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Target has launched its own food and beverage brand, Good & Gather, By the end of 2020 the brand is to include more than 2,00 products.

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Well, I got pretty damn close. This is the first, of hopefully many, #chefseax coming from me in the next few months. It’s inspired by the #seax and recent work of @owenbushbladesmith and it heavily suggested I try it by @maumasifirearts … so far I am liking it. It’s forged from a bar of @peterburtknives #wootz (honest moment - I messed up at least half the bar on wootz learning curve).
#thepxsmith #joshaweston #forgedinfire #viking #seaxy #forged #blacksmith #chefs #chefsknife #anvil #letsgethammered #hotwork #productdesign #productdevelopment (at Pixel Smith - Josh A. Weston)

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