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and is an not a one-way road i wish to cultivate my desires transform into into into i want it to be with each other, not against each other

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Forget how young Tommy looks, what about Boston? I'd have to assume that's Congress St. It doesn't even remotely look like that anymore. I did this screen grab of Google Street View to try to approximate the location he's standing in. It's not even there anymore.

i used to go home at 6am during the weekends but now i spend my nights eating crackers and cheese and candies with my cat. now that’s (??)

そういえば先日Progressの新曲用のアコギをあんちゃん先生にとってもらった💥💥 マイクがプレイアビリティについてこないからそろそろ買い替えかなー🤑🤑

In this weeks Blog, I cite Plato (presumably) and cover off on the twisted path of progress. Checkout , it makes for interesting reading. Let me know in the comments what you’re doing to ensure you make progress in your life?

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昨日ラチエンブラザーズさんの ワンマンライブお邪魔しました! お2人の歌声と人柄の良さが 溢れ出てました! 本当に素敵なライブで とても勉強になりました! 7/20日 ラチエンブラザーズさんと同じライブに出させて頂きます 詳細はお待ち下さい! お楽しみに!

The Tag Team Aussie Open beat Suzuki Gun last week to win the Revpro Tag Team Championship. Mark Davis from Aussie open piledrived Zack Sabre jnr into next week to pick up the win. are now and champions. If you get the ch…

Really enjoying being out in the open and reconnecting with nature 💜

Change only happens after you're being tested. If everything was easy, where do you expect the growth to come from? The road of difficulty always leads to beautiful destinations..

FFXV crossover ✔️ Whorleater (Hard) ✔️ The Stone Vigil (Hard) ✔️ Tam-tara Deepcroft (Hard) ✔️ Unlocked the next main story dungeon ✔️ It's been a very successful game session...but it's 5am and it's time for bed. My lala and me are exhausted. Goodnight 💜😴🌙

When you find yourself at Uni on a Sunday morning and the only one to have coffee with is this mate.

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If we don’t follow our own dreams, we end up following someone else’s.

Day 3

So I didn’t reach my step goal today but I was in surgery for most of the morning and afternoon so I wasn’t wearing my Fitbit for most of the day. With that in mind I’m pretty proud of nearly 9000 steps. I also missed my morning walk because of early calls so that was disappointing.

I’m feeling positive though, almost halfway through my 56hour shift and relieved that I got no calls during the night. I did get one evening call to a cow calving though and thankfully the result was healthy twin calves!

So far a good weekend but dying to get out for a nice long walk today - fingers crossed the farmers don’t need me for an hour or so later on and I get the chance to take a break.

Applique c o m p l e t e

Took out the applique basting stitches, ironed it, and stacked it with the batting and backing fabric, and then more basting stitches. I’m starting to hate the way the white basting stitches look on top of the purple. Like, GET OUT OF MY WORK!!!!!! There are some wrinkly parts that the iron didn’t help with too much but I am hoping they more or less disappear in the quilting 🧵

Tattoo history #2. Still as in order as I could get them.

1: Pointillism negative space seahorse I’ve been working on for ages. About 4 sessions deep and nowhere near where I want it to be.

2: Wing for “wands and wings” tattoo. I add colored lines when I do color work.

3: FAILED full palm Pisces tattoo. Don’t get a hand tattoo if you do dishes or have to wear gloves often. They’ll fall right out. Will fix someday, for sure.

4: Lil kitty cat. For one pass, I think she’s pretty solid.

5: My sexy lady. Probably gonna try and make her more even eventually, but I love her.

6: Mushroom friend. Inspired by a dream I had where Shel Silverstein remade Alice in Wonderland.

7: Gender identity hands. I am who I am.

8: Mama Neptune and her 13 moon babies. My latest, most favorite work. And my most risky! Still have some stars and whatnot to add, but for being on my own chest, ugh, it turned out great.

9: The one piece on here that isn’t my work. My best friend gave me a canna seed to symbolize me leaving to grow.

All art is a work in progress. ^-^

Tattoo history #1. I tried to get them as in order as I could.

1: WAS a bright pink upside down cross. Now just a really faint cool scarification I might redo in white someday.

2: Attempted rainbow lines. I only got to green. I’ll finish it eventually. That spot hurts.

3: Rocky Horror tribute. I got way too fuckin drunk before I did this and did it way too deep. The blowout is impressively bad. Embarrassing, but fixable.

4: Fire rune to balance out my watery self. One of five I have planned.

5: Minimalist chameleon friend. My favorite of all my machine work.

6: Me on drugs convinced myself I could tattoo a gem on myself. Now, I’m trying to turn it into a stop sign that says ‘ope’.

7: My mermaid scale. I haven’t decided if I’m going to add more scales, but I will be adding more color to this one, for sure.

8: Little red fishy for my best friend. The last one I did on myself with a machine. He literally took 45 seconds. Good friend.

9: “Needs Some Salt” My first handpoke cuz I’m a salty ass bitch and no one seasons their food enough. That spot fucking sucked. I keep putting off touchups. Fuck.

10: Ampersand. The center of a planned “wands and wings” Fairly Oddparents themed tattoo. Got halfway through the touchup.

I definitely like handpoking better than machine work. It feels more controlled and intimate.

Part 2 coming soon.

anonymous asked:

Can you post a side by side comparison from when you started to now? I was scrolling your blog because you’ve lost a LOT and look good man! Wanted to compare :) very motivating!

Thank you very very much! Here is me 5 minutes ago vs the cruise that started it all in 2009! I was 430 pounds plus back then.

Thanks for being awesome!

On facebook, Instagram, all of those, i am constantly seeing people selling/buying/whatever, all of this herbalife, work it, all those current “lose weight quick with this.” Not that i hate them or anything. What i dislike is all the people selling it contacting me to start using it.

You have these girls selling it and being like “look how much weight i lost with this.” That doesnt really work on people you have known your whole life and know that you have been skinny your whole life.

Im friends with this one girl who has always been unhappy with her body. I get that. I have too. She has had tummy tucks, lipo, tried every “weight loss pill” under the sun, but it never lasts.

Ive learned over years of trying every diet, that there is so much more to it. Its the right mindset. Once you’re there, its easy. Maybe not easy, but it isnt weighing on your mind as much. It’s easy to make the right choices. You know you dont need all those tricks to lose weight quick. It gets easier to pack your lunch than to order out. The longer it goes, it’s just how you think. You dont want the chips that are in the cabinet. You don’t want the food covered in grease. Your taste buds change. I had no problem finishing a whole bag of chips. Now, i dont really like them at all. I used to love fried foods. Now the smell of hot oil makes me sick. I would pick fruit over everything.

It takes time. I know if i can do it, so can anyone.