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The latest Computer Weekly/TechTarget IT Priorities survey shows that IT professionals are deploying business process , but application are not far behind

IEEE student chapter conducted a session on . People from Training Basket india introduced students at to the concept and demonstrated its real world use.

is like learning a new language - one based heavily in . So which is it? Are programmers linguists, or mathematicians? |

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What do you know about Ruby Struct?

We can claim to be experts in Ruby, and there are so many things we always want to share with you. For example, let’s check what do you know about Ruby Struct?
In simple words, Ruby Struct is a built-in class which provides useful functionalities and shortcuts. You can use it for both …

I have some old-fashioned multi-hit goodness happening tonight! I’ve got some kind of slash/hack hybrid animation I drew up without thinking too much about it as a test, and made an attack that hits 9 times randomly within a 2x2 area. I had some work to do on making damage numbers appear in the right slots - I stupidly was forgetting to include the start delay in my calculation of whether one animation would end in time to put the next animation there, or if I had to fill an empty slot. If you ever saw damage numbers bugging out in one of my past gifs, that’s why!

But apart from that, the random attack animation was easy enough to program - basically building on the code I did the other day (to make a smaller animation appear in all hit squares), I added a 5 frame delay for each attack (hit one would appear instantly, hit two appears 5 frames later, hit 3 appears 5 frames later from that, and so on).

And yeah, the tall guy on the right took like 8 of the 9 hits. The probability of 8 hits distributed on one side is like close to 3% so it’s a rare event! Though, that’ll happen every time for me when I am testing the game, as the random seed is preset for debugging purposes. It’ll be a random seed in the real game, I promise!