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Books! Poetry! Stories! Words! Authors! Illustrators! Eastside is your one stop shop for World Book Day and . Get in touch to find out what we can offer your school this

35km outside where children have to run on a public road cause there's no proper facilities

Children's Chinese New Year workshops available for and . Enquire at

In our latest blog article, Caroline looks at Lea Forest Primary Academy's remarkable journey using the Cornerstones Curriculum.

Year 4 are looking at states of matter in and today they have been investigating melting. They have made ice balls and are looking at how to melt them quickly.

Welcome to Exeter Junior School's newest form captains. Voted for by their classmates, the form captains represent their form and attend School Council meetings

We're exhibiting at on 28th February. Head over to us at stand 211 to talk all things . Hope to see you there!

Thelwall Junior School are with us here at for their challenge today, hope you all enjoy your visit!

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Learning to draw the features of a face: starting with a collaborative drawing activity

This was such a fun collaborative activity this week, breaking down the barriers to drawing and testing our observational skills.
We started the warm up exercise with ‘Blind Contour drawings’ a very funny task where we all draw each other without looking at the paper and not letting our pen leave the page, very tricky not to peek! We also created continuous line drawings using our non-dominant hand and drawing with both hands at the same time. This feels a little awkward but leads to some interesting marks, allowing them to draw with less restriction. For their final task they created a continuous-line self-portrait. 

We then did some detail close up sketches of our facial features. Using chalk and compressed charcoal, alongside various other mark making materials. They began to observe and look closely at their eyes, studying their shape. 

 Unfortunately, as ever, we ran out of time and so didn’t create as many sketches of the features of the face as we had hoped. However the detailed work that they produced in the session was fantastic and we also had a lot of fun!


Funny little Christmas flip swap mix and match books Design and create your very own funny Christmas characters and have fun rearranging their bodies.

We had so much fun creating these Christmas flip books, during our last “Makers & Doers’ session of the year! The children used their wonderful imaginations to create funny little handmade book. 

For this activity I gave them a choice to either draw directly onto the card to create a three-flap-per-page book or use pre-cut collage shape to create a two-flap-per-page book, this was especially helpful to some of my youngest students within the group. To create their drawings they could choose from a wide range of drawing materials to draw their Christmassy characters onto white card stock sections. The directions I gave those who were creating a three-flap-per-page book were that In the top sections draw a head, in the middle sections draw the top half of the body, down to the waist, and in the bottom sections draw legs. I did, of course, remind them all to be careful and check that the bodies would all match up. For the children using the pre-cut collage shapes I reminded them that the head was in the top section followed by the body in the bottom section. They had fun drawing on the features for each character.

When they had all finished drawing and sticking their different characters in place, we secured the book together using coloured card for the front cover and bound the book together using staples. Then the children had lots of fun as  they began to flip through their flip swap mix and match books to combine different body parts together to make funny body swaps. I was super impressed with all of their books!


Printmaking Christmas Cards: Create a selection of hand printed Christmas cards.

For this workshop my happy little printmakers got to try their hands at relief printing, creating wonderful unique hand printed christmas cards.They created their printing block from Styrofoam, by etching into the foam using a variety of mark making tools to create impressions into the foam base. They could either draw directly on the foam sheet, or sketch out their ideas or designs on paper first. Initial drawing allowed them to draw a few different christmas designs before choosing which one they wanted to print. It also made it easier for them to transfer their designs to the styrofoam.

I reminded the group that the design would print in reverse, If they included any words letters or numbers they would appear backwards, as the print is a mirror image. I also had to explain that it is the uncompressed/raised parts which the ink would adhere to and print onto the card.

Once they had drawn into the styrofoam base, they were then ready to add the ink. Using the brayer they rolled the ink directly over the styrofoam base making sure to cover evenly. They carefully placed their styrofoam design face down onto the card and rubbed it with their fist to ensure contact. To transfer the print to card they had to use a clean brayer and roll it over the top of the Styrofoam.

I also reminded them of the importance of having clean hands when printmaking as we don’t want to transfer any unwanted ink smudges onto our cards. The children were brilliant, as always, and followed my direction as best as they could, with just a few finger smudges here and there.
Lesson plan for primary school-Family.pdf

Hello guys!

I want to share this lesson plan for a primary school on the topic “Family”. This lesson will be suitable for level A1 students (I used it for the 3-rd form).

I have chosen this sequence of activities to develop students’ reading and communicative skills and to present and integrate new vocabulary. I have taken into consideration the Bloom’s taxonomy (from low-order to high-order thinking skills), the layout and interaction modes (group and pair work, horse-shoe layout, circle layout), the timing (the activities are not too long), the alteration of activities (stirring and settling activities), and usage of visual material (there are posters and pictures).

Hope you will find this lesson plan helpful. CC is welcomed;)

Welcome to our travel blog !

Bienvenue sur le blog de voyage des CM1-CM2 de l’école Sainte Anne de Vigneux !

Grâce à ce média, suivez nos aventures dans le Devon sur les traces d’Agatha Christie ! Découvrez chaque soir les photos et récits de nos aventures outre-atlantiques.


Making artist books: Learning how to create a layered book & Concertina book. 

During this weeks after-school club the children learned how to create two handcrafted books, learning simple ways to manipulate paper to reveal hidden layers and tell a story.

Our first activity was to create a colourful layered book, the children selected four sheets of pre-folded paper and began cutting any shapes they liked out of the paper with scissors, being careful to leave plenty of space along the centre fold so it could be bound together at the end. Once all of their shapes were cut, they decided the order of their pages, thinking about what areas they wanted to reveal from one page to the next. To bind their book together, they had a choice to use a stapler or to use a hole punch and thread. 

For the second book form, the children created a concertina book. The children could draw, collage or print onto their four separate sheets of paper, which were then glued into the concertina to create their unique book.

I loved how enthusiastic the children were about their artists books and the beautiful and intriguing creations they made.

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My little first grader having a blast recording his voice for Scratch Jr! @mitscratchteam .
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so in primary school whenever it was raining at lunchtime (which was often, i live in london) the teachers would take us to the hall and we would watch the bee movie, that was the only movie they had.
but lunch finished at a certain time, so we could never actually go past thing exact point in the movie, and i honestly thought that the bee movie ended there.
so now, 11 years later, i find out theres a whole second half to the movie.
a whole. second. half.
goodbye civilisation.