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5,000 x A5 £79 free P&P 📦

Hoy empieza el Southern European Print Congress 2019; uno de los eventos más importantes del sector, ¿tenéis ya vuestra entrada? (Fuente: )

Printers in - Contact us for a professional and personal and service. From Business Cards to Envelopes and Carbonless Forms to Signage. FREE UK Mainland Delivery with very order. Family Owned Print & Design Business

De nieuwe website van Sign & Print Festival wordt eind deze maand gelanceerd. Tijd voor de bekendmaking van onze visual! #2020

Fab looking job for Hot Smoked Trout packaging sleeves. Printed with 5 colours, gloss varnish and window to display contents.

Pull-up display banners designed and printed here at Gortreagh for Cookstown Wildlife Trust

ExCeL London EXHIB-IT! Tradeshow Marketing Experts Exhibition News

Birthday candle! How cute is this? RM 20 for small and RM 30 for large. Can customize according to your desire. DM me.

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“Dance with me my friend…”

Grimm time

16th Century Style Monochrome Printable
External image

A beautifully detailed illustration created in 1546, a year before the end of King Henry VIII’s reign.

This hand drawn, monochrome print stands out in any room and is perfect for maximalist and vintage interiors.

This image is suitable for printing up to size A4 only (210mm x 297mm).

Save the planet and your wallet some hassle with our affordable and eco-friendly printable downloads! Download, print and have them in your home without the cost of buying and shipping a physical print.

All our printable downloads are provided in CMYK at 300dpi, perfect for home printing. A direct download link will be sent to you via email after checkout.

(FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY - For information on acquiring a commercial licence please contact

Navient Total & Permanent Disability Discharge Forms for Private Student Loans

The forms in this post are the forms for the Total and Permanent Disability Discharge (TPDD) for any PRIVATE LOANS that you may have with Navient.

Again, these forms are for PRIVATE LOANS, not federal.

Once you have filled out the first two pages, give the last two pages to your physician to fill out so they can verify your disability.

Once completed, send the forms to Navient, but write: ATTN: Office of the Customer Advocate, in order to get the forms to the right place.

Also send any medical files that show your disability, hospital visits and medications list are helpful. You also need to list when  your disability got worse and made you unable to work.

These forms CANNOT be found on the Naviet website. I have spoken to over a dozen Navient employees over the phone and ALL of them have told me that these forms do not exist.

But they do and I’m sharing them with you. I had to render these pdf files to jpgs, sorry for any blurriness. I hope the forms help.

There is something else you should know, while the Federal TPDD does forgive the loans, the forms for the PRIVATE LOANS, posted below, may not. They may just “modifiy” your loan payments so you will still owe. Read the fine print and decide for  yourself.

Also, don’t expect them to grant your TPDD right away. Keep submitting the forms until they do, they will find any reason to not grant  your request.

I had $60,000 in Federal Loans forgiven, but Navient refused to grant forgiveness for $40,000 for the Private Loans.

Navient will do anything it can to make you pay even when you can’t. Keep fighting. Keep sending the forms. I hope your request is granted.

I’m still fighting for my TPDD on my Private Loans and it’s been years, but I’m  not going to stop fighting. I do not recognize this debt as mine, it was created by a for-profit college that did so without my consent and then went out of business, leaving me with a giant bill that I can’t pay and no degree. So, I’m fighting until the day I die.

Best of luck.



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Another time, Another galaxy. Huge Ass Starships are floating through space and ….. are doing things… . Led by a mad admiral, the five Ships of Taskforce Z prove that gigantomania is really handy, when you want to blow stuff into pieces. Titan Starfleet Ships and their made up world will return in the far or near future.

Eine neue Zeit, eine andere Galaxie. Scheissgroße Raumschiffe fliegen durch All und …. tun Sachen… . Geleitet von einem verrückten Admiral beweisen die fünf Schiffe der Taskforce Z, dass Gigantomanie verdammt praktisch ist, wenn man Sachen in die Luft jagen will. Titan Starfleet Ships und ihre ausgedachte Welt werden zurückkehren in ferner oder naher Zukunft.

guest zine by @alex.rennt