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Weekly Infographic: This week our focus is on writing instruments. I bet that you own at least one promotional pen! 😂

🙌🏽Evielutionized Client 🙌🏽 Did you know we design & print? Check out the booklet and business cards we did for I Teach Drive, a local driving school teachi...

It's time for TRIVIA! 🎉 Do you think you know the correct answer? Comment below! We will reveal the answer tomorrow!

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is a premium security measure that upgrades the level of forgery protection and increases the lifetime of cards. READ: Over the years, this procedure has become significantly faster and more cost-effective.

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Don’t know if #feathursday gets more stunning than this beautiful peacock found in “Dictionnaire D’Histoire Naturelle” (Paris, 1842).

19th Century Trade Cards

In honor of the closing of our exhibit “Graphic Design Before Graphic Designers” we are sharing several examples of trade cards printed in the second half of the 19th century using the (then new) process of chromolithography. The designs were bold and the colors remain vibrant to this day. 

Last post for the night. My first screen printing assignment! Sketches at the top, finished prints at the bottom. I sincerely regret doing 10+7 layers for my first ever screen print but I learnt a lot so. I do want to revisit the front design and maybe make some for selling cause I’m really fond of the design