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It’s full steam ahead as are busy working on the at Come and see them perform with 170 children from across , it’s definitely not one to miss!!!

Living in such beautiful surroundings children at Hunter Hall are able to take full advantage of their setting & outdoor education is a timetabled lesson taking place each week.

12-year-old from speaking to the years 4 &5 pupils of this morning. The interaction, response and feedback were awesome! The children were just AMAZING & PHENOMENAL! Massive thanks to staff !

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Fantastic first session of "Cool Cats Go to School" with Year R at Robert Le Kyng this afternoon. Next week we'll be discussing all the reasons why we come to school & how we can make sure our Cool Cats arrive on time!

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Conclusioni e saluti

Con oggi si conclude la nostra piccola esperienza da “speaker” a Radio Gamers. I nostri commenti a questa esperienza, conclusioni, saluti e aspirazioni future. Buon ascolto e grazie di averci seguito - 5 C Don Bosco, I.C. Piazza Capri, anno scolastico 2018/2019

Il format letterario: le nostre recensioni e commenti ai racconti letti e analizzati in classe

Oggi abbiamo recensito quattro racconti letti in classe; abbiamo parlato degli aspetti che ci hanno colpito di più e delle emozioni che ci hanno suscitato questi brevi racconti. Inoltre, abbiamo espresso le nostre preferenze riguardo i personaggi delle varie storie

Professional Practice - Phase 1a!

Hi all,

It has been a while, I know. The past 8 weeks of my life have been spent in a splendid primary school for my first ever professional practice.

Over the christmas holidays I began to feel nervous for this placement as was my first and it was all new to me. I started to doubt myself as a teacher figure; the build up to the 14th January was near hell.

The 14th January arrived and it was my first day. I was lucky enough to be on placement with another peer on the course. We were introduced to the staff, shown around the school grounds and told which year group we were to be placed in; this ended up being in year three. Throughout the first week we alternated between both year three classes to see where we would be best suited. It was decided at the end of the week that I would be in class 3B and the other trainee in 3A.

The next few weeks allowed me to really get to know the children and the workings of the school. In the second week I began whole class teaching which I was dreading! My first ever lesson was an English writing one: Food and Drink paragraph in their Greek Holiday writing. It went better than planned (once I got past the nerves in the first 10 minutes!)

My interim assessment was the next time I felt extremely nervous during my placement. The lesson I was given to teach was maths. I was anxious yet ready, I had already been teaching for 3 weeks. I knew the children, the classroom and my teaching style had began to develop. However, it was my first lesson being officially observed, other than by my mentor. The assessment lesson went to plan, the children were all on their best behaviour and really contributed to the lesson.

The school celebrated Chinese New Year. As a school we went and watched a performance of traditional Chinese performances. This was certainly an experience. This was the first clear insight I have ever had into organising and helping during a school trip. The coach journey proved the most challenging aspect of the trip. Checking seatbelts were buckled, then double checking. Making sure the children sat facing forwards and didn’t turn around to talk to other pupils. The children were so well behaved during the performances, sitting patiently and watching and applauding. The coach journey back posed the same issues as the journey going. All in all it was a really fab day, and helped me gain a better understanding to the continuous responsabilities of teachers during the trips.

The final thing I wish to talk about is my final observation, which determined the pass or failure of my first placement. It just so happened that on the same day as my observation it was also World Book Day… I could’t have been more excited. I was allowed to teach another maths lesson, and due it being World Book Day I was able to get creative and off topic for the day. My plan: Where’s Willy Wonka? Yes, I was going to ride the creative train as far as I could. I sat with the class teacher a few evenings and we discussed how to make the code breaker excersize most effective. The day of the observation arose and the children were beaming with excitement when I was explaining the task. They loved moving around the school to find clues and hints to where Willy Wonka was being kept. When speaking with the visiting tutor afterwards, I was showered with praise which really helped boost my confidence in regards to teaching. It was so reassuiring to hear from another person that relationships between the children and myself were being built and that they responded well to me. It was an exhillarating day for me, one of my highlights!!

To sum up, this experience was by far my favourite of my university experience so far. It helped solidify in my mind that teaching is what I want to do, I just love being in a classroom. On my final day I wrote notes for each of the children in 3B and was allowed the last half an hour of the day to give out the notes and little sweets that I brought in. Although this did result in tears from children (and nearly from myself!), it showed me how much of an impact a teacher can have on a child’s educational life. Now I have plans to return in June/July once or twice a week to be a helping hand which I am looking forward to!

I hope everyone else’s placements were exceptional learning experiences too!

Until next time,

Mr Townley :)


Tottenham Cake and Custard. 😍💜🎂
Primary school favourites available at @caulenes_bakery_house
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Tottenham Cake! 😍💜🎂
Primary school favourites available at @caulenes_bakery_house
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A little clip to show how much my baby learnt ather #kindergarden school..
I transferred her from one school to this school and she made alot of improvements!!!
She is 4yrs old and will be srarting #primaryschool this year..
She couldnt read at all and she only started about 4 months or more..
Ill reccommend this school to anyone…

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Learning to draw the features of a face: starting with a collaborative drawing activity

This was such a fun collaborative activity this week, breaking down the barriers to drawing and testing our observational skills.
We started the warm up exercise with ‘Blind Contour drawings’ a very funny task where we all draw each other without looking at the paper and not letting our pen leave the page, very tricky not to peek! We also created continuous line drawings using our non-dominant hand and drawing with both hands at the same time. This feels a little awkward but leads to some interesting marks, allowing them to draw with less restriction. For their final task they created a continuous-line self-portrait. 

We then did some detail close up sketches of our facial features. Using chalk and compressed charcoal, alongside various other mark making materials. They began to observe and look closely at their eyes, studying their shape. 

 Unfortunately, as ever, we ran out of time and so didn’t create as many sketches of the features of the face as we had hoped. However the detailed work that they produced in the session was fantastic and we also had a lot of fun!
Lesson plan for primary school-Family.pdf

Hello guys!

I want to share this lesson plan for a primary school on the topic “Family”. This lesson will be suitable for level A1 students (I used it for the 3-rd form).

I have chosen this sequence of activities to develop students’ reading and communicative skills and to present and integrate new vocabulary. I have taken into consideration the Bloom’s taxonomy (from low-order to high-order thinking skills), the layout and interaction modes (group and pair work, horse-shoe layout, circle layout), the timing (the activities are not too long), the alteration of activities (stirring and settling activities), and usage of visual material (there are posters and pictures).

Hope you will find this lesson plan helpful. CC is welcomed;)


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