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Are you attending the Trends event this Wednesday? Our very own will be discussing the importance of 'time in view' metrics at 3.45pm - it's a sold out event so promises to be a great afternoon!

The Pr0grammat1c has grown to more than 450 members in Berlin, and we can proudly announce our 10th anniversary. Join us for networking, great guest speakers, and all things on the 26th of March at the Unternehmerclub!

RTBAsia hosted a seminar on “The Importance of Independence in Advertising Measurement” in Shanghai on 12 December, 2018, sharing insights and the analysis related to “independence” of digital ad measurement.

RTBAsia hosted a successful seminar in Hong Kong on 29 Nov. We invited leaders from the digital ecosystem to share their insightful views on prevention of ad fraud using third party ad verification.

Building a brand (using digital) requires you to be present at the right place and the right time. Here's an example of how our programmatic media buy is doing that for a reputed real estate player in India.

- same ad served 8 times@on 1 web same page... need to tweak your audience targeting algorithms

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RT MMMagTweets: Everyone knows that the digital advertising world has gone . Look at all the latest developments in detail at the Programmatic for Publishers Summit this March. Register now!

Everyone knows that the digital advertising world has gone . Look at all the latest developments in detail at the Programmatic for Publishers Summit this March. Register now!

There are no excuses to base your supply and media strategy on assumptions about what works best. Travis Barnes, Product Marketing Manager, MediaMath discusses key insights from our latest whitepaper on supply path optimization.

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1762. A Programmatic Thiccness

This is called “A Programmatic Thiccness.” I am “the alien,” not “the muffin.” 

You fall into a deep sleep that lasts for eight years…….. “You” is actually “me” in this scenario. And “me” is really “I.”

     Why did I actually say “you” to begin with…………………..? 

     Bad habits…


     A death wish…

     I don’t care……………………..I have woken up to the sounds of birds that sound like bells, bells that sound like hands, hands that are wrapping around my face this very inconceivably lovely moment………

     A sleep like this will make you start believing somebody out there loves you…

      Though, again, the “you” here is really “me.” 

This programmatic ontology leads to the invention of computers and intelligent instruments, and to the transformation of society into a cybernetic system composed of functionaries and apparatus. For programmers, man is a functionary to be programmed to live in a symbolic context. Man is a being that is to be symbolized, for example, enumerated. Men are cyphers to be inserted into several formal games, for example statistics or perforated cards. Although the post-industrial society has not yet been effectively realized, we can observe everywhere how it is emerging. And we already have its models: Eichmann as model functionary, Kissinger as model programmer, and Auschwitz as post-industrial society.
However, the programmers, these “new men,” have not yet become fully conscious of the ontology that sustains them. If we observe how they program, we will observe that they are not always aware that they are themselves programmed to program. The ontology that is dominating society functions, at the moment, only at the level of experience and has not yet been formalized. What is still missing for us is the equivalent of an Aristotle of the agrarian society and a Kant of the industrial society. What is urgent is to rethink the meaning of the term theory in this new context.

Vilém Flusser- Post-History