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I love this story about young .

Let's not forget Both HRH Prince Andrew and Hrh Prince Edward did 5 years in 1990s in HMP Prison , for screwing Under 16 Yrs of age . Samantha Winwards group . Condemn him and Exhonourate from Church .

Let's not forget Both HRH Prince Andrew and Hrh Prince Edward did 5 years in 1990s in HMP Prison , for screwing Under 16 Yrs of age . Samantha Winwards group . Condemn him and Exhonourate from Church .

Our Anna Won "The Golden Family Entertainer of Tamil Cinema" & Best Producer at Behindwoods Gold Medals! 💥😍

bags 2 awards at "The Golden Family Entertainer of Tamil Cinema" for & "Best Producer - Most Inspiring Film" for

அண்ணன் வேஷ்ட்டி சட்டையில சூப்பரா இருக்காரு😍👌😊🔥

@adammartinakis Prince of Illusions / 2019 / Gen Z From the serie Gen Z, about the current generation that will have to face challenges never seen before. The experimental, digital depressed generation.

Prince transitioned. The Universe shifted and we found each other. I Believe in Purple Fate!!! 💜

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okay so hear me out

A gay Disney prince (voiced by Thomas Sanders). He lives with his father (the king) in a kingdom and is expected to be married to a beautiful bride in the next few weeks. A wizard appears in the palace one day, after another round of meeting a princes dream princesses, and issues the prophecy that the prince must rescue someone from a tower in the woods and will find true love. The prince embarks on the quest to save this mysterious someone. When he finally gets to the tower he finds an amazing….

Princess. There is a princess in the tower (the kind of princess that you imagine your are as a kid, perfect, can talk to animals, etc.) and explains to her that he is gay and she is supportive. She convinces him that together they will go on a quest to find him a boyfriend. On this quest it is revealed that the princess can both rap like hell and is also an epic sword fighter. They eventually learn that the king is hunting them, in search of the prince and his “soon to be bride”. The king is a homophobic bastard. The princess and the prince eventually overthrow the king with the help of the prince from a neighboring kingdom. The princes get married and the princess becomes the head of the knights. Everyone is happy.

if you agree.


5 new customers in US have bought Paisley Prince Songbook items. Nicole in Brooklyn NY and Cheltzy in Oregon have ordered fat quarters of printed fabric. Kimberleigh in Illinois, Brooke in Massachusetts and Maryanne in Maine have ordered zip bags. All can be ordered from the Paisley Power Shop at Etsy.

The printed textile design was created by Southend designer Patrick Moriarty in 2018. He drew everything by hand. He created the unique motifs including crying doves, purple raindrops, peace signs, paisley symbols and 3rd eye sunglasses. All these motifs are representations of the songs of Prince.


Promo for Monday’s episode of Amari Purple Talk. More 1999 discussion. More Parade vs. Sign O The Times. More Year In Review. Always on your favorite podcast platform. Keep it Purple and on the One.
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Today, Kimberleigh in Illinois US and Alison in Exeter UK have bought Paisley Prince Songbook pouch bags. These popular bags are multi-functional and can be used for art equipment, cosmetics and travel essentials.

There is a different part of the design on the front and back panels of the bag. This feature makes the bags extra-special.

The bags were designed and hand-made in Southend-on-Sea, UK

The bags are excellent Christmas gifts!

hey. im really sorry that i kissed you, please forget all about it. you like him anyways right? because he’s actually a man? sorry i dont hang out with you much anymore either, your friends make me uncomfortable. i wish we were closer, this year seemed to get in our way. part of it might be my fault too. i still like you, but youre my friend above all. i just love being around you. i dont even know what im saying i just want you to know i cherish you.


Halfshell Records is a label run in Seattle, Washington.   Unlike many labels, there is a real diversity of sounds here.  

Pleasures is a band from Seattle who clearly love 1970s/80s pop.  A lot of this sounds like it has been influenced by Steely Dan, Prince and The Alan Parsons Project.  But at the same time, this sound is certainly current.  It’s not new for a band to sport these influences.  As such, Pleasures also recall the work of MGMT, Whitney, and Cool Sounds (Australia).

I stated that this label is diverse.  I’m going to post another Halfshell Records band tomorrow…the differences in sound are obvious.