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It has been just over a week since our CEO, , was at the conference in . What have we taken from this? Don't over the tools you need to create an workforce - be that strategic leader who drives results.

: DON’T let all-nighters be an option. If all-nighters are an option in your mind, a small part of you will be inclined to avoid and until it’s too late.

“Those who begin things, but never complete them, accomplish nothing.” ~ Frank Sonnenberg ➤

Do you too much? You're not alone. What tips do you have to try to stay focused?

High School flashbacks... Exam week has started. Tag someone studying for exams 🤣

Ok so it possibly takes longer to do your tax if you first need to decorate the page margin...

Haven’t tried CBD? Here are some questions to ask yourself to find out whether it’s right for you.... 1. ? 2. feel ? 5. toss and turn all night? 6. need a ? 7. mind keeps racing? 8. socially ? 10. blemishes? . You relate? Try CBD.

behavior to : procrastination. We often due to . Fight back and show your brain it's not worth the hype.

What better way is there to thesis writing than by making a gif of my first major field experiment? These babies have come along way in 18 months!

Here's a transformational truth: You can't do good work without doing bad work first. Give yourself permission to suck and you'll find less resistance in getting started

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I’ll do it tomorrow

Foggy mornings, Vegemite toast and time to tackle the monstrosity that is my room.

Things have been a little rough these last few weeks with Uni ending, my car broke down and my grandma had to go to hospital. With all that going on, my self care went down the drain 😅

I’ve eaten, showered and dressed, so now it’s time to knuckle down and sort everything out!