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Mercury Mountaineer Premier (2004) 2004 Mercury Mountaineer All Wheel Drive Leather 3rd row seat V6 Automatic 3rd

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi yesterday called on to work together with to their . Vaezi told reporters that relations between the two states “should not become like the re ...

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Kejriwalji,please increase the frequency of 433 dtc bus . We are facing lots of problems daily.

D96 of : more than I thought and did pretty well on my today. with again this morning to , and . Spent the afternoon hard on too. 🤓✌️

आजम की बढ़ सकती है मुश्किलें, जनहित याचिका पर उच्च न्यायालय ने तलब की रिपोर्ट

Tamam Museebaton aur Ghamon ko door kerny ka Nabvi Nuskha | Dr Fazal Elahi | | تمام مصیبتوں اور غموں کو دور کرنے کا نبوى نسخہ ڈاکٹر فضل الٰہی

Editing a shelved novel. My semi-photographic memory tells me exactly what I cut that I need back. The earlier version has tons minor changes and grammar gunk, so won’t roll back. I’ll be like this between the two drafts...

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Trust again

I’m gonna remind you how awesome it is to believe someone when they genually say that they love you. Trust, it’s hella hard. But you can do anything you want. I believe in you. As long as you want it of course. I’m gonna remind you how great it can be when you can express yourself without being in fear that nobody cares. Cause I’m here to listen to you. Whatever you have to say. You can be vocal again. I never betray. I can’t say that if you tell me your problems I’ll be able to solve them, but I can goddamn listen and care. Talk about it with you. Whatever you want. I hope I get the chance to help you in the future with those. Even as a friend.. Nah, I know I will and when that happens you can count on me to be there for you.

High school why. 

So I’m being forced (by my parents, cus the school would like me) to take this other class, which makes me re-plan where my credits go. By taking this class, one of my other classes has to be moved, I didn’t get to pick which class, so now my speech and debate class has to be moved, which is the second time it has had to be moved, and speech and debate is a required class I have to take before graduating. 

I am currently trying to move things around on my credit plan, trying to keep in mind of what I want to do and about the college class I might be taking in my 11th and 12th year. 

I hate this so much. 

I’ll also remind you that I do online school, so I’m planing this myself. 

Bruh I brought the LIFAD membership for 25 for nothing cuz it won’t work on the presale but it’ll work in the shop. Waiting for the newsletter presale in 2 hours and apparently the feuerzone is shit expensive . I’m just gonna but the GA tickets


;; Okay, so, I might be a bit more inactive than usual on here for the next few weeks or more. I just lost my job, again, so I’m going to be trying to do a thing with streaming. Gonna be playing Dead by Daylight, Littlewood, Stardew Valley, and probably more! Gonna be out of money soon, though, heh. Either way, I’ll be streaming at if y'all would like to come support me at all throughout the weeks. ^^ I still need to set a schedule, but I’ll be streaming most days around 2pm.


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Isn’t it indulging to softly skim through a freshly printed book? The pleasant warmth of the ink and the smooth prints under your fingertips. Isn’t it satisfying to tear open a handwritten letter to be called own? Wondering what would be the words waiting to be read. Do you remember the tingles of joyous excitement when you received your first salary? The precious clean-cut papers are all yours. As you cherish your favorite form of paper, it might just betray you. Slicing a shallow cut on your skin. The cut is deep enough to reach the receptors but too shallow to form a blood clot. Exposure towards air and irritants resulting in the owner to experience sharp pain, sore and aching itch.

Metaphorically paper cuts could be symbolized as anger. Deep wounds didn’t actually hurt as much as paper cuts. Yes, it sores, but your body will numb the pain. But paper cuts linger around as long as it may. Frustration will turn you cold but anger will choke you down. You can’t cover a paper cut with plasters just like you can’t hide your anger. There’s nothing you could do to make the pain vanish but one can always curse and vent upon their carelessness. Anger works that way too. It won’t fade but will soon subside. One might burst in anger, shooting hurtful words, spitting ugly truths. But no matter how bad the pain is, paper cuts are small so it is viewed as a small injury. Anger might seem like a big deal to the owner but to the ones around them, it is just a speck among more important matters.  


La angustia es de color gris, la angustia es una tormenta debajo de un cielo dorado. La angustia te nubla la vista, te acelera el corazón. Hay ocasiones en los que la angustia te dificulta la respiración, pesa tanto que los huesos duelen y la cabeza da vueltas… Sí no te libras pronto de ella tus sueños comenzaran a perder brillo, perderás de vista tus metas y si hablamos del tiempo este dejara de respetar toda ley física, en ocasiones irá más rápido que una autopista, mientras que en otras, apenas lograras percibir las manecillas del reloj avanzar…