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Don Manuel -) tranquilo a , . & en Noviembre 6 le pasaremos el cepillo, como se lo pasamos hace 2 años cuando elegimos al Presidente yo Saludos PD: Así nos veía el hace 2 años.

Just pushed some new updates to ! You can now copy the url of your conversion so you can return at any time. Also, the embed code is automatically selected for you once you click in.

For the 1st time today, after nearly 3 years living here, Gadget finally took the step of daring to sit on my lap, found he like it, & is now immovable. We've had a very happy evening. !

Are you investing in your own personal development? Many HR / Business professionals are so busy taking care of others — they forget to replenish their own skills!

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and out here in Ward 4 reviewing an upcoming project for the Neighborhood Revitalization Program!

Happy to announce the sale of that run-down building on Cicero which will become the home of Lincolnwood's new abortion and methadone clinic (AMC). Again, I've done the neighborhood who elected me proud. See you at the ribbon cutting!

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??? You must be joking. Still feasting on Foie Gras - food of The Phaorah

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#inktober 10/31 ✒️for World Mental Health Day 💗

21st October, 2018.

I got my butt back to the gym yesterday after a week of headaches, migraines, and generally not being able to do much. After a full-body weights session, I felt amazing. After working out at home and being focused on running for so long, it was awesome to get back there!

And now, I’m looking forward to today. Plans are to:

- Start incorporating yoga into my routine
- Go for a short run (hoping my foot holds up!)
- Eat well and enjoy my Sunday!

Keen as a bean.


This is how my songs often start: a random epiphany of an emotion, experience, and melody coming together when I’m not expecting it. So, if I can’t make it right away, I record the micro concept to develop later. This video shows that actual first moment it popped into my head - I had no lyrics or music or anything.. just a small concept. That melody ended up mostly staying the same. It’s embedded in the background of the chorus
Apparently, even my appearance turned out more polished in the aftermath 🤓
This song is called “Proud” - it is the song about my de-conversion from Christianity, and it is available NOW on all digital platforms! Watch the full music video on YouTube (or find it through my website -
#music #atheism #religion #exchristian #musicproducer #musician #singer #rapper #hiphop #pop #musicislife #beforeandafter #progress #musicvideo #newmusic #family #life #apostate #composer #studio #musicstudio #audio4n6

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This mornings weigh in 👍🏼😁♥️

21/10/18: 101.8kg

A day of clean(for me) eating yesterday, with 345 cal workout (33:10 mins/HIIT).

Had seasoned chicken, brown rice, and broccoli 🥦 for dinner

Now it’s going to be a challenge if I can keep doing it, and todays exercise (running)… maybe I’ll switch it to a different workout 😁😬

I also have a feeling I lost some water weight in my sleep because I slept a little hot… 🤷🏼‍♀️

A week in the Azores did my body some good. I can’t believe how thin I’m starting to look in clothes!

Underneath though, I need to start doing some squats and push ups again. I’ve been soooo lazy!

I’m thinking of joining a gym to keep me from gaining all the weight back by toking and munching 😂

I’m so close! I’m so happy with my progress and am just enjoying life so much 😍

I hit a new low weight when I got back from holiday but had pizza and stuff lol. I’m determined to eat a bit healthier before I step on the scale again. It’ll just depress me to see the pizza weight on there blah 😂


HARLEM IN DA HOUSE @ Bethel Baptist Church in Orange NJ on Oct. 14th as Rev. Calvin O. Butts of Harlem’s Abyssinian Baptist Church preaches @ BBC Pastor Rev. Darren Ferguson’s Pastoral Installation Ceremony. pt. 28 #orange #orangenj #harlem #harlemny #blackchurch #christian #pastor #newpastor #preacher #church #preacher #preach #progress #change #bethelbaptistchurch #bbc #progress #ny #nyc (at Bethel Baptist Church)

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