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Brainstorming in your life can help you be a better .

Directions for Professional Social Matching Systems | February 2020 | Communications of the ACM

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Aquí estoy haciendo mi fav trabajo: PIERCINGS DE CUERPO ❤️❤️❤️❤️ (mensaje o text DES @ Piercings by DES!) ESTAMOS ABIERTOS

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After 35 years on this Earth I still wish I was 100-percent confident in my own skin. It’s been an ongoing process, but with getting older it always is, but I’ve become more confident with time. I have a great curiosity to see new things, but not to own them; and I think it’s peaceful that way. Enjoying life and forging a legacy but in all honesty sometimes I want to give in and just close my eyes and not wake up, but I heard if you’re not getting older, you’re dead. And I still have way too much to accomplish and many promises to keep, so I will not close my eyes and give up because there are many miles to go before I sleep … . .


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Sneak Preview of Very Superstitious with George Lopez Curses 🤬 I Am A Professsional Holistic Healer That Does A psychic self protection egg 🥚 cleansing ritual very Fun Episode 🥰On A & E I Don’t Own A TV 📺 or Cable Shout Out 2 My Next Door Neighbor 4 Let’n Me Check it Out & Tape it Much GRATITUDE 4 All U That Have Cable & Watch TV 📺 U Can Find The Show On A&E & Search The Episode Curses 🤬 #verysuperstitious #with #georgelopez #on #cable #a #and #e #episode #curses #with #queengoddess #professional #holistichealer #miami #eggcleansingritual #grateful #gratitude #thx #for #watching #onelove (at Happy 2BE Nappy)

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Every #therapist #doctor #professional nightmare - loving this from Happy Hump Day

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