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Mel Feller MPA, MHR, Looks at Customer Truths in Business

Mel Feller MPA, MHR, Looks at Customer Truths in Business

Mel is the President/Founder of Mel Feller Seminars with Coaching for Success 360, Inc. and Mel Feller MPA, MHR, Coaching.  Mel Feller a Texas- Utah Innovator and Business Leader.  Mel Fell has offices in Texas and in Utah.  Currently an MBA Candidate.


The truth, which I stumbled across by researching mine own and my competitors businesses, is that customers are not demonstrating loyal behavior when they buy the same products repeatedly. People are returning to a product because the buying process is simple and automatic, and they have not yet encountered a reason not to purchase it.


Therefore, if its good experiences that keep customers “dedicated” and bad experiences that push them away.  Then what you define and say about your product or service matters, but not more than the involvement, it delivers. Then once you get your foot in the door, the rest is about keeping that door open for repeat customers.


Here is a staggering statistic according to a study by Deloitte, 89% of customers in the United States and the European Union stated that customers make decisions based on their customer experience ahead of both price and product.


Therefore, it is not just about promising the lowest prices or extravagant features, or even saying and doing absolutely anything to sell the product or the service.  It is not even about convincing existing customers to keep purchasing your product or service repeatedly. The bottom line is that we know that they already want to do this.   Thus, it is about educating your marketing message in reality, trusting your product and delivering the strict customer experience your customers expect.


The bottom line is that customers always need more, and at the best possible price. Customers want these things, but, most notability, not at the expense of a great experience.


Therefore, if any part of your experience fails to meet the customer’s expectations you set up for your customers in any of the sales process, they will view it as a poor experience. Breaking any, part of a promise, even one small expectation, is still breaking a promise in their mind. Moreover, broken promises never make customers happy.


Moreover, People seek a wide array of benefits when they are in a buying mindset. If you are communicating any one of those benefits to the people who want them this very instant, you have virtually made the sale. People do not buy because marketing is clever, but because marketing strikes a responsive chord in the mind of the prospect, and its resonance makes that person want the advantages of what you are selling.

Your customers do not buy because they are being marketed or sold. Instead, they buy because you help them realize the merits of owning what you offer.


Every educated entrepreneur or business owner knows this. Nevertheless, the truth is that people do not always buy benefits. They buy a whole lot more:


They buy promises you make. So make them with care.

They buy the promises they want personally fulfilled.

They buy your credibility or do not buy if you lack it.

They buy solutions to their problems.

They buy you, your employees, and your service department.

They buy wealth, safety, success, security, love and acceptance.

They buy your guarantee, reputation and good name.

They buy other people’s opinions of your business.

They buy expectations based upon your marketing.

They buy believable claims, not simply honest claims.

They buy hope for their own and their company’s future.

They buy brand names over strange names.

They buy the consistency they have seen you exhibit.

They buy the stature of the media in which you market.

They buy the professionalism of your marketing materials.

They buy value, which is not the same as price.

They buy selection and often the best of your selection.

They buy freedom from risk, granted by your warranty.

They buy acceptance by others of your goods or services.

They buy certainty.

They buy convenience in buying, paying and lots more.

They buy respect for their own ideas and personality.

They buy your identity as conveyed by your marketing.

They buy style – just the kind that fits their own style.

They buy neatness and assume that is how you do business.

They buy easy access to information about you, offered by your website.

They buy honesty for one dishonest word means no sale.

They buy comfort, offerings that fit their comfort zone.

They buy success; your success can fit with theirs.

They buy good taste and know it from bad taste.

They buy instant gratification and do not love to wait.

They buy the confidence you display in your own business.


It’s also important to know what customers do not buy: fancy adjectives, exaggerated claims, clever headlines, special effects, marketing that screams, marketing that even hints at amateurishness, the lowest price anything, unproven items, or dazzling graphics that get in the way of the message.


They also do not buy humor that hides benefits, offerings signaled by unreadable type, poor grammar or misspelled words, salespeople who do not listen, or things they do not fully understand or trust.


Therefore, the best-proven marketing of all involves prospects and informs customers. It builds confidence and invites a purchase. Best and unique of all people get it!   That is why knowing the truth about them will help you to stand apart from your competitors and shine in the minds of your prospects and customers.


Mel Feller, MPA, MHR, is a well-known real estate, business consultant, personal development consultant and speaker, specializing in performance, productivity, and profits. Mel is the President/Founder of Mel Feller Seminars with Coaching For Success 360, Inc. and Mel Feller Coaching, a real estate and business specific coaching company. His three books for real estate professionals are systems on how to become an exceptional sales performer. His four books in Business and Government Grants are ways to leverage and increase your business Success in both time and money! His book on Personal Development “Lies that Will Sabotage Your Success”. Mel Feller is in Texas and In Utah.

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We carry the bi-monthly MAD Magazine – the next issue of which is scheduled for release on Feb. 20th – and also have several older back-issues of the magazine, yes. If you would like us to hold a copy of the next issue for you, or to sign up for a regular subscription to the title, just give us a call at the store of your preference and we’ll be happy to hold one for you.