doors connected to the hospital waiting room. Zenjirou gave another shaky sigh letting the hand that was suddenly left suspended by Taiki’s abrupt absence drop heavily. He grabbed the blanket that was folded next to the set of chairs he was currently using as a make-shift bed and covered himself up. Even if the fabric of the chairs was incredibly scratchy and stiff, he attempted to get some sleep. 

Taiki threw himself onto his bike he had conveniently parked outside and thrusted each pedal down with such vigor, it sent him rocketing through the streets! The tears were quickly swept away as determination mixed with pain fueled every thunderous trust of pedals towards his destination! It wasn’t long before he was home. He leapt from his bike to the front porch steps and threw open the door, not even stopping to remove his shoes, before bolting to his room and slamming the door. Luckily, the house was vacant as his family was either at the park or somewhere else. He jumped to his desk at the far corner of the room and viciously began trashing it, throwing off any unimportant item, ripping out drawers and forcefully dumping them on the floor. It wasn’t long before he located his red Xros loader and began frantically screaming bloody murder into it calling out to his best, ruby red digital friend. 


It had been three years in the digital world since the battle with Lord Bagramon and the defeat of the Bagra empire but those three years had also meant more work for Shoutmon due to his newly appointed role as King of the digital world. Shoutmon sat at his usual desk in the center of his kingly chambers assigning new laws, rules, and regulations as well as keeping the peace. Unfortunately, that also meant keeping a certain small, purple, yellow winged dragon who accurately appointed itself “Wild child of the digital world” out of trouble. The newly digivolved Shoutmon threw his red and white arms over his head trying to silence the extreme boredom that was currently raging within him. “Uaaaaaaagh!!” a rather large groan belted its way through his open jagged mouth! He stood up from his desk letting the large yellow scarf delicately flow to the ground. He stretched his aching arms and legs, just how long had he been at it this time? Shoutmon was covered in nicks and scratches from stopping arguments that had gotten out of control amongst his digital subjects. Though he loved them all like family, sometimes knocking them out was the best method of getting the message across. He took a single step before giving a startled shriek and clutched the small earphone pieces under the much larger ‘V’ shaped horns on his head. A familiar, yet incredibly pained voice seemed to be screaming frantically at the top of it’s lungs trying to get his attention. Shoutmon bolted to the window and flung it open so forcefully, it shattered the beautifully pieced stained glass, but the voice quickly faded. Thinking quickly, he summoned his mic and shouted at the top of his lungs, “SANZOMOON! FIND WISEMON! WE’VE GOT PROBLEMS!” A few servants in the courtyard below nodded quickly and bolted off in different directions to find the monk Digimon! Shoutmon froze as an icy shiver sent chills down his spine!


Shoutmon began to shake as if the air around him had become ice cold upon finally recognizing the voice. A startled gasp escaped him! His eyes widened as a cold sweat began to form under the V! 

“WAH! No, it couldn’t be… TAIKI!!!”

‘What was wrong? Was he hurt? Are there Digimon harming him and the rest of his human friends? If so, I’ll OBLITERATE them… NOBODY TOUCHES MY FRIENDS AND GETS AWAY WITH IT… Where the heck is Sanzomon?? Ugh, this is taking too long!! Taiki could be hurt or worse!!’ Shoutmon began to quickly pace the room folding his arms tightly against his chest while impatiently tapping his elbow with one rubberized black finger.’ Suddenly, the door burst open as the few Piximon tossed in a familiar large, struggling, robed figure with a somewhat terrifying dark face and beady yellow eyes. The figure known as Wisemon, began picking himself up when he was suddenly grabbed by the angry red lizard before him and shaken. Before he could protest, Shoutmon roared. “WISEMON, TAIKI’S IN TROUBLE!! I NEED TO GET TO THE HUMAN WORLD NOW!!” Wisemon stopped himself upon noting the worry and sheer urgency within his voice. 


He quickly held a hand in front of Shoutmon to stop him. To which Shoutmon responded with a ferociously annoyed and slightly deafening growl, it was Shoutmon after all. “My king, I have been tinkering with portal technology for years as you know, my book has been drifting in between zones. While I cannot promise a full portal, I can try something else.” Shoutmon narrowed his eyes returning his arms to their folded position and tapping his foot in annoyance. “FINE, JUST BE QUICK ABOUT IT!!” Wisemon was already half way out of the door before he stopped. “I-I’m sorry my king but it may take longer than five seconds…” Shoutmon’s eyes widened as he fell to his knees on the floor leaving nothing but a massive groan in his wake. He then lowered his head to the floor and almost shouted as he desperately begged Wisemon. “Please…. Wisemon, our friend is in danger and I need to get to him soon… Before something terrible happens or something terrible may have already happened!” large tears began to well up in Shoutmon’s eyes. Wisemon turned around completely stunned by this change in attitude. “A-Alright…” Wisemon said in a defeated sigh. “But I’ll need probably three days to get it up, tested and running. You know time moves faster in the digital world so three more days wouldn’t do any h-harm!” Wisemon’s voice wavered a bit at the end giving off an air of uncertainty. Shoutmon had no choice but to sigh it off. He quickly picked himself up only to go back to pacing. 

“Oh, Wisemon, you can have as many of my servants as you need to get this done quickly. … And thank you… I do realize that I don’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for this kingdom and me.”

Wisemon nodded quickly as he raised his hand summoning his newly repaired and furnished book, thanks to the efforts of his new friends, then quickly vanished within the pages as the book teleported off. “Please… hurry…” Shoutmon whispered after him. 


Those three days were absolute torture for Shoutmon because not only had the calls come more frequently, but they haunted his every waking activity! He couldn’t eat, sleep, sign bills or preform any of his kingly tasks without dozing off and having Taiki’s gradually fading voice pierce every fiber of his sanity! He didn’t know how much more of this he could take!! Wisemon had better hurry with that machine or else he was going to drive himself completely crazy! He had to put his second in command, Balistamon, in charge in his stead. 

“Hang on Taiki… just hang on a little longer… please!”

 He begged knowing full well the boy couldn’t hear him. He tossed and turned through the many sleepless nights completely engulfed by the fear of what was yet to come! Shoutmon lay in bed just shaking, trying hard to concentrate on something, or anything else to no avail! What worried him most was, on the third night, the calls stopped all together! By this time, they were already so weak and scratchy, he could even tell Taiki was starting to lose hope Shoutmon could even hear him! Shoutmon’s wild and surprisingly vivid imagination took over shortly after the last call, he was sure he had finally lost it! 

‘Had he been ripped to shreds? Humans come back with the code crown, right? Don’t they have that too? What if they don’t?!?! … I would have failed to save my best friend.’

Even the mighty Shoutmon, king of the digital world had begun to grow weak and weary due to the constant block of stress that grew larger and heavier by the hour! Though, his desire to transverse the gap to the human world began to fade upon imagining what awaited him on the other side. 

’Would his room be covered in blood and organs?? They’re organic… full of gross blood and guts and stuff… Digimon bleed and basic bone structures, but we don’t have much in the way of human organs and stuff…” 

Shoutmon cringed slightly upon imagining what human organs looked like. He remembered exactly what human blood looked like! The memory was as clear as day as he remembered seeing Taiki take on the young Yuu in a sword fight and getting himself a massive slash in the arm! Shoutmon suddenly felt incredibly sick, he quickly threw back the sheets and charged towards the nearest bathroom only to unleash the day’s rations of DigiNoir into the toilet, quickly flushing it down. He then collapsed upon the ice cold, stone floor in a seated, crossed legged position. 

‘Humans only have one life right? That’s why they’re so afraid of getting hit by a single Digimon attack! Even something as small as a simple punch could mean the permanent end to them! Just like the very first day I met the three of them.. Omnimon, quite forcibly, brought them to the digital world after Taiki had promised he’d rescue me. I ended up punching a rock thinking they were going home… but now, I’m glad the only thing that ended up getting smashed was the rock…  Their data doesn’t come back after they’ve been…’ 

Shoutmon shook his head violently, forcibly gulping back that large lump of fear, trying hard to come up with a new topic again, without much luck. 

’They’re gone… forever!’

He sighed upon remembering how Taiki kept telling him this over and over and over again, trying to explain just how big of a risk he was actually taking to aid the red, dragon type Digimon. He slowly made his way back to bed, using his mic as a crutch while hoisting himself onto it and settling back into the sheets once more. Shoutmon rolled onto his back letting himself get tangled within the silken sheets of his massive canopy bed, a small groan of pure misery escaped his parted jagged jaw. Just when he thought his nerves couldn’t take any more, the heavy wooden door flew open slamming against the opposite wall with a thunderous “BOOM” causing the entire room to shake! “WAHH!” Shoutmon shrieked jumping about three feet from his bed letting out a startled yelp when Wisemon entered the room. He quickly threw the sheets off, glaring angrily at the brown robed Digimon! A terrifying roar ripped from his throat as he then shouted!


It took a second for Shoutmon to realize who it was standing at the door before bolting over to him completely leaving the yellow scarf on his bedside dresser. Wisemon then held up his hands hoping to stop the Digimon from completely crashing into him only to have Shoutmon again grab the top of his robe with a fierce snarl. 

“WHERE IS IT!?!??” 

Wisemon then slapped the angry red Digimon away only to brush himself off and gesture towards the door. His voice was glazed over with a calm malice. “This way SIR… It resides in the courtyard.” Wisemon then turned to calmly lead the way hoping his calm would rub off on the fiery Digimon in his wake but unfortunately, that was not the case as Shoutmon pushed past him and zoomed towards courtyard as if carried by the wind. Eventually, both Shoutmon and Wisemon were in front of the massive teleportation machine in the courtyard. The machine was what you’d normally expect any teleportation machine to look like, it had one very tall antenna with a large electric orb on top sparking to life upon flipping a switch next to the main floating keyboard panel to the right. To the left was a small metallic transfer capsule. It needed so much digital energy that it slightly warped the sky above to form an incredibly tiny swirling funnel similar to the zone transferring ones. How Shoutmon didn’t see this light show from outside of his window as they were working on it was a mystery to both! “So I just go in here, right?” Shoutmon asked curiously walking around the machine giving the it a once-over. Wisemon sighed and nodded while pressing a button on the console letting the capsule open with a loud hissing noise! Shoutmon quickly hopped inside as the glass door shut tightly locking him in with a hearty clack! Wisemon rapidly typed several different codes into the keyboard before punching a giant green button with enough force to slightly crack it. 

“Oh, one more thing, my king… I only have enough memory to make four trips, hopefully, that won’t be needed… It only needs to take you there and bring you back. NOTHING more… Do not overuse it or you may be stuck drifting between spaces for eternity… Oh, and good luck!~” 

The last part was a bit too flowery and sweet for Shoutmon’s taste but he begrudgingly nodded. Gritting his razor sharp teeth, he mentally prepared himself for what he was about to see. He folded his arms and took a deep breath before being completely submerged in a deliciously warm light! His body rapidly melted into an energy-light based code then sucked through the tiny, straw sized funnel. The next thing he knew, he was being materialized within the fusion loader’s inner white void, but this time it seemed more vast without everyone taking up space within it. He gulped knowing exactly what he had to do next and slowly walked towards the giant screen, completely shaking with both fear and worry.

Thirty minutes went by, still nothing from the fusion loader, then forty! The tears that had once flooded down his cheeks had since dried up. He then threw the fusion loader as hard as he could against the adjacent wall with a loud metallic “Bang”! He didn’t know if Shoutmon could even use the fusion loader again or if he could even hear him at all… He knew for a fact that Shoutmon would never turn his back on him nor would he turn his back on anyone for that matter! They had been through so much together, there was absolutely no way he would ever ignore him… right? Those final thoughts haunted the boy before he collapsed in the corner of the room in a strange, unnatural position letting the sheer exhaustion from the many sleepless nights finally take him.


Suddenly, a bright light filled Taiki’s room as the Xros loader’s screen sparked to life. “HEY TAIKI!! RELOAD ME ALREADY WOULD YA?” The familiar scratchy tone of his once overly energetic friend filled the room. Taiki’s eyes burst open upon recognizing who it was. “Shoutmon!” Taiki’s voice was nothing more than a grating whisper. With a gasp, he leapt to his feet snatching the fusion loader at the other end of the room. Shoutmon smiled slightly letting out a small barely audible sigh in relief as Taiki shouted as loud as his voice would let him “Reload, Shoutmon!” Shoutmon chuckled feeling the familiar pull of the Xros loader quickly eject him into reality. Shoutmon’s expression faded upon seeing Taiki’s deplorable state. “It’s good to see you again, Shoutmon!” Taiki strained with a half smile! His expression quickly faded upon remembering why he’d summoned Shoutmon all the way to the human world. He quickly slid the loader into his back pocket and took a deep, shaky breath as Shoutmon mentally braced himself.

“It’s… Akari… I-I just thought you’d want to say goodbye…” His voice tapering off  at the end.  Shoutmon let out a frustrated growl, stomped over to the spiky brown headed boy and looked him straight in the eyes. “SO… You called me ALL THE WAY from the digital world, HAD ME WORRIED SICK FOR DAYS, only to send me back??” Taiki jumped back surprised at his friend’s actions throwing up his arms in front of himself expecting to get punched. “N-No! Shoutmon, it isn’t like that at all! Aka-“ Shoutmon’s nostrils flared, letting off streams of small smokey trails. “No, YOU listen to ME… Do you have ANY idea how important my job is back in the digital world or have you completely gone insane?!? I THOUGHT YOU’D BEEN MAULED BY A ROGUE DIGIMON OR SOMETHING AND ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS SEND ME BACK???” Shoutmon’s grating voice now shook the room with each thunderous bellow forbidding taiki from getting a word in. 

‘Damn! If he’s going to be like this, I won’t get my point across… Well, I guess showing him is easier than telling him at this point…’

“GAH!” Taiki huffed through grated whispers. He threw his hands in the air and opened his mouth as if to make a strong rebuttal but instead dashed out of the house snagging his bike on the way. Shoutmon blinked out of confusion, it definitely wasn’t like Taiki to run. The ruby dragon Digimon snarled and literally rocketed after him quickly gaining ground up until the boy reached his bike! “GET BACK HERE OR I’LL GRILL YOU ALIVE!!” Taiki peddled as fast as he could to avoid Shoutmon to no avail. Shoutmon then jumped, flipping over the bike and landing with a harsh thud right in front of him. “WHOA!” Taiki whispered loudly as he swerved to avoid hitting him only to have Shoutmon catch the back tire! Taiki lurched forwards painfully colliding with the handle bars with a semi-loud “GAK”! Shoutmon’s eyes widened as he let out a sharp gasp upon realization. He released the bike in an instant letting it clatter noisily to the ground and grasped the back of Taiki’s shirt before he had a painful encounter with the cement below!

Shoutmon let out a small sigh upon setting Taiki upon the ground only to have him double over in pain. “Taiki! Are you ok?” The anger within him quickly shifted to concern as Taiki gave him a shaky thumbs up. He took a minute to recover before noticing the attention his ruby lizard friend was drawing. “Uh…” He panicked, rapidly digging through his mind trying to think of a solution that would either draw attention away or fix the situation somehow… ‘I’ve got it!’ He thought, quickly flicking his goggles and withdrew the Xros loader he’d earlier stashed in his pocket. He then turned to Shoutmon and pointed at it hoping he’d get the message and with a heavy sigh, Shoutmon vanished into it. Taiki then turned to the staring neighbors wearing a feigned smile. 

“Thank you, thank you! I hope you’ve all enjoyed my little magic act! I’m training to be an amateur magician, heh… What you saw was no more than a mere illusion created by this holographic device!” A small bead of sweat began to slowly trickle down his brow as he showed off the loader silently hoping they’d believe it. A second later, thunderous applause filled the air as Taiki picked up his bike and remounted it. When they were far enough away, Shoutmon chuckled and said, “Nice save, Taiki… now, are you really going to tell me why you summoned me to the human world instead of just running away?” Taiki gritted his teeth as if he were holding back yet another wave of sadness. Even Shoutmon could sense the stress from deep within the loader. He decided to press his luck anyways, 

“You said it had something to do with Akari? Is she ok? Is… she hurt?” He asked, his voice taking on a serious tone as it echoed out of the loader. Taiki only gritted his teeth and tightened his grip on the loader, his voice less than a raspy whisper. “You need to prepare yourself for what you’re about to see…” With a heavy sigh, Shoutmon sat back against a far wall of the void as memories of her filled his mind. Memories of the sweet zone where he and Balistamon had accidentally eaten all of the bananas leaving nothing but the peels and a furious Akari! The time she’d been tricked by Laylamon’s mirror reminding him of just how much she really did mean to his mission! The time when she and Zenjirou had to wear those ridiculous outfits and preform some love dance in the forest zone! 

He closed his eyes as a smile played across his jagged jaw. He was suddenly ripped from his memories as Taiki’s voice once again filled the loader along with the outside chatter of the hospital patients waiting to be seen. Among them was the sleeping Zenjirou, snoring away peacefully! “Which way is Akari Hinomoto’s room?” There was a slight pause before an older woman with a very soothing mother-like tone answered. “Ah yes, she’s in room 12B! Just make your way down the hall to the left, go up the stairs, and turn to your right. It should be right there!” Taiki nodded taking a deep breath before continuing forwards. Inside the loader, Shoutmon gritted his teeth as he slightly began to shake once more, mentally and physically preparing himself for what he was about to see. 

His mind was engulfed in horrifically gruesome images surrounding Akari, this also made him angry on a low key scale as Shoutmon valued friendship over all. Suddenly, a bright blinding light engulfed the area within the loader temporarily blinding Shoutmon. He jumped up and away from the light snarling fiercely only to have the light dissipate into the void. “What the…” Shoutmon blinked slightly confused as to what he had just witnessed. Usually a brilliant light carried the soul of a fallen comrade to heal in the loader’s warmth but it was just him this time… right? Without hesitation, he summoned his mic out of thin air and shouted. “HEY YOU, COME OUT WHERE I CAN SEE YOU!” Shoutmon’s jagged lips peeled away from his bright white daggers as a low, defensive growl rolled from the back of his throat. He was ready to pounce on whatever appeared until a loud, shrill tone filled the air as if an old computer was dialing up the internet. “GAHH!” Shoutmon roared clasping the headphones on the sides of his head as the tone grew louder and louder until it suddenly stopped!


There was a long pause before an incredibly loud static filled voice belted through the air. You’d think for someone so used to shouting, it’d be easy for him to handle loud noises! Apparently, that wasn’t the case for this shouting, red dragon! “What the hell?” Shoutmon took another step back staring at the burning bright light that now took over a section of the floor. Eventually, the voice became softer and easier to understand. Wisemon’s voice then grew louder as it rang through the loader testing the communications between worlds. “Testing, testing… Ah, I think we’ve found the loader’s frequency! My king, can you hear me?” Shoutmon sighed removing his hands from his headphones upon recognizing the voice of his wisest friend. “Yeah, I can hear you. What do you want?” There was a slight pause before Wisemon let out a long sigh. “I was just testing the two way communication. If you need anything, I’ll be here. Contact me by doing what you do best, shouting!” There was a soft click as the light vanished. “Hmph.” Shoutmon huffed again seating himself against the wall. He really was grateful for all of Wisemon’s help so far even if he didn’t show it. What kind of king reacted this way? He let out a long, defeated sigh letting his shoulders fall as he slumped against the wall. 


Taiki’s feet felt like cinderblocks as he neared the room. It was as if the ground itself was trying to stop him from entering. He gulped down the lump in his throat, holding out a shaky hand towards the brass knob only to pause and take a deep breath. “Taiki?” Shoutmon’s gruff, worried voice echoed statically through the loader snapping him almost instantly out of his sudden stupor. Taiki closed his eyes taking a deep, shaky breath before thrusting the door open and entering the small dimly lit hospital room letting the last bits of sunshine seep through as the day faded into night. It had a single vertical rectangular window with a long, Burgundy, heavy curtain tied open on the far left as it was a corner room. A small tv flickered on mute, appearing to be a bad cooking show. Her bed lie to the far right with a few chairs and a lounge sofa scattered around the room. Taiki quickly shut the door, untied and pulled the curtain over the window making sure no one could see the reload. With a shaky hand, he held up the loader and shouted the iconic words. “RELOAD, SHOUTMON!” A familiar bright flash filled the room as the red Digimon materialized in front of the bed. The smell of decay and death that invisibly permeated the room hit him almost instantly making him gag slightly. Shoutmon’s eyes widened, filling with dread as he gazed over her deteriorated form. She was nothing more than skin and bones, fresh blood caked under her nose and eyes. Her eyes fluttered open upon the sudden bright light filling the room. Shoutmon stood there, frozen stiff for what seemed like 20 minutes solid, mouth agape at what lie before him refusing to believe that this living corpse was the remainder of one of his friends, his comrades! One of the humans that had helped him live his dream even if she didn’t do much.

She smiled faintly attempting to sit up but only getting about half way before falling back to the pillow. The multitude of IV’s clacked together noisily from the movements. On instinct, Shoutmon rushed to catch her before she hit the bed again but he was too late. “S-sorry, this is a-a-all I c-can do today…” She said quietly through strained breaths panting heavily. She then turned to Shoutmon as a faint smile attempted it’s way across her lips. “I’m so glad I-I-I got to s… see you again!” She rasped quietly as the tears in Shoutmon’s eyes, ‘formed from the odor’, took over beginning to pour down his face. “Y-you’re definitely b-bigger than last time!” Shoutmon’s lips instantly peeled away from his blade-like teeth as he raised both arms and furiously slammed them hard onto the bed rail which completely smashed through the rail and rattled the bed a bit! He squeezed his eyes shut refusing to believe any of it, it was just too much! “DAMN IT ALL!” A quiet sigh sounded behind him as Taiki lay his hand on Shoutmon’s shoulder giving it a light supportive squeeze Just as Zenjirou had before. Shoutmon then roughly pried Taiki’s hand off of his shoulder and wheeled around quickly with a fierce growl. “I need to talk to you in private.” He said in a fiercely flat tone while storming off to the nearby bathroom and propping himself up on the sink. With a heavy sigh, Taiki obliged holding up a single finger to Akari. “Just give us a minute please, it shouldn’t take long.” Akari gave a confused nod as she watched Taiki slowly dragging himself in after Shoutmon and quietly shut the door. 

He turned around only to be face to face with a snarling Shoutmon! “W-Whoa! H-Hey, what’s the big idea?!” Taiki asked reeling back from the sudden shock! Taiki could literally see flames in his icy blue irises. Shoutmon then took a deep breath letting his lips fall back into place. “T-that’s not Akari… Tell me that’s not her! Tell me this is all some practical joke!” Shoutmon pleaded desperately with his friend! “Tell me she’s fine and we’ll see her tomorrow or whatever!!” Taiki’s expression fell even further than the lifelessness it already had as his eyes, once filled with light and warmth no longer held that spark. They were now just empty grey orbs that no longer held meaning. Shoutmon snarled again, this time it was deep and guttural, anger seeping out of every pore! No, Shoutmon knew it was her even if he didn’t want to admit it. Taiki’s own deplorable state was evident of that. His hair was unbrushed and matted on one side, his teeth went unbrushed, his food and sleep schedules appeared to be all askew! Shoutmon couldn’t handle any more of this! He rubbed his eyes and massaged the bridge of his snout just sitting in silence for a while before hopping off of the sink and opening the door leaving Taiki to sit on the hamper in his corner of the bathroom as he rubbed his own tired eyes. His elbows rested firmly on his knees.

Shoutmon let out a rough, shaky sigh and with the back of his hand, he wiped his nose sniffing heavily. Akari’s smile faded upon seeing one of the strongest Digimon she’d ever known shed tears. “I-I’m so… sorry… S-Shoutmon…” Icy hot tears mixed with blood began to flood down her own bony cheeks. “I-I’m not st-strong like y-you Digimon…” Shoutmon reached a hand forwards holding the side of her face while wiping away a few tears with a black, rubber finger. “No… you’re one of the strongest humans I’ve… uh-wait… what did you say?” Shoutmon’s head instantly jolted up as an idea began to form. He then turned back to Taiki with a cocky smile and said. “Hold that thought, I have an idea!” Shoutmon then flashed into energy disappearing into the loader. “WISEMON!! WISEMOOON ARE YOU HERE?” The familiar dial-up sound belted through the loader yet again and Wisemon’s voice came rattling through! “Y-yes Shoutmon, it’s me! What do you need?” Shoutmon wiped his eyes quickly letting his confidence in his new idea take hold! 

Wisemon blinked curiously focusing upon the screen in front of him. “GET READY FOR THE BEST IDEA EVER BECAUSE WE’RE GONNA NEED IT!” He shouted, his voice boomed full of confidence through the loader! “Let’s turn Akari into a Digimon! Digimon are physically stronger than humans so maybe we can extend her life as well! Akari is on her death bed, and from the looks of it, she doesn’t have long. Is something like that even possible?” Wisemon paused for a moment placing a long, thin hand upon his hidden chin and scratched it. “What happened to Miss Akari?” He asked curiously but Shoutmon shook his head quickly. “So, is it?” Wisemon let out a careful sigh, staring through the screen at the eager red lizard while placing his hands in a pyramid shape upon the interface. He then moved to type in a few things, though the impatient red dragon, frustration ringing clearly through his voice, again asked, “WELL??”  Wisemon sighed. “Something like this is incredibly risky, if a human heart and soul could even attach to and hold on to a digitized vessel it’d be a miracle… She could even die in the process or most of who she was could vanish into thin air making her personality or memories completely different! Though there could be a certain code she does cling to… I’d have to study her face to face in order to find it though as well as do some modifications to the transfer machine to allow such things to take place… We’d also need a heavy supply of DNA from other Digimon, spit wads, lose scales, hairs anything that could contain their information minus the personality that goes along with it. Though a Digimon with a human heart and soul would be incredibly powerful and a colossal handful… She may or may not learn any magic at all or have any special changes whatsoever. It is possible that digivolution, for her, wouldn’t happen at all! You need to prepare for the worst, my king, In any case y-” 

Shoutmon just stood there as Wisemon droned on about the consequences, none of it seeming to sink in. “Uh…” He interrupted. With a defeated sigh, the wise Digimon simply stated. “There are a lot of risks involved unless I can properly study her and see what code or codes her soul absorbs. You’ll have to collect samples from each Digimon you meet. Hair, skin, scale, fin, whatever! Just do it quickly! I’ll pull you back to the digital world when you’re ready! We’re going to try our best to save Miss Akari!” Shoutmon smiled holding up a thumbs up, “You’re the best, Wisemon!” and vanished again appearing back in the human world as Taiki was dozing off on the fainting sofa. He turned to the skeletal remains of Akari and grabbed one of her boney hands. Akari jumped slightly but fell back against the pillow recognizing Shoutmon’s warm rubber fingers gently holding the captive hand. He then knelt down and whispered, “Akari, I have a plan and we’re gonna save you no matter what! I just need to do something really quick! Tell Taiki for me please! Do you think you can hold on a bit longer?” Akari blinked slowly giving Shoutmon a very confused look but nodded and let her eyes close again. Shoutmon then licked the back of her hand gingerly before placing it next to her. “You have my shouting promise!” 


“Ugggh…” Wisemon groaned noisily as soon as the video call ended. These past few days have been nothing but constant work for him. He rubbed his tired, yellow eyes as a hand was placed delicately upon his shoulder. “AHH!” He shrieked spinning around as fast as possible only to come face to face with Sanzomon! “Oh… it’s just you… Ha… HA…HAHAHAAA!!” He laughed loudly, delirious from lack of sleep. “This stupid child king… every beck and call… every senseless whim I have to oblige because he beat Lord Bagramon! Even if he didn’t do it alone!” As he stared at Sanzomon, his yellow eyes began to form into spinning spirals eventually causing him to collapse. “I’ve got you!” Sanzomon cried as she reached forwards catching the falling Wisemon before he met a painful awakening. She then turned to glare angrily the screen as it now swirled with different colored codes. “My king, you have pushed him too far! Is saving this human’s life even worth the trouble?” As if on cue, the screen lit up in a bright red flash as the familiar straw-sized spiral spat out a bright white energy. Sanzomon gasped jumping back still clinging to Wisemon’s fainted form before the energy materialized into the king. She sighed in relief as King Shoutmon’s eyes met with hers, burning in their familiar blazing blue tone. 

“OF COURSE IT’S NECESSARY! HOW COULD YOU EVEN SAY THAT? She was one of the original Xros Heart’s members! Even if she wasn’t a general or didn’t really do much, she still contributed by being the one that cared the most! Though, it didn’t look appetizing to me, she’s also the one who saved our hides in the bake-off! She was one of the ones that first helped me digivolve! She also provided bandages, icepacks and splints when even Cutemon’s abilities were drawing thin! AND ANOTHER THING-“ “MY KING…” Sanzomon curtly cut in receiving an angry snarl in reply. “Just… look at him!” Shoutmon glanced down at the tired, worn out state, Wisemon had worked himself into for his own sake and lowered his lips back over his teeth. “Fine, I’ll give him a few days to rest while I gather the Digital DNA. Oh by the way, can I have a-“ “NO!” She glared at the red lizard Digimon. She then relaxed her features gently setting Wisemon on the grass and took a bow. “Forgive me, my king, but sometimes you take your own mission too seriously overlooking what falls into the cracks along the way.” Shoutmon tilted his head in a confused fashion and folded his arms. Sanzomon sighed attempting to weave the simplest sentences possible within her mind. She took a deep breath and said, “Simply stating, you only see your own path before you. You fail to sense when others are hurting and that could become a problem in the long run.” Shoutmon snorted, letting the smoke billow from his nostrils. “I haven’t let anyone fall through the cracks… uh, until now!” He said quickly glancing at Wisemon. “It won’t happen again.” Sanzomon’s face fell in disbelief but she nodded anyways. Shoutmon then wheeled around and dashed off to prevent wasting any more time. ‘Wisemon, you HAVE to get better soon, our friend is counting on us!’ He thought narrowing his icy blue eyes. 

He tore into the castle like a bat out of hell screeching to a halt upon hitting the cold stone floor! He then rapidly reached into the air summoning his mic and shouted at the top of his lungs. “HEY EVERYONE! I NEED HAIR, SCALE, CLAW, TOOTH ANYTHING AND MAKE IT QUICK! A FRIEND IS DYING AND NEEDS OUR HELP!” The Prairiemon servants in the area dove to the ground as the words echoed loudly through the corridors, covering their ears as the noisy dragon shouted. A single Prairiemon, much smaller than the others walked up to the king in a bow before speaking. “Um, King… Why would this help your friend?” Shoutmon sighed knowing something like this would come up. He knelt down and placed a hand upon her head. “Look, I know it is a strange request but you have to trust me! I don’t have much time to explain!” The young Prairiemon nodded quickly still not quite understanding and quickly plucked three short, greyish-brown hairs from her head quickly handing them over to the king. Shoutmon smiled patting her on the head and rapidly bolted upstairs. Luckily, the purple, yellow winged trouble maker was there chatting with a Prairiemon servant. “GUMDRAMON!” Shoutmon bellowed happily receiving a startled “WAAH!! I DIDN’T DO IT!” from the mischievous purple dragon! ‘Crap! If the king finds out what I did, he’s gonna be furious!!’ He thought nervously letting multiple sweat drops form. “Gumdramon, I need a scale! Quick, don’t question me!!” Gumdramon stared at the king for a minute dumbfounded before he blinked. “Whaaa?” He said taking a step back. 

The Prairiemon quickly ducked into the nearest room to dust and tidy up hoping she wouldn’t get caught in the probable shouting chaos that was about to erupt. “Just gimme a scale or claw tip! Maybe a tooth!!” Shoutmon said taking on a creepy tone. At least to Gumdramon, that is! “YOU’VE LOST YOUR MIND IN YOUR OLD AGE, KING! STAY BACK!” Gumdramon bolted as fast as he could through the main halls headed straight for the top while scanning the walls rapidly for an open window or any places to hide! “GUMDRAMON, GET BACK HERE!” Shoutmon shouted angrily as he attempted to dive onto the fleeing purple dragon Digimon but missed and crashed into the ground instead. “OWWW! YOU KNOW WHAT? FORGET YOU!” He shouted angrily, rubbing his now bruised snout. Gumdramon couldn’t help but snicker as he darted into an empty delegate’s room diving swiftly under the bed! It wasn’t until a few seconds later that the purple dragon Digimon realized which way the king was headed! He gritted his teeth and flew out from under the bed as fast as his tiny feet could carry him. “K-KIING WAIT DON’T GO THAT-EEP!” He screeched beginning to bite his oversized front claws in fear of what was going to befall him. Shoutmon took a few steps towards the exit again, taking an alternate route only to trip a wire and SPLAT! A large pie fell from the ceiling directly on top of Shoutmon’s giant V! “Heh… crap crap crap crap crap!!” Gumdramon whispered silently to himself through clenched teeth as he began to slowly back away. 

“Gum… Dra… Mon.” Shoutmon said, in a low, chilling tone that paralyzed Gumdramon to his very core. The smaller purple dragon began to shake, his feet refusing to move. ‘Oh no, this is it! I’m gonna die!!’ He quickly shook his head, freeing him from the paralyzing fear and began to babble random excuses to hopefully cover himself! “I-i-it wasn’t for you! No, King! Uh, it was for that stinky fish lady! The one that talks too much! Hehe, y-yeah! That one! What was her name? R-ranamon or something like that? I WAS FRAMED!! I TOTALLY DIDN’T PLANT IT!! IT’S A LIE!! PRAIRIEMON DID IT!!” Shoutmon turned around and began walking slowly towards the terrified dragon child. He then lifted his hand wiping up a single stray piece of pie that was headed for his eye and tasted it. A wicked, toothy grin then curled it’s way across his face in a way that would give someone nightmares! His usual fiery, blue eyes, were now piercing right into Gumdramon’s very soul, holding him in it’s icy death trap just like a hunter and it’s prey. He felt the spines on the back of his neck stand on end as Shoutmon then said in a very hushed, frigid tone, “RUN!” 


Gumdramon tore through the halls diving past and maneuvering around the Prairiemon servants with the occasional “SORRY!” Shoutmon was quick on his heels, swiftly jumping over the Prairiemon servants in a single leap yet failing to stop the bolting purple dragon! “YOU’LL PAY FOR THAT GUMDRAMON!!” Shoutmon bellowed letting it reverberate off of the walls in the hallway. “YOU MESS WITH ANY OF THE OTHER DELEGATES AGAIN AND YOU’LL BE THE ONE ANSWERING FOR HIGH TREASON IN MY PLACE!!!” Gumdramon slammed his claws over his ears as hard as he could crying from the pain of the sudden blast! “GYAHHH!! I’M SORRY OK?! PLEASE DON’T KILL ME!!!” The Prairiemon, having been through the same about every week or so, merely jumped or stepped to the side knowingly. A few of them dashed after the chaotic duo with mops and brooms at the ready expecting the destruction that would fall in their wake. Gumdramon quickly glanced back to see how far back Shoutmon was only to smash head first into a door at the end of the hall with a loud “OOF!” Shoutmon smiled dangerously and pounced on him before he had time to get away again pinning him by the arms. “NO!! PLEASE!! DON’T KILL ME!! PLEEEASE JUST LET ME GOOOOO! I’LL NEVER DO IT AGAINNN!” He sobbed loudly. Shoutmon growled angrily at the young Gumdramon picking off a few loose scales “YOU’D BETTER NOT OR ELSE THE CONSEQUENCES FOR NEXT TIME WILL BE SO MUCH WORSE!” Gumdramon closed his eyes as the blast of wind coming from the shouting Digimon’s mouth blew back his spikes. 

Gumdramon frantically shook his head and shouted “I WON’T! I WON’T! I SWEAR!!” Shoutmon smiled and let him up only to have Gumdramon bolt as soon as he was free. He glanced down at the  tiny scales in his hands as a heavy sigh rushed out. ‘If only you knew what this was for… maybe you’d be more on board with helping. But even still… would you fully understand the seriousness of the situation?’ A serious expression washed over Shoutmon’s face as he closed his hand over the three hairs and the newly acquired purple scales. He turned to leave the way he came in to avoid any more Gumdramon surprises. Once outside of the castle, Shoutmon quickly made his way to the east knowing there was a small sea-side village of Digimon a few miles away. He silently wondered if he’d make it there and back in time for the transfer before Akari… He shook his head, ridding himself of the horrible thought! ‘Of course I have time, right? If I didn’t, Taiki could just scream into the loader again! But what if he couldn’t catch her before… ‘GAH! I SERIOUSLY NEED TO HURRY!’ This town is only three miles away, come on legs, don’t fail me now! Omnimon give me strength!’ With that, Shoutmon picked up speed, running as fast as he could, hoping he’d at least catch a few Digimon along the way. It wasn’t long before he found himself hunched over, with his one hand resting firmly upon his knee completely out of breath! Luckily, the gates were within shouting distance. Once he had regained his energy, he quickly summoned his mic and shouted at the top of his lungs, 

“HEY, THIS IS YOUR KING, I NEED uh…” He paused for a moment wondering if telling them the truth would be the best idea. What if they’re against the idea? They could simply outright refuse! He didn’t have time for refusals. He gritted his teeth and continued as a sweat drop began to form under his V. “I NEED HAIR, CLAW AND SCALE SAMPLES FROM EACH OF YOU! IT’S FOR uh… WISEMON’S STUDIES!” There, plain and simple! At least it wasn’t a lie and a little more believable than the actual truth! Multiple Digimon peeked out of their huts then dove out of their doors upon realizing who it was and bolted towards the gate, tripping over each other to open it for their unexpected royal guest. “KING, KING! OH WOW, IT’S THE KING!” The rookies, all mixed with Gomamon, Gabumon, Otamamon, Crabmon, and Gizamon shouted in excitement nearly climbing over each other to get a peek for themselves forming a massive circle around him! An older Leomon then walked forwards out of his cabin in the center of town and attempted to calm down the crowd. “One at a time, please, don’t crowd the king! And where are your respective bows? We’re in the presence of royalty!” He then turned towards Shoutmon and bowed as the crowd parted for their Noble leader bowing respectively. Shoutmon smiled and said, “At ease Leomon, children, you may rise!” The Leomon then stood with a patient smile as the children did the same, excitement and wonder filling their already wide eyes! “My King, what a surprising visit! Of course we’ll help further Wisemon’s studies!! Give each of us a minute!” Shoutmon smiled happily noting the happiness he’d brought to the small villager’s faces! “One more thing, Leomon…” Shoutmon said in a terrifyingly grim tone. “DON’T include SEADRAMON DNA…” He said, spitting venom in each syllable. His eyes flashing their terrifying icy blue glare. Leomon froze, then nodded, his expression hardened into a more serious and stony one. “U-understood, my King. I don’t think we have anyone from that line in our village.” Every Digimon knew of the king’s hatred for the species, yet nobody was brave enough to ask why.

Shoutmon let out a small sigh letting his features relax to their normal state. “Thank you… Leomon.” The old Leomon nodded swiftly then changed the conversation. “Would you mind staying and reading to the children? I’m sure they’d love it!” He said with a sincere smile! Shoutmon gave another sigh and with a sad smile he shook his head. “No, I’d love to but I’m afraid I’m a bit short on time. If I could get the DNA quickly, it’d be helpful!” The Leomon nodded happily as he then returned to his hut retrieving a small burlap sack and walked back over to the crowd of youngsters. “Okay kids, I need you all to put hair, claw tips and any loose scales you may have in this bag for the king! This will help Wisemon get smarter! Can you do that for me?” He asked with a slight chuckle. “YES! ME FIRST! NO, ME FIRST! NAH UH! YOU WENT FIRST ON THE POLO GAME! DID NOT! DID TOO!” Leomon’s smile faded as he then roared loudly over the crowd. “CHILDREN, TWO AT A TIME MAY COME TO THE BAG TO GIVE THEIR OFFERINGS!” The crowd instantly fell silent as they nodded happily and lined up. Shoutmon nervously glanced at the shadows on the ground noting the time slowly slipping away from him. ‘Gah, I told Sanzomon I’d be a few days to let Wisemon rest but what if I don’t have that long… Wisemon needs his rest but what about Akari?! Even I couldn’t sleep when I heard Taiki’s call…’ Multiple sweat drops formed under the V that vanished the instant he heard Leomon’s roar. Shoutmon smiled upon seeing the fatherly lion handle the uproar with such care! ‘He really does have a way with those kids… I wonder what he could do with someone like Gumdramon…’ His smile then turned mischievous as an image of a Leomon-tamed Gumdramon walked around in a waiter outfit serving everyone tea and biscuits at beck and call! It’d be the perfect payback! He sighed sadly knowing he’d never do such a thing to this kind Leomon. Someone like Gumdramon would probably beat everyone up and have burned down the town in a day. 


Wisemon bolted upright on the grass as if he’d seen death himself! “Oh no! How long was I out?!” Wisemon cried, quickly jumping to his feet! “AAH!” Sanzomon jumped at Wisemon’s sudden calamity! “U-um you were out for a mere twenty minutes, Wisemon.” She said trying to recompose herself as best she could. “No no no no no!!” Wisemon muttered as he walked in circles with his hands on his head. “Shoutmon said she didn’t have long! Even if it’s only been two seconds in the human world we could still be too late!!” He then rushed back to his machine whipping out his tool kit from his book’s pocket dimension and hastily pulling apart certain areas then rapidly rewiring them. Sanzomon watched in utter bemusement constantly trying to figure out what exactly this human girl did to get everyone in such a fuss. Even the king seemed worried and he still said she did almost nothing to deserve such a fuss! Was she really from the war as they’d said before? Wisemon’s continual muttering to himself was as off-putting as the tangled web of concern and curiosity that continually wove itself within Sanzomon’s mind! She couldn’t take it anymore! She stomped on the ground getting Wisemon’s attention almost instantly snapping him out of his constant muttering. “Is there something wrong, Sanzomon?” Wisemon said looking back at the monk Digimon. Sanzomon sighed quietly and said. “Forgive my outburst, Wisemon, but why is this human so important? Why work your data to it’s breaking point for such an unimportant piece of the puzzle? I don’t remember any stories of a female within the group other than Nene…” Wisemon’s eyes smiled at Sanzomon as he went back rapidly working on the machine. “What?” She said, letting off an unintended whine. She quickly clasped her hands over her mouth. “Forgive me, Wisemon…” She said quietly bowing in an apologetic way. 

“If I may be so bold, Sanzomon,” Wisemon asked in a sort of giddy tone. “Do you have a crush on the king and are you jealous of his attention straying to Miss Akari?” Sanzomon blinked taking in what Wisemon said and took a single step back. “Oh no! No no no! I-It’s just that… I worry for his and your health… is all!” Sanzomon said, her voice quickly dipping into a more concerned tone. “Ah.” Wisemon said, his tone falling flat upon being wrong for even he didn’t know everything when it came to the matters of the heart. “Well, you know our king, he must try to save everyone and Akari is a dear friend of my own as well. I’d hate to lose such a sweet little girl!” He then fitted the plate back over the machine and quickly returned to the control panel flipping two new switches that opened a much larger portal. “HAHA, IT WORKED!!” Wisemon shouted in triumph as he happily threw his hands into the air! He then pulled out a microphone from a secret hidden panel and quickly turned it on. “Taiki? Can you hear me?”


“Uuuuaaahhh!” Taiki yawned as the loader belted the familiar tone of Wisemon’s voice. “Yeah, Wisemon, I can hear you. Is there something you need?” He asked sleepily rubbing his eyes. The loader then blared with static as a bright white flash suddenly filled the area. “WHOA!” Taiki shouted shielding his eyes from the sudden light. ‘A little warning next time!’ He thought, blinking slightly to readjust his eyes to the light. When it dulled again, he gave a confused blink and questioned Wisemon.  “What the heck was that??” Static again filled the loader as Wisemon said, “Shoutmon has an idea on how to save miss Akari, I need you to point the loader in a large empty area so my machine can fit. Please give the signal when you’ve done so!” Taiki gasped, his eyes widened as he slowly absorbed what Wisemon said. “WHAT, YOU CAN SAVE AKARI??!?” He shouted excitedly!! “HOW??” He pulled the loader close to his face as if trying to peer into the empty void that lie within. “Oh, it’s quite a complex system! We plan on altering her DNA so that it becomes binary coding to easily translate to a digital vessel! We are hoping with a stronger vessel, her life could be prolonged but there are a lot of risks involved, as you know, she doesn’t have a loader code so translating it won’t be as easy as the many times you’ve had to leave your body… I’m sending myself along with my machine to try and find a suitable way to study her and gather as much information as I can!” A huge grin stretched across Taiki’s face so wide, it made his cheeks hurt! “HA, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! AKARI! YOU’RE GONNA… oh…” He glanced over at her only to find her turned slightly away from him unmoving. Taiki froze until the familiar steady beeping of the heart rate monitor broke through his worry, allowing him to relax slightly. He let out a quick sigh shaking his head at his own senseless worry. “Whenever you’re ready, Taiki.” Wisemon said calmly but with enough strength to hopefully snap Taiki out of his sudden stupor. 

“Oh, uh, right! So how does this work?” Taiki asked curiously. “Oh, just point the loader in the empty space and shout “Reload Wisemon and Machine!” I’ve coded the machine to match the specifics of a very low level Digimon so there shouldn’t be any difficulties sending it through!” Wisemon’s voice was edging towards a more urgent tone though he tried to keep it as calm as possible. “Right…” Taiki said, his voice tapering off slightly with a bit of uncertainty. He then glanced back at Akari as concern then marred his features. ‘Is she gonna be ok with all of this?’ Wisemon’s voice then boomed with impatience from the loader causing Taiki to let out a shrill yelp! “AHH! Right, right ok!” He said quickly tossing the loader to the small fainting sofa he’d been previously using as a bed and began rapidly pushing chairs out of the way. He then rushed back to the loader and pointed it at the newly cleared area. “RELOAD WISEMON AND MACHINE!” Wisemon smiled veiled under his hood as both the machine and himself was sucked directly through the portal as Sanzomon simply blinked in confusion. Wisemon’s smile remained feeling the familiar warm embrace of the loader’s healing light around him. Without stopping, the loader spat him and the machine out into the open area. The massive machine towered over them, yet barely touched the ceiling. Taiki stared awestruck at the giant machine before him, letting a small “Whoa” slip through his lips! Multiple lights flashed several different colors along the keyboard as a giant metallic pod was fastened to the front with two huge metallic tubes. A large screen displaying several colored numbers flashed across the screen. A large, cushioned table lay to the right of the machine supported by two sturdy metallic legs. A large glowing mass of energy floated at the top of the singular antenna buzzed loudly in several different colors. “Gah!” Taiki quickly turned away rubbing his eyes as the light temporarily blinded him! Wisemon rushed over to Akari wasting no time in transporting her along with her several IV tubes over to the table upon the side of the machine. 

Wisemon then flipped a switch on the control panel as the machine buzzed to life. A large green light began moving back and forth over her, scanning for any useable core code she may have to make the transition easier. Wisemon then pushed another button as several metallic cables with a flat coin-like sensor attached themselves to her forehead, arms and legs. Taiki noticed that Wisemon spent as little time as possible looking at the deteriorated state his friend had fallen into. Wisemon’s eyes remained glued to the screen as the scan revealed several thousands of multi-colored codes that all flooded onto the screen at once. Wisemon’s fingers sped across the keyboard faster than Taiki had ever seen anyone type before. “As soon as I find the code, it’s all up to Shoutmon… Oh I pray that he hurries… he wasn’t joking when he said she didn’t have long… I’ve never seen anyone in such a state! From the looks alone, she appears to only have 2.4 to 4.3 or possibly even a single day, which is roughly two weeks or 3 days in Digimon time.” He then turned to Taiki, though his face was shrouded, Taiki could feel tension of his stress levels rising. “I would notify him if I were you…” With that, Taiki quickly nodded pulling out the loader he’d previously stashed in his back pocket and gave one mighty shout hoping his emotions and determination to connect with the red dragon Digimon would carry his message across worlds! “SHOUTMON, HURRY! PLEASE, SHE DOESN’T HAVE LONG! I BEG OF YOU!!” “And Taiki…” Wisemon said as Taiki finished his message, his voice locked in a firm icy yet stern tone. “To be honest, you need to prepare to say goodbye. I don’t know if this would work or not. If she had a cross loader code, it would be so much easier,” A huge, defeated sigh then rushed out of the wise Digimon, “but as I’ve said before, she doesn’t. It is up to her will alone if she is to survive. I’m pulling as much as I can with what little time is left but even I don’t know if it’ll be enough. I’ve tried to tell the king this, but his hard-headedness is almost impossible to convince when he’s sure of something or desperate to save someone. Though I’m trying my best, please don’t blame me if it doesn’t work. I can’t have this on my conscience too.” 

Taiki’s face paled as sadness and stress yet again pooled up within him. His grey eyes went blank losing the small amount of life they’d gained from the previous news. His brow furrowed, the hand clutching the loader shook furiously as it became sweaty. “O-oh… I-I understand, Wisemon… Please t-try your best. T-this is her last chance at survival.” His voice falling into the, now spilling over, well of sadness and stress he’d tried so hard to contain yet didn’t have the energy to. Tears yet again, fell freely down his cheeks in quiet sobs. Hearing Taiki fall apart was so alien to the wise Digimon that it almost seemed unreal! His voice then took on a soft and gentle tone hoping to ease his friend’s woes. “Taiki, I never do anything but my best!” Taiki looked up at Wisemon, though his eyes were glued intently to the screen before him, and smiled letting out a very weak, “Thanks Wisemon!” Suddenly, Taiki gasped loudly, his head popping up as an idea made it’s way to the surface! “Could you use my code?” Wisemon’s eyes narrowed as he shook his head, his eyes locked intently on the screen before him just in case he’d miss an important or hidden cross code. “No, I’m afraid that wouldn’t work. Your code is specifically designed for you. If I were to extract it, not only would you die, but it would be incredibly incompatible with her systems. I’ve scanned your code before and was testing this theory as Shoutmon was, rather impatiently, giving me the idea. Wisemon’s hidden brow furrowed angrily remembering the impatience the king had earlier that day, though he could forgive him ‘this time’ as the situation was dire. Taiki gave a defeated sigh and slumped back onto the fainting sofa holding the loader to his forehead silently praying for Shoutmon’s hasty return. 

Day 2

Today was not really great. I argued with my mom (who thinks I am a teenager… Again). Any way, I am only half away to finish a book so it is fine. I read like 2 or 3 chapters and I found some new music.

Any suggestions about music and cinema are welcome.

Btw, I am planning to change the main topic of the essay I was working on so tomorrow I will spend the whole morning writing.

Wish me luck.