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Start this Monday putting your ideas and projects to the test 👊 . .

"Si vous ne vendez pas, ce n’est pas le produit qui est mauvais, c’est vous." Estée Lauder

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“For companies that do it right, is a way to learn who customers are, what they want and what motivates them to either stick around or go to a competitor” - Pragmatic's CEO Phil Alexander on the intersection of &

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As a new , there will always be tons of ideas. Here's a way to prioritise your features, divide all your ideas into "Pain killers, Vitamins& Candy" Then, categorize all into gains or pains.

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“The end of project management? IT as a discipline has been around for many years. However, is it relevant in the age of digital products? Or can it become a valuable adjunct to IT digital ?”

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