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Bir çizimi 🖊

Its meaning can only be understood in portuguese (and it’s not guaranteed...) So, go find yourself a Portuguese friend and have a good chat about it 😉 (This was a quick experience with the new procreate app text functionality)

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“温情时刻” This piece is inspired by a photo from a college friend. His son is super cute. I am really happy that his life is full of happiness. 😊🙌⭐️ .

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絵を描くのにはまったけど公表する場所ないからここに投下する 齋藤飛鳥に見えるかな 何かが違うんだよなー

“Red Moon” Finally finished this piece with . Tried different color palettes. You can check the gouache version in the previous post. Hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do. 😊🙌⭐️ .

✨New bby oc that I had been working on since I saw the sea otters in Seattle.⭐️Any name ideas for her? She loves floating in the sea, sun baths and eating lots of shrimp and clams after a long day of naps and cuddles. .

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I am back. Thanks for all your positive words. Finished this piece with today. It was inspired by the photo of myself wearing a mask when I do my cat’s poo. 😂 Hope you like It. ⭐️ .

WIP. I will try to post in next 4 days. 😂 Having termites at home and we will have fumigation going on till next Monday. So tired from packing things today. Have a good evening everyone. ⭐️ .

【睇完變得好純真】 其實,我期待添布頓版本的《小飛象》會時這樣的氣氛⋯⋯ 算了,一級電影豈能這麼黑暗? 自己畫出來好了。 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘

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Recent practice

Throw back to my second year at uniniversty, this pieces of work was for the last show of my second year at university and the meaning behind this pieces of with is lost in thhe maps. The reason behind it is that i had a tracker on me and I felt like I was trapped and I couldn’t get away and live my life how I would like, so i had to find away of realising. And getting away and that is what I did with the pattern.

The artist that inspired me for this work was Mishka Henner and he reforms maps and makes then unreadable.


LEGEND HAS IT…Passion Brings Out The Animal Instinct In Every Great Man/Woman. #devkaibeyond2018
#procreat #devkai #werewolf #moon #stars #twinkle #pen #pencil #marker #digitalart (at Jacksonville, Florida)

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