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The Royal Society of New South Wales announced its award winners on 4 December 2019. Professor an ARC Laureate Fellow of the School of Chemical Engineering at , received the Walter Burfitt . Read more: Photo:RMIT University.

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GREETINGS All Political Buffs! Here's your opportunity to have some fun, do some good and also win great prizes. Grand is $100,000* (GUARANTEED) Minimum fee to participate $29 (w/Charity Donation)

Have you submitted to the Laurence Goldstein Prize yet? Send us your best work for the chance to win $500 and publication. We are considering all entries for publication and can't wait to read your work!

Laurence Goldstein Prize. $500 Prize. Submissions Open.

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The COUNTDOWN begins... Share our first post... In the hope that you'll WIN... PRIZE 1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone! πŸ€«πŸ‘€πŸŽ…

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Prize - Copia x Shy!Reader (2/2)

And final part of the prize for @sweet-marionette! Thank you for your patience hun! 

You can read the first part here –> [Link]

Cardinal Copia trying to romance a very shy and awkward Sibling of Sin! Both end up being awkward dorks together! First part was Copia PoV, and Second is reader’s! 

Part Two Under Reader More! <3

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Minicomic (traditional doodle) prize for a peep on Insta (as part of a raffle for 500+ followers)! They requested Auss yeeting Zee over who pavlova belongs to so have Nada and Ame chatting and suddenly being interrupted. (Wow, it’s been over two months since I’ve last drawn in this memo pad. Huh.)

Heloooooo everybody!!!

I’m writing a book! It’s not going fast but I’m writing it!! And I need some help from you guys. Specifically usernames. If you wanna be in my current WIP, featuring the futuristic vigilante Clicksec, please, contact me with your username (or an alternative that you think is cool) and you can read the first chapter when its done, and see your own username in the pages! ^^ I sure hope nobody is named something inappropriate or I am going to regret this… whelp, here goes nothing!

hey you know what: this is a toxic ass fandom and some of you lack the self-awareness to see how you contribute to it and how really hateful and harsh you are for absolutely no reason. you can like and dislike whatever you want, but to be outright nasty about things/people with no basis other than you either feel threatened or you need to bring others down to boost yourself/your fave up is just disgusting and so childish. don’t put ‘treat people with kindness’ anywhere on your blog or your person if you can’t live it and don’t put people’s names in your mouth if you can’t say something nice. 

Raffle Winners!

Alright the month has turned. 

Its December 1st and the Raffle Winners have been randomly selected!

The winner of the full color illustration is 

*insert drumroll* 



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but they are not the only winners-

The runners up ,who get a sketch each, are 





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I will be contacting each of you individually to find out what each of you wants for your prize!

Word of The Hour: prize

English: prize

1. property captured at sea in virtue of the rights of war, as a vessel

2. a thing seized by force, stratagem, or superior power

3. anything captured by a belligerent using the rights of war


- Chinese: 奨品/奖品; 奨金/奖金

- French: prix

- German: der Preis, die Auszeichnung

- Hindi: अखाड़ा

- Italian: premio

- Portuguese: prémio

- Spanish: premio


Thank you so much for being a member of our community!

Wish more women knew that they’re the prize. There’s power to pussy. Men do the absolute most for pussy. Their world literally revolves around it. They buy the nicest cars to impress women, dress certain ways to impress women, show off their money to impress and lure in women. Why do you think porn is the #1 entertaining business. Cause men. There’s no need to impress a man. He needs to be impressing you.

God says, he who finds a wife finds a good thing. Even if you’re not a wife. This just proves that women are the trophies. So what does that tell you.

You are the PRIZE. Make him work. Sit back and relax and the right one will come to you and chase you if you’re standards are high enough. Do not decrease your standards. ADD TAX TO THEM.