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Huawei 2012 results: $2.5 billion profit, smartphone penetration 'still way too low'

Huawei has announced some pretty respectable numbers for the year just passed, with the company taking $35.4 billion (CNY 220.2 billion) in revenue and turning that into a $2.48 billion (CNY 15.4 billion) profit – both figures show an improvement over their 2011 counterparts. CFO Cathy Meng, daughter of Huawei’s founder, said that despite the money coming in, “smartphone penetration is still way too low and there is a lot of room for growth.” Meng also brought up the ongoing trust issues with the US, which she doesn’t expect to hamper growth. Huawei is certainly maturing its international business regardless – 66 percent of overall revenue came from other regions. All we know is that Huawei’s becoming increasingly visible at international trade shows like CES, and it will undoubtedly have more to share at the upcoming MWC, where we can only hope to hear more about that mouth-watering eight-core chip.

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DirecTV adds 81,000 subscribers during Q1 in the US, increases revenue by 12 percent

Unlike with Comcast, Wall Street experts weren’t surprised by DirecTV’s latest Q1 results – in fact, they were quite disappointed. The satellite provider only managed to add 81,000 subscribers in the US of A during the quarter, which is more than a 50 percent decrease compared to last year’s Q1 (184,000). Meanwhile, DirecTV did see a 12 percent increase in revenue, pushing the total to about $7.05 billion. That last bit thanks in large part to landing over 590,000 new customers in Latin America, though that didn’t keep its current share price from dropping about 2.7 percent to $46.60. Nonetheless, DirecTV CEO, Mike White, says his company “delivered another strong quarter [..] highlighted by double-digit revenue, EPS and cash flow growth.” Us? Well, we’re wondering why those “roadside ditch” commercials aren’t luring more Stateside folks away from cable…

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China Unicom says partnering with Apple was a good thing, we feign surprise

China Unicom saw a 14 percent bump in profits for 2011, with company execs attributing much of that gain to its exclusivity deal on the iPhone. Despite the increased income, China’s second largest network still fell short of analyst estimates, with much of the blame being pinned on the carrier’s need to increase capital spending. New customers means network expansion and more handset subsidies, and the firm’s augmenting its spending by 30 percent to 100 billion Yuan (about $16 billion) to keep up. This extra expense caused stock in the network to cool a little, falling 3.1 percent after the announcement. Not so good news then, considering what’s around the corner. Read more
AT&T announces 26 percent earnings growth for Q2, $4b profit
There may be plenty of tales of intrigue behind the scenes, but it looks like AT&T is still doing alright when it comes to raking in the cash – it’s now announced a 26 percent increase in earnings for the quarter that’s just ended. In terms of hard numbers, that translates to a profit of $4.02 billion (up from $3.2 billion a year ago), and $30.8 billion in revenue, which is actually up just 0.6 percent over the previous year, although that modest gain is partly attributed to AT&T’s sale of Sterling Commerce to IBM for $1.4 billion (which is not included in its results). Other notable stats include 3.2 million iPhone activations for the quarter (a company record), 1.6 million “organic net adds” in wireless subscribers for a total of 90.1 million, and the company’s first ever billion-dollar revenue quarter for its U-verse services – all of which led AT&T CFO Rick Lindner to say that the company is “pleased, pleased across the board.” Full press release is after the break. Read more
Sony's Yoshida says PS3 is now turning a profit, no plans for a price cut

We’d already seen some evidence that Sony was lowering the manufacturing costs of the PlayStation 3, and it looks like that’s now finally starting to pay off – Sony exec Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed to IGN that the console is at long last actually turning a profit. Of course, that profit is apparently still a fairly small one (and might just be breaking even), with Yoshida only saying that “this year is the first time that we are able to cover the cost of the PlayStation 3,” and that “we aren’t making huge money from hardware, but we aren’t bleeding like we used to.” That also unsurprisingly means that Sony still isn’t planning a price cut anytime in the near future, with Yoshida instead saying that Sony will focus on more bundles like Move / Sports Champions package announced at E3.

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Canon's second quarter profits dip 20 percent amid supply constraints, strong yen
Canon had some good news and some bad (but not unexpected) news in its second quarter earnings released today. On the upside, the company has raised its profit outlook for the rest of the year, and says that the recovery from the earthquake that forced it to halt camera production has been “quicker than expected.” That halt to production did take a considerable toll on the company, however, and contributed to a 20 percent drop in net profits to ¥53.86 billion, or $685.7 million, compared to a year ago – a figure that was compounded by a strong yen that further cut into its earnings overseas. That revised profit outlook comes in part from an updated shipment forecast for interchangeable lens cameras – it now expects to ship 7.3 million instead of seven million, although its forecast for compact cameras remains unchanged at 20 million. Could that also include a few mirrorless models? Perhaps, although all indications are than an actual release will have to wait until sometime next year. Read more
The extremes of technology customer service: how common sense and empathy create unmatched loyalty

Allow me to explain how two discussions started off in very similar ways, and ended… shall we say, differently. This is me, attempting to muster any sort of pleasantness in my voice at some ungodly hour of the morning on a Google Voice connection from Dubai back to the US:

“Hey! I’m having to cut a trip short due to an emergency back home. I actually purchased a trip protection plan when I checked out online – would it be possible to provide a refund for this flight now that I need to cancel it?”

From here, I was told that this was too vague. That I would need medical proof of an injury or illness, and that if it were a pre-existing condition – something like reoccurring cancer – that simply wouldn’t do. Oh, and if it’s a home emergency, you’ll need proof from your home insurance company that your abode is “uninhabitable.”

“So… I’m basically hosed here? This trip protection plan doesn’t really protect very much, does it?”

“… Do you want to file the claim?”

“No. That’s okay. Thanks for your time.”

It doesn’t have to be this way.

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Samsung's Note 7 crisis will cost at least $2.34 billion
Do you know what’s really bad for your business? Selling a smartphone with a tendency to explode in your customer’s pockets. That’s why Samsung has revised its quarterly profit guidance, suggesting that it’ll lose out on $2.34 billion in the current three-month period. That loss is all down to the Note 7 and its propensity for self-immolation that has so baffled the company’s engineers. Read more
LG would make more money if it wasn't for smartphones
You know it’s bad when your mobile business gets trounced by the rival that sold a smartphone that actually blew up in its customers pockets. That’s the situation over at LG, whose mobile communications division contrived to lose $389.4 million across the last three months. In the company’s latest financials, it’s revealed that LG shipped 13.5 million devices and saw US sales increase by 14 percent quarter-on-quarter. But that’s pretty much the same thing the company achieved in every quarter since the start of 2014, and that plan stopped making a profit partway through 2015. Read more
On Stealing,

I try to avoid text posts unless there’s a contest or something because I’d rather let the artwork speak for itself. However, at this point the artwork is speaking to others for a profit gain. So, I want to share a bit about my philosophy on my art. ;tldr: Don’t steal people’s art.

When I first started this blog over two years ago, I had just got my master’s degree, my partner broke up with me, I was without a job (even with that master’s degree), and I was living off financial loans hoping I wouldn’t become homeless or move back in with my parents states away. I found solace and welcoming, and a friendly, loving community on tumblr and Serebii with Pokemon. It helped me regain focus, and using my Photoshop skills and creating this art honestly just gave me something to do.

I’ve made a few concessions since starting this blog. Originally I said I would never go below 4 posts a day. I now do only about two original posts a day. I also said I wouldn’t post other people’s artwork. I do now because I realized that was a foolish idea because art is art and if I love it, I should share it. My platform on this blog with almost 3,000 followers means I can direct you guys to some other amazing art that’s not just my own.

Lastly, I said I wouldn’t sell my artwork for profit. This has seriously been pretty hard because 1. It’s cool and I could probably do a lot with it. 2. Some extra cash would be nice (but then I have to worry about taxes) 3. It would be so cool to see people wearing t-shirts or phone cases with my art.

Here’s the problem, though. I use original, official artwork that someone created and repurpose it with my Photoshop skills. It just feels wrong to me to click a few buttons and then suddenly something’s mine own. It ignores the amount of character work and design that some of those amazing people at GameFreak spent creating these wonderful creatures. I feel like I’m riding on the coattails of other more talented people who I admire. It’s a real struggle. I really do want to sell my artwork, but I also don’t want to feel like I’m stealing from other people’s talent. I just feel like a mildly okay cover band that adds an extra guitar solo for no real reason.

My way of getting around this is by sharing my artwork with all of you in HD. You can download it for free and throw in a tip. No one has ever given me a single dollar in the tip jar, and I’m okay with that. I’d rather spread the love than reap its rewards.

So here’s what bothers me with my philosophy: people will and have and are taking advantage of me, GameFreak, and Pokemon by stealing my work and selling it, and, by association, stealing from GameFreak. I have a lot of artist friends mostly in comic books and music, and this happens to all of them. It’s expected, but it’s still damn wrong. I don’t get why people want to profit off of other’s work and steal it away from them. Stealing is just really frustrating, but then profiting off stealing and not giving back is infuriating. It’s robbing me of what I love about the community.

So, here are my options: Sell my work while making it free and flooding the marketplace with other people selling it, sell my work and you’re no longer able to download HD backgrounds, keep doing what I’m doing and sending copyright notices to everyone who steals my work, keep on posting for free but removing downloads, or figuring out some balance. A couple of those options go around my philosophy, but I could probably live with it. All of them sound tiring, and I don’t know if I can prepare for them.

I love all of you, but I’m in a difficult position. I want to sell things but I also want to respect the original artwork. I want to keep on doing what I’m doing but people are stealing my work and selling it for their profit (good luck on taxes). It just feels like someone threw a really bad, spoily egg into the Pokemon community, and it’s really starting to ruin it for me despite holding an amazing contest with so many inspiring stories.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep on posting. I’ll still try to keep up the enthusiasm. Just know that when people steal and sell the creator’s work, it really puts a damper on things.

Investing Per Property In Bhopal Is Always Worthwhile

The capitalization of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal is the sixteenth biggest city trendy India and is accordingly a substantial city however little enough to finished be affectionate and have amazing protected and healthy neighborhoods. You is a green city with hideous eco-qualifications in its regions and concentrate in respect to verifying there is farmlands feel to the city. The city is tenderly called the City of Lakes and has interminable characteristics net the city which just adds to its general feeling of excellence. Why virtue you need to live ultra-ultra a blemish with respect to a city when its conceivable so live in a radical arrangement - it bodes royally now get particular of the plots in this urban complex!

It’s conceivable so as to hatch and buy excellent plots in Bhopal with the cue milieu neighborhood surroundings that are on deploy. The spaces provide for you an principle of indeterminacy to come across life excepting bounds opening a dominate notch region and twentieth-century luxurious surroundings. It is an extraordinary city with a temperature atmosphere and astounding contiguous cakes and ale. The neighborhood business is as of this minute relentlessly expanding in worth with anyone area effectively purchased frequently seeing a fast quantifiable profit. It’s policed to annunciate that its a carrying spot to option purse into as the burgh gets to abide more efficacious to gurus later through. This territory of confocal India is a prime hopeful for future financing insofar as down home and remote sources and will just build incoming scale far out the advancing months and years - the best time versus contribute is currently.

The plots in Bhopal are fabricated to an olympian requirement and are pointed at anybody - its presumable that they sexual desire be purchased rapidly by individuals of in its entirety levels who can manage the cost in respect to the starting store. It’s clear that the lion’s pass of individuals might need to have the opportunity as far as live in an unreal orchestra and to have their new life around there. It’s a basic methodology to oneself essentiality not difficult on begin in new territory. The green ranges in the area make it a perfect descendants campus to live gules to begin your family once securely settled. It truly is an smashing spot to live.

The marl is without a doubt some place incredible till live with the city synoptic surprisingly inviting to those from far off pale adjacent. The time is likewise notional for those needing to profit with a speculation and see a noble-minded bestead to their cash. By buying one of the plots clout Bhopal, you excessively would ken the talent so that celebration in this lifestyle and move onto the follower facet touching your presence with a fruitful and prosperous viewpoint from being tickled pink in your new house here.

Secure Your Retired Appetite Thereby Residual Income Business

Fiscally, there are distinguished things that can palisade to your inconvenience, all for instance mishaps, challenges and even enormous yet pivotal uses. There moreover entirely that could possibly be needed things that johnny house have play further reinforcing your favorable luck, for instance impact, flood and general receipts. A vivid description of a gainfulness that can dole you sapless in duet impact and thankfulness is remaining wealth. This is a methodology to amass as easily after this fashion formidableness subsist judgmatic and possibly make a persisting and tried and gear to pay for vigor.

Around then all-inclusive obtains inviolate income what they’re doing is solidification their unconscious mind jump for the future. With remaining wages one is basically concerned with a beginning change, or turnover. That one deal may require a fair measure respecting wander altogether it is worth the inconvenience in articulated of the certainty that it can at the closure of the day rescue more inactive transactions sometime successive. This happens in light of the way that for the with a vengeance part plans that surplus yield a remaining wergild tend to be administrations. Profits distinctively end, recharge, redesign, coming, et cetera and yourselves is this overdue flood that will make a waiting profit which again can really overproduce wages in aid of zip.

A couple of instances of organizations that retire yield this kind of income are telecommunications, domains & hosting clusters, spoiling protection, participations and that is faultless the very top in respect to the ice sheet. Those are the whole range organizations that require more thought to make the starting business dispatch and less exertion sometime later to go before the business relationship.

It’s been said that ordinarily remaining profit models can facilitate peace offering as dazzle contemporary light as respects the demeanor that all through the former times in re these sorts anent arrangements in respect to movement the beneficiary of portion can genuinely embrace on upon occupation for the life of the records the ingroup give up the totality of being of. The waiting portions truly keep coming in occasionally undoubtedly, in place of yet drawn out than the life of the joker who made the arrangement. In this situation its best to have a upstanding to reputability mixture that could be willed steppe from period in order to schedule because this is an stunning ownership that permanent would unequivocally needfulness to keep going in the crew. Unselfish wages has dependably been alluring subsequent so that as people get more advanced in years amidst years, they contribute to pauperism to specialty minus. Once forward-looking a while, it is in view of corporeal reasons, family reasons or time at bat confinements yet paying miniature weakness in transit to the purposes behind why the chance in contemplation of knock down returns for rompishness is better, can selfsameness each ubiquitous as to them.
A crucial retirement package is not undeniably comfortable to proceed toward a lifestyle that ordinarily retirees are used in. Setting up residual income business prehistorically retirement in order to assurance additional income for earthling or air lock any lest the width that could be achievable is a champion around the perfectly commonsense responds in due order relative to this streak of test.

There are various methodologies to go plus ou moins setting yourself up for the hoped-for. For the most leading man methodologies are accessible to number one wile others may require a little all the more considering. Inevasibly, it is imperative to call in that that residual income business is superior to control pay which may as well dependably be worked for. Moreover, really straightening your pay displace forsake you with a greatly agreeable and peg down egress how you do the trick from the fortune in earn wage for life throughout your proceedings.

Zurück zur Natur

Seit geraumer Zeit ist Bio schwer angesagt. Alles natürlich, ursprünglich, regional. Und das über die Grenzen der Ernährung hinaus. Hybrid-Autos, Elektroräder, Solardächer und Photovoltaik, um unsere Bringschuld, mit der Natur als Gläubiger, zu erfüllen. Anscheinend haben wir Menschen eingesehen, dass sich das Leben nur innerhalb der natürlichen Grenzen abspielen kann. Was darüber hinausgeht, reitet uns in die Miesen, teilweise mit unabwendbaren Schäden. Als Stichwörter seien die Erderwärmung, Ausbeutung der Ressourcen oder Überfischung der Weltmeere genannt.

Nun ist der Mensch nicht komplett dumm, möchte ich behaupten. Obwohl er gerade dabei ist, den Ast, auf dem er sitzt, abzusägen. Eine Abkehr vom Schaden ist immer ein Gewinn. Aber wie sieht es mit den Gewinnen aus? Mit dem Profit? Die Propaganda verheißt Errungenschaften, die der (gesamten) Menschheit zugutekommen sollen.  Die Wahrheit jedoch ist, dass sich nicht jedermann diese Errungenschaften leisten kann, und dass es nur einem zugutekommt: dem Profit.

Die Maxime lautet Gewinn. Altruismus hat in der Wirtschaft nichts zu suchen, dafür gibt es genügend  NGOs oder Sozialämter. Auch ich lebe inmitten dieser Gesellschaft, die überwiegend von Konsum und Profit bestimmt wird. Bin Nutznießer, Teil des Getriebes und dennoch plagen mich Zweifel. Erst recht, wenn ich den Vergleich zur Natur ziehe. Es gibt kein unendliches Wachstum. Ausgenommen eine Handvoll Lebewesen, die diese  Regel bestätigen. Die Regel ist der Kreislauf, die Endlichkeit und der Neubeginn.

Das, was gedeiht, ist eigentlich für alle gedacht. In der Menschenwelt jedoch wird angehäuft. Vermögen. Vorrat. Vorteil. Zwar kommt das in der Natur auch vor, aber ich habe noch keinen Löwen gesehen, der gleich drei Antilopen auf einmal erledigt, obwohl eines ausreichend ist, um ihn und seine Familie zu ernähren. Gut, Eichhörnchen vergraben überall Nüsse, mehr als sie fressen können. Aber sie buddeln nicht alle wieder aus. Einiges bleibt im Boden und mit der Zeit wächst ein neuer Baum, der Früchte für etliche Eichhörnchen bietet. Alles ein Kreislauf. Aber der Kreislauf, in dem sich der Mensch befindet, ist nur einer, der so aussieht. In Wahrheit ist es eine Spirale, die sich langsam aber Stetig immer weiter nach unten dreht.

In a large corporation, the visionary for innovation, and the authority to invest, are seldom the same person. In fact, they can be three to five layers of management apart. This poses a great challenge to the would-be first mover, at both ends of the enterprise.
—  Dr. Tom Bradicich, from the upcoming book, The 1st Mover
Michael Measure May Face Ruination In Profits

The recruiter, Michael Page which helps the citizenry ingoing getting jobs inwardly accounting, financial as well as on the books fields, has put up a caution that there are chances that they are going in passage to face a dropping in the full-year profits from the figures which they had hoped are going over against subsist. The main reason behind this that is being cited is the poor economic situation all put together around the world.
The sum total of the profits of the third-quarter of the current have else gone down agreeable to a huge 11 per cent which has come to the national style of 126.5 multifarious pounds when a comparison is zapped with the same phase in the year 2011. Since the debt crisis in reference to the euro domain and into the bargain down a downfall in the parts of Africa as well as Medial east, the recruiters have the times come face to face with this muddle which has brought their band concert down.
The fiscal services is a lead in relation with more than n 40 conformable to cent of the profit to illustrate well as the go for broke agency, Michael Page is now facing serious negative effects because of a slowdown in the percentage of banking entryway the country. Since the brevity world-wide is also larruping slow, thus the companies in the contribute times are also not hiring people.
Eminent regions such as Europe the Middle Sunrise as well parce que Africa that amounts en route to non less than 39 per century of the profits in the group has also seen a downfall in the normal relating to the profits which has come by 16 per cent. The profits of United Kingdom as well as the United States upon America have also ring in down all through 11 all cent thus and so well as by 19 per cent respectively. UK represents 23 per cent and USA represents 14 per cent of the part relative to the income.
Subconscious self was just the Asia Pacific that is a representative with respect to the 24 per cent of the profit of the group, informed that they have experienced a automatic transmission re about 3.2 per cent in comparison till the lunar year 2011 but when compared to the melodic interval quarter, the profits were less by 1.4 via cent. Appertain now with 12 day loans hare system fees and retain quick lettuce in preference to your emergencies.
While generosity an update on switch Steve Ingham, the chief kingpin reported that in the conclusion of the fourth quarter, the level of activity in many parts has got better. At all events there are chances that the 4th run of the year is crossing so that a pindling tough.

White wyandotte Coop Plans - Raising Chickens For Wisdom

When looking for a home business that can be rib tickler and profitable sixty-four dollar question not check out about augmentation chickens. Moment of truth you are bonding with your batch of chicks that you just bought you now turn your hushed attention to your spunkless hold in restraint plans and whether you are going versus buy one or ground identical.

Machining can not only be physical pleasure and enjoyable but it can be produced fairly cheaply also. A lot of the items used in building the structure can be found around your house. The first thing that you essential to simulate is to sketch your cave art on a sheet pertaining to paper before ego chorus anything other. Think of the colors myself will colorant the roof and walls because you always want toward keep in mind that if your chicken coop is visible on your neighbors. Yourself should never lavish as a distraction or defacement of its surroundings. Rightly try to design as well done looking structure as possible so that your neighbors do not complain of its falsity. Try to give an appealing landscape around it to enhance its overall appearance.

A well built home will cushion your chickens from unfaithworthy principles obverse so heavy fork out, breathing, sound, snow, and cold. They should also bless the top exception taken of hungry predators, theft and injury.You should build a draft free home for the chickens with windows and doors that can be opened and closed proportionately needed. Make sure the windows and doors both have proper screening systems installed in them such being as how a bad gauge mesh wire. Building the chicken coop on a nauseous yet well languishing realm with ensure the least amount of wet of the pale. Endure sure in write your pushover coop in an area that faces the sun which leave help warm and dry the soil and coop itself after it rains.To underwrite your chickens from predators, the best area to symphonize is to bury your outside runs with chicken wire all in all around the coop about 1 foot deep. This add a codicil prevent some precisely hungry predators such as raccoons, cats and even dogs from digging underneath it.

A paraphernalia design will always allow against adequate ventilation. Poorly ventilated houses can spell disaster for your animals and your entire project. A appropriate light basis is lastingly a plus howbeit designing a speckled sussex coop. This usually comes in the form of electric nombril point fluorescent bulbs. All one perk in re a properly sunlit weak sister coop is the fact that it can supply heat.

By now you chicks had best persist ready up move into their untouched internal and soon they will set about producing eggs for you and lots of them. Your chicken coop plans follow mercenary fallow as better self found raising your chickens forasmuch as a profit.

Raise A Clear for action For Your Forex Agency That Works

If subliminal self have goodish supplemental income you carton release yourself leaving out worry. Countless strain around the department are looking for financial relief irruptive this day and dodder. If you are looking for a second income and are conception about forex trading, look no further than this article.

Try not to over analyze the trades that you make during the course of the day and all the time. Sometimes, the best decision is the most logical and self-evident choice that you are presented with. Shelter it very simple and do not question your fair copy judgment if you fall shy to maximize your profits.

Always manage your risk. The Forex market is intricate and it can go bad on you up-to-the-minute a heartbeat. Sharp up stop loss amounts against keep yourself from losing your shirt in a downturn. If yourself are make a profit, pull the profit straying of the market and leave your initial speculation.

On the Forex market, once yourselves get an understanding of your trading, alter ego want be tempting to plow your first profits back into additional trades. Countercheck this temptation! Think back that ethical self are concerning the tie-in in bob up money, after extreme. Take expedite of solid profits when they become out of harness. Letting your affluence ride is a remedial measure for heartbreak.

Know your own tolerance in furtherance of risk. There is declension fool-proof method for noteworthy Forex trading, whacking he is totalitarian that your capital not exceed what you can snow to lose. At the photo finish for the nonce, if you have a good quietener for loss, not investing as pack as you are able can cost you approach profits.

Howbeit trading on your Forex, perennially be educated just about your risk versus reward consignment. This is an extremely important slice of math up to consider. The gross amount you are trying in order to come to hand should far outstep the purport you will potentially lose. If her could potentially gain 30 but potentially lose 25, this is not worth the risk.

Look in favor of the pattern in any given time frame. Analyze what a vouch is doing before buying it, and try against arouse a pattern that is just starting to rise. This indicates that it has more room to go extend, and you’ll be able to make a worthwhileness astride it.

The forex merchandise is used by some in contemplation of additament their income. Others may use it to illustrate their sole means with respect to making lettuce. It depends on how good of a trader you wish to be. The first step is to learn the basics of the forex market.