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When you win, say nothing. When you lose, say less. ~Paul Brown~ ALRIGHT, OKAY,You Win - + poster & Products Design Canvas

Designs: Brass brings warmth and depth to a space. These art pieces are perfect for homes and offices where no statement is needed. Check out the many selections and see if something doesn't cry out your name.

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Krzysztof Iwin – „Granica”70x50cm, cena: 240.00 PLN Jeśli korzystasz z Facebooka zaloguj się aby kupić reprodukcję nawet 1/4 taniej!

A Beautiful - printed in store. A poly-cotton canvas stretched over a quality timber frame. Large range of sizes available. See your image on a 3D preview here: Call for details 03330 113311

Hey guys! I'm running a shop-wide sale on my Etsy shop that will last until the end of the month!! Go get yourself a cute little pin or a print to decorate your wall! You deserve it! Etsy Shop:

Just a few of pictures for sale , 14x11 inch framed £20 plus p+p Visit me on Instagram Digitaldegs and digitaldegs_art

8x12 Photo Print BOGO Deal - $32.00 Buy one print, get two for free. Images are printed on demand & shipped, once payment is made. Shipping is included on all orders. Message me for purchase details

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Hydrangea, Black and White Photography, Fine Art Photo Print
Size: 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 Medium: Digital Photography Framed: No All prints are printed on high quality archival photo paper. For larger sizes (11x14 or poster sizes), specialty papers (canvas, high gloss), or framing - feel free to submit a custom order or send me a personal message for pricing.

How should I be saving my art so that I can upload it to a website for people to download? I really want to keep it as high a quality as possible and I’m not sure JPEG does it well enough?

The options my program gives me are:

Krita document (what it currently is while I work on it)

OpenRaster Image

CSV document

EXR image

GIF image

JPEG image

OpenEXR (Extended)

PBM image

PGM image

PNG image

PPM image

Photoshop image

Qt Market Language file

R16 Heightmap

R32 Heightmap

R8 Heightmap

Spriter SCML

TGA image

TIFF image

WebP image

Windows BMP image

XBM image

XPM image

Ideally, I’m uploading it to my website to sell, and people just pay to download it and can then either keep it on their computer or print it out themselves at any size they want and it’ll still be high quality.


Rural Sports
by Rev. William Barker Daniel
A New Edition
Complete in 3 Volumes
(1812) New Edition


Supplement to the Rural Sports
by Rev. William B. Daniel
(1813) First Edition


Publisher: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown, London
Copyright: 1812 /1813

Daniel, William Barker (1754–1833), Church of England clergyman and writer on field sports, was born in Colchester, the son of William Daniel. Daniel’s notoriety stemmed principally from his authorship of Rural Sports, published in 1801. Proving very popular among contemporary sportsmen and even naturalists, the volumes describe in detail hunting, coursing, and fishing and contain many impressive plates interspersed with occasional references to Daniel’s own exploits. They were reissued as a three-volume set in 1812, with a supplementary fourth volume, dedicated to the marquess of Blandford, published in 1813. The latter, though written in a more careless style, contained a miscellany of anecdotes and receipts. Rural Sports provided the basis of many more modern texts and constitutes an early historical record of shooting before the introduction of the revolutionary breach-loading guns in the mid-nineteenth century. The significance of Daniel’s text was still being eulogized as late as 1886 on the grounds that it contained: “one of the earliest, if not the earliest authentic accounts of wild-fowl shooting with punt and gun, beside many incidents connected with fowling, that are of great interest as records of the sport of catching and shooting ducks in past days.”