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"With only one client I sat staring at my empty inbox, it’s midday and the deafening sound of a silent flat is mocking me..." Read our latest blog on "The mental cost of working for yourself — and how to survive it." here!

Noise can impact our in different ways, so how do you keep everyone happy in an open plan ? While one person might need silence to focus another may prefer a buzzier atmosphere. Contact our design team for your personalised moodboard >>

Around this time last year joined us to sign the AGP Supply Chain Competitiveness Charter. This shows our commitment to work together to raise & competitiveness; building on our years of SC21 programme success.

The new carbide-tipped circular allow up to twice as many cuts with a single battery charge making work more & . benefit from a wide range that saves both time and money.

With drill head, SDS max-8X 4-cutter proves itself in : Philip Engelhardt from is impressed: "The drill goes through without any pressure at all."

Drafts 5 is the Swiss Army knife of text as it offers total flexibility. I use it constantly and you can hear all about it here

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The Differences Between Busy People and Productive People 🌈🦄 "The quest to be more effective at work has hatched many misconceptions about what having a productive workday really means." 🌈🦄 advice from (via )

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Tener muchos objetivos es igual a no tener ninguno. Si realmente quieres enfocarte, no fijes más de 2-3 .

RT : What it takes to be a good Project Manager⠀ ⠀ A great gamification project manager in action⠀ ⠀ The needs for business to continually raise levels means the balance between project meetings, system upd…

This is an interesting one. Do you like to work with music on? (We do!) Or do you prefer quiet? Here's how affects your

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~ Working on my thesis in the library today

wallpaper: @emmastudies

today’s achievements! 📌

inspired by @nelastudies !!

- woke up an hour earlier than usual to smash out half an essay 🌅

- went to a leadership meeting and organised upcoming events

- applied for 4 jobs

- rewrote notes

- started rewriting a practice test in prep for next monday!

- joined an hour long online class

- ate all 3 meals, all of them meeting my dietary needs 🥑

essentially, i got shit done

100 Days of Productivity

Not my most productive day, but I got more done than I thought I would!

Woke up: 9:45
Took the dog on a 3 mile walk
Dealt with some emails
Did a super helpful SEO course for work
Wrote 75% of a new blog post
In bed: 1am

I’m hoping I get more done tomorrow. It’s been a stressful couple of days, and that’s keeping my productivity and mood kinda low. Definitely looking forward to therapy next week <3

plans for tomorrow (3.21.19)

-wake up at 5am

-morning pages/update bujo/coffee breakfast

-cuddle with my doggos

-bro on the bus around 8am

-vlog throughout the morning/afternoon

-film a couple videos that are going up during my spring break

-work: 11:30am-1:10pm



011/100 Days of Productivity

Today I went to tutor my cousin which went pretty smoothly. She definitely knows her stuff!

After tutoring we had to practice the piano and she kind of resisted by saying “I don’t want to” cuz girl same!! What a mood! So we had a chat about how growing up comes with doing things we don’t want to do. She practiced and we had a day full of fun!

“The only thing I love more than you is knowledge.”

Finally home in Suzhou. I always feel more productive in my mini “classroom” than in a hotel room. The to-do list for today includes: ▪️reading for my compositional writing class ▪️busting out a first draft for my reaction paper due for psychology ▪️maybe if I have time I’ll get back into studying Chinese

day 1/100; days of productivity

self care & revision to ease into it! i screwed up my essay for this topic, so i’ve been revising where i went wrong so i can improve over the next few months. the last few days have been pretty rough - i managed to switch off my brain for an afternoon and dedicate it to self care.

subject: literature

book: cat on a hot tin roof - tennessee williams

music: old bones - wet

Notes on streams!

I’m excited for a quite large commission I’ll be doing soon. I plan to put this money towards some things for college as well as towards getting on Testosterone

I did it y'all

Finished the first 3 pages in a little over 45 minutes, then kept at it and finished all 6 pages of notes that I needed to catch up on.

We’re doing les phrases hypothétique, which I forgot about from high school and actually love, they feel like a math problem.

I still have a psych module to do tonight, but I’m proud of how productive I’ve been so far today.

50 days left for my IFOM exam


I really just want to sleep but you know how things go; everything requires sacrifices. And i really love being an achiever. THUS I THRIVE!

Quick tip; studying on your bad isn’t that bad. You just have to get used to it.

❀ 3/100 days of productivity ❀

Mostly my day was pretty calm and peaceful

But I really need to take control of my sleeping time:( 💫

Today I have :

❀ read my notes for Special Pedagogy and Speech Therapy (I need to know How do it properly)

❀ worked with English vocabulary flash-cards

❀ taken mini-note for Speech Therapy subject

❀ written some exercises for Ukrainian subject

❀ been on course for camp counselors

Yeah, it was a nice day ☀️

- no sugar day 1/5

days of productivity [53/100]

Today was such beautiful weather i had to go out for a walk without my phone and just relax for a bit. When i got home again i made a pattern for the backpack i wamt to sew. In the evening i also did my homework and read for a bit, which I’m going to continue now.