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Another version of my . Slightly gentler .

With the following year very close by, it’s becoming easier for industry experts to predict the trends that will dominate the manufacturing industry in 2020 and beyond. Read more:

In India, Fibre Cement industry strictly follows the specifications of Bureau of Indian Standards for the manufacturing of Fibre Cement products. . .

“Cha Bu Duo” illustrates the difference in the way Chinese manufacturers and their western clients view product quality. Find out more here via

If it seems like the only thing we do is make candles🕯️'s because it's true! 😂 Thanks for keeping us busy in the production room this holiday season! 🎁

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fuck wit cha boy☺️🤘🏾


509-REVIEW DIGITAL CLOCK MODEL:3121A-PVC นาฬิกาดิจิตอลขนาดใหญ๋พร้อมบอกว…



OUR CLIENTS INCL: AN POST, RED CROSS, VOGUE (USA), VODAFONE, NIKE, GUINNESS, JAMESON, SELF SERVICE AND MANY MORE We offer full service production services to film , tv, commercials & photography on the Island of Ireland. Established since June 2000, our principle goal is to offer a cost effective means of producing Print, Commercials, Film & Television in Ireland. We have also produced numerous projects overseas including; USA (NY, Boston , LA, Montana), UK , Spain and France. We will cater for all your production requirements from Casting to Craft Service, Equipment Hire to Accommodation, Location Scouting to Management, we make it our business to look after you. Services include, but are not limited to, research; consulting; production management and coordination; budgeting; scheduling; negotiating contracts; casting; location research, scouting and management; handling of permits and insurance; hiring of crew renting studios and equipment; arranging catering; organizing travel itineraries and ground transportation/logistics; and final invoicing.

Week 11 - 02/12/19, Week 12 - 09/12/19

From this week on, I did my final bits of recording and did the final touches to my two tracks. I worked on this up until the deadline and also finished typing up my blogs and added some extra points I’d forgotten along the way. I used the grasso rooms to capture any extra sounds but mostly worked on my projects from home. I’ve really enjoyed this unit and utilizing hardware more as a producer. I find that I’m mostly using software in my personal work so this has been a big change and has been really interesting learning new techniques and production processes. I’ve also been able to work as a team which I have enjoyed too. I’ve learnt so much more about modular systems and esoteric techniques which have been really exciting to learn about, I believe that with a bit more time, my projects could have been higher quality and I would have been able to include more sounds and recordings to widen and thicken the songs even more, creating a better quality overall result but am happy with how they have turned out.

Week 10 - 25/11/19

This week was project development week. I went straight into the studio today and did some recording and capturing of sounds for my songs. I used the Korg Volca set up today including the Volca FM, Keys, Bass and Beats. I had a lot of fun using these and having a jam with them and got some good quality and useful bits of audio for use in my projects. I was able to create some powerful basslines and beat patterns which I have used in my work. I connected them from the headphone ports into the inputs on the Allen and Heath mixer and daisy-chained them together so that they were in sync. This was really fun and I will definitely be using them in the future. The only downside was the amount of time I had. If given longer, I would have captured more clips and loops for my productions.
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Currently working on a New Remix. “Lie” by @lukasgraham

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I am a little bit of a freak when it comes to time efficiency. Here is a tip that you can apply to both your work production and your workout. Double tap if you already do this. #workout #workoutmotivation #workoutroutine #time #timeefficient #producer #production #motivation #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurs #ceo #ceomindset #growth #growthmindset (at Anytime Fitness - Middletown RI)

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Doctor Who premiering on New Year’s day, and then having the live event in Paley Center and Fathom Events, could be the reason why BBC delayed the airdate announcements.

They had to secure both (on the other end of the pond, I so hope BBC also does something nice for the UK Whovians) Paley and Fathom Events. Also, it looks like they’re folding the specials into the season, which honestly works for me.

I didn’t love BBC trying to separate the Specials from the seasons when they clearly worked as epilogues/codas of the season.

So this could mean, starting 2020, Doctor Who will start airing on the first quarter of the year and begin production around April or May.

Again, this big push in the US could also be because of the deal with HBO Max. We can’t underestimate how much HBO Max is going to sink into BBC Studios to make up Doctor Who’s budget.

Doctor Who is BBC’s biggest earners but DW gets only a small percentage back since BBC gives away most of the money to other “prestige” productions.

Also, I feel kind of vindicated that Doctor Who will be returning on Sundays. As much as hardcore fans want it back on Saturday, it is a numbers game.

DW did well on a Sunday, back when Doctor Who was on Saturday Strictly Come Dancing was slowly killing the show because it kept the schedule inconsistent.

Plus judging from His Dark Materials, that time slot is now primetime, and Doctor Who will take over the once HDM goes on hiatus.


🔥Friday mood in the empire🔥 We got so much creative juices flowing out right now! How’s everyone else spending their Friday?!

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Bom, é como eu sempre digo: se é pra testar microfone novo, que seja com um clássico. 😉😉😉
Eu cantando um trecho da Perfect Stranger do Deep Purple pra testar o novo equipamento.

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In studio w/ @itsjonnyd // Song ID: Voyage by Jonny D [@t16studios🎚🎛]
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