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Dash International is one of the best in . We offer a wide range of like Machine, & Billing , & , System etc. Visit Here:- Call- 9870270646

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Have you found other ways to expand your Information Technology products and services? Grow your business with us! Dial +65 3159.1112 to speak with our Marketing Consultant. You can also visit us @

Avon Is still A Thriving Company..:) If you are serious about wanting to work from home you can have a look here: *Message Me* *Canada & USA*

The perfect gift for hardworking hands. Buy a One Veda Hand Cream for a friend and we will donate one to a cancer patient undergoing treatment. Visit our online store today:

We are proud to be named among the 2018 Appealie Awards nominees for the Overall SaaS Award. The Appealie Awards showcase exciting SaaS that deliver innovative solutions to business challenges. Learn more about Eventerprise here:

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Have your guys check out Shea Butter Like Whoa?!?!? My favorite is the PINK Passion 😍😍!! Sign up for the news letter to receive updates about special pricing!!

Este Jueves 15/11 no puedes dejar pasar nuestra Videoconferencia ❗ Descubrirás nuevas formas de emprender y conocerás más de nuestros productos, solo tienes que ingresar a nuestro Facebook Live a las 8:00pm (Hora Este)

Our LED bulbs, solar energy PV systems and fire alarm systems help you to become more smart and efficient in your everyday life. Sustainergy got the best solutions to all you energy problems.

In , it is important to make sure that the & that you offer are beneficial to your ideal . If things have slowed down, do a quick scan to see if your items are outdated or no longer relevant to who you are trying to attract. #kacywrites#quote

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NCT127 “REGULATE” Repackaged Album PH GO

Hello! We are accepting pre-orders of NCT127’s repackaged album, “Regulate”


10 different album covers  
*no details released yet but we’re assuming it is individual member cover
**you can choose your member cover/s

(Includes ALL other fees needed to be paid before the albums arrive in Manila except for local SF)

- FAST ETA : Php 1000 per member cover
- NORMAL ETA : Php 800 per member cover


- FAST ETA : November 15 until there are slots available (VERY LIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE)
- NORMAL ETA : November 15 until December 1or until there are slots available


- FAST ETA : Week of December 3
- NORMAL ETA : 2nd week to 3rd week of December

Click link below for more details and to order:


Hello! We are accepting very limited orders of Wanna One “Power of Destiny” Album


1. Adventure
2. Romance
3. Kinho

Php 850 for Adventure or Romance version. Php1200 for Kinho version
(Includes ALL other fees needed to be paid before the albums arrive in Manila except for local SF)

PAYMENT DEADLINE: November 23, 2018, 5PM only

ETA OF ALBUMS IN PH: Week of December 3

Click link below for more details and to order:

Eve Audio TS110 (10″ Subwoofer) | 監聽喇叭 | studio monitoring speakers | products - Mic18 Catalog | 產品目錄

<特點> TS110是使用一個高效的250W PWM功放來驅動一個8寸低音單元。可保證頻響下潛到23Hz,最高達到150Hz,最大聲壓級為108dB(SPL@1m)。 可滿足絕大多數情況下的需要。 <更多資料> 我們所有的超低音箱都具有功率強勁、聲音還原精準及低失真等特性,這些也是EVE Audio監聽音箱的標誌。為了

JK 電動玻纖幕HD-200 MKⅢ ST | projector screen | JK | products - Mic18 Catalog | 產品目錄

電動玻纖幕HD-200 MKⅢ ST JK靜音同步電機 鋼琴漆外殼 第三代美國高清玻纖幕 最新HD-200 MKⅢ ST堅持了HD-100ST一貫的高性價比路線、並延承了JK所有家用銀幕採用美國進口幕布的特點,在銀幕靜音技術上的優勢,與老款相比,在外型與品質上得到全面升級

Mipro X-100 雙頻道自動選訊接收機 | Mipro | products - Mic18 Catalog | 產品目錄

主要特點:1、採用電子式按鍵面板,具有操作鎖定功能防止誤動作。2、裝配主動式發光、沒有視角、深具魅力的彩色VFD 顯示器,首創單頁同時監視全部動作訊息。待機時VFD 會自動降低亮度,收到訊號或操作時自動變亮,以識別「工作」與「待機」頻道。3、內建兩個接收頻道,各預設6 個群組,每一群組各預設8 個互不干擾頻率,具有Au

JK 慢力玻纖幕HD-3 MKⅡ CSR | projector screen | JK | products - Mic18 Catalog | 產品目錄

慢力玻纖幕HD-3 MKⅡ CSR 減速定位器 鉑鋁合金外殼 第二代美國高清玻纖幕 將尖端科技運用到HD-CSR,開創性的專利減速定位器使得操控更為精準自由,以嚴謹創新科技帶來無限激情。HD-CSR採用了國際名師的外型設計,鉑鋁材質的光滑表面,優美流暢的線條,猶如一件藝術品

JK 電動拉繩透聲幕HD-F2 MKⅢ ST | projector screen | JK | products - Mic18 Catalog | 產品目錄

電動拉繩透聲幕HD-F2 MKⅢ ST JK靜音管狀電機 鉑鋁合金鈦外殼 第三代美國納米高清透聲幕 HD-F2 MKⅢ ST 在外形和幕料上的搭配、特點演繹得恰到好處;當然具備了獨步當前高級家用幕市場的強勁實力


I’m on a whirlwind of emotions making myself my #christmastree this year 😱😱😱

@Regran_ed from @d.signers_in - Amazing installation piece!
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“Descension” by Anish Kapoor
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