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We've been guilty of Procaffeinating a few times. Get yourself a Monday coffee and then we can all knuckle down!

Seventeenth post for the Hustling Writers Challenge. . 17th March: Procrastination . I believe that is the act of prioritising tasks that are less urgent and/or more pleasurable, over more important things. . We due to various reasons, like: -…

This week was Spring Break. So I learned how to procrastinate. That means today is going to be a long day. For anyone else in the same position here is a link that offers some advice.

consider this.. What would you rather your tombstone say: Long the road, yet short the life OR Long the life, yet short the road but YOU still challenge tomorrow what could be won today... Tomorrow ain't promised. Still wanna today?

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When you can't decide what to play, so you by sorting all your steam games. 🤣

If you a lot you might be a genius🤓. Like Leonardo Di Vinci. And the Dalai Lama. (or you could just be super lazy and unmotivated but we like to be optimistic)

at the Straight brings the to you, this Wednesday, March 13, 6-8pm in the Willard Straight Hall Lobby. Make your own trail mix and plant a !

“Those who begin things, but never complete them, accomplish nothing.” ~ Frank Sonnenberg ➤

is usually why people and avoid making decisions. It’s not that the thing that we need to do is scary. It’s the big bad fear monster that freezes us and makes us feel like we can’t move forward. Be and your limitations.

Feeling good about writing again. Finding a new story, learning about the , & embracing new opportunities to .

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Yup, a simple process to deal with procrastination with Rita Emmett

Friday fun: like a boss! Thought you were good at it? Watch and learn ;)

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I’ll do it tomorrow