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tip 💡 Predicting what your product needs in the future is extraordinarily hard. Only implement decisions enough to fit the current need.

👋 Oh hi, I'll be here every day 4-8am CST Here's a lesson. If you want to be something, do it every day. It's that simple.

when you’re passionate about something it shows in your work. We’re committed to both on car journeys & in the home. This is why we lead the way on child restraint products

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Sankaka server looking extra spicy in the new at The Glen Shopping Centre. 🌶⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ Email us at⁣ .⁣ 📷: Malan Kotze Photography for Reddeco .

Garmin needs a Senior Industrial Designer As a leading, worldwide provider of navigation, Garmin is committed to making superior products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and sports that are an essential part of their customers’ lives. With a…

"Minify Your SVGs". Useful HowTo reference article/tutorial from for reducing SVG size for load time optimization.

At team human we mix design thinking, engineering & strategy to make products. Talk to us today to see how we can bring your project to life.

Just 3 days until : Unpacking at HQ! This event is for aspiring and existing Product Designers looking for some career and skill clarity. How do you become a Product Designer and rock your job? Tickets here:

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Product Design: Axor MyEdition - Google Search


Well, I got pretty damn close. This is the first, of hopefully many, #chefseax coming from me in the next few months. It’s inspired by the #seax and recent work of @owenbushbladesmith and it heavily suggested I try it by @maumasifirearts … so far I am liking it. It’s forged from a bar of @peterburtknives #wootz (honest moment - I messed up at least half the bar on wootz learning curve).
#thepxsmith #joshaweston #forgedinfire #viking #seaxy #forged #blacksmith #chefs #chefsknife #anvil #letsgethammered #hotwork #productdesign #productdevelopment (at Pixel Smith - Josh A. Weston)

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Product Designs: Sony S5100 Blu-ray Player // Al fin un diseño futurista adhoc con la tecnología de @SonyStore #Gadget #sony S5100 Blu-ray Player // Al fin un diseño futurista adhoc con la tecnología de @SonyStore #Gadgets


VR/AR Menu Interaction Pattern


This is a part of my exploration series for VR/AR menu interaction pattern.
I thought I would be interesting to make a spatial reference to an item sequence and to get rid of duplication a selected item in a display field and a list of items as usually it is when we use a dropdown (in this case, we should duplicate the selected item to keep a consistency of a list order).
This interaction implies that a user can use swipe up/down gestures. The arrows suggest in which direction this type of interaction possible.

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