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Today we built different 3D solids, then we got to share our shapes geometric attributes with our friends!

The first of three Tic-Tac-Toe maths activities is here! ❌⭕ Get your class to quiz each other on their 4 times table and see who can get three in a row first! 🤗 Check out our blog by 👉🏻

- today we rescued Anna! I convinced my kiddies she was missing - we hunted high & low before finding her frozen in ice in the freezer! We checked her every hour & measured how many ml of water had melted until we were able to free her just before home time

Target dollar bin win!! I can’t wait to share and use these bookmark tools with my kids! 🤓📖

The Maya homework just keeps coming in 6LT. Well done to Immi, Amy and Ruby for creating these wonderful pieces 👏🏻👩🏻‍🏫

📢 Blog Post: The 2019 Ofsted Inspection Framework Announcement 📢 What do you need to know about it? ❓ What does it mean for your school? 🏫 When will the changes be happening? 🕒 Find out here 🔻🔻

New Post - It's all in the planning. A guide to structuring Primary Art and Design whole school and in the classroom

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Today was a lot better 👍🏻 had some good lessons and some great feedback. Everyday is important in your developing placement and that can be overwhelming. I’m going to roll with the punches and aim to get better with every day 😊

We now have 900 followers! Thank you to everyone who is following and sharing what is wonderful about . We are closing in on our next target 🎯- 1000 followers!

Year 1 recruited the help of some familiar faces today as a quick warm up task on to help our children explore body language and facial expressions when performing their fairy tales!

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📚 It's time to relax with a little reading: How TSL Will Support Your School 📚 If you're looking to bring TSL's Interventions into your school but are worried about the support you'll get, take a look here 🔻

What do we want? Subject Knowledge CPD for primary teachers. When do we want it? Now!

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Mrs. Friend’s #Firstgrade using #todaysmeet to discuss a class text. #ipaded #edchat #primaryrocks! #1stchat #edgaged

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