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firms raking in millions as people forced to pay 'extortionate' fees to apply for UK status

Ontdek 28 juni alles wat je wilt weten over Nokia 4G/LTE . Toe te passen in diverse verticals. Naast de zorgmarkt zien we ook in de manufacturing, logistics en publieke sector toenemende behoefte aan deze robuuste netwerktechniek.

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Note: just not providing link here to avoid been reported by the bots Tumblr bots.Is a easy webpage to find though. Please remember to use VPN in countries as Australia.

It’s so frustrating how much more productive my life would be if I just had a car

Like not having to bust missions just to get groceries

2 hours vs 28 minutes ride like

Just imagine. Got a whip gotta restock mf Drive to target with a blunt finds a parking spot .shops and just go home

Not lounging around 20 bags for 5 miles in this blazing heat .

Or I wish I had friends

And be like yo if ur bored wanna smoke and keep me company while shopping we can get a lil snack jamming to some tunes

Shit idk

I need friends who find that entertaining enough idk…

All I know when I get to that point ima not regret it.

All these memories running through my veins, all these things you said.

Hauntingly beautiful they find their way in my sleep. I hope that someday I can let go of you. Nothing helps, no other boys, no drugs, nor traveling.

Maybe you live inside of me now.

Cause you touched me like no one ever touched me. I never felt something more beautiful on my skin than your hands. I never felt something more beautiful in my heart than your love and desire.


Your fading.

My memories won’t blurry cause I thing about them everyday.

You will always be you and me I will always be me. I saw your heart. And maybe you saw mine too.

Two hearts, who fall apart.

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Private is on that blurb list but it's the only one without a link behind :(

That’s so, so, so weird, and I genuinely have no idea how that happened! Thanks for telling me, love. I dug through the tag for the fix (“Private” — I always tag all fics with their name, although other stuff might get thrown in there, too, so if anyone is ever looking for something you can always try that if you get desperate!), and pulled the link out, so here we are! Happy reading. xx

My mom just tried to guilt me into harrassing my sister into re-establishing contact with her (my sister cut her off and I’m quietly considering it)

Like she pulled out my dying grandmother in an attempt to coerce me into coercing my sister into being in contact

It legitimately made me feel sick

I held my ground and did the right thing of not selling out my sister

I made it clear I can’t and won’t do what she wants but goddamn I know this isn’t the end of this because

1. she has no sense of boundaries

2. she is obsessed with gaining control/contact with my sister

3. She has no issue with making it clear that I am the less wanted child. I’m Faramir and she is demanding I give her back her Boromir

I’m so glad I have lined up therapy again because this shit is hell

I had a small breakdown yesterday and needed to get out of my own head yesterday, so I drove and drove and drove until my head said to stop.

I’ve only been to Sendai once, but this time I went to the mausoleum and I sat there for hours in the middle of the night. Part of me wonders if I even fell asleep, but all I knew was I felt home and I felt safe.

It’s weird to say that when sitting outside a tomb, albeit not the original, but all I know is it brought me the peace and quiet that I needed.