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FYI - I had the console on while looking at the website, and noted (see photo below) that they need some help! - and are offering a $$$ BOUNTY! 🤠 The email is I'll find out the pay.

training! With season beginning it’s a great time to get in some good programming experience!

Walter, together with his lab partner Sasha, designed and built a custom robot that picks up and loads objects using custom RobotC programming at our at Hiller campus in .

#35 Hi guys! A new awesome post. CSS. Justify-content: space-evenly; Have you tried this before?😊 ‘Space-evenly’ aligns all items inside a container with the equal spaces around them. But ‘space-around’ increases space between items twice.

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Business, Programmer Humor, and Site: when you visit a site you handed over
6 months ago and the client made
some changes themselves

Part 3: Object Oriented #javascript.
Another way of adding a method to a constructor in ES5 is to use a prototype. -
The difference here is that you can specify which new instances will inherit this method. Really neat. 😊
What are your thoughts on adding a method via prototype v. inside a constructor?