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This assessment ‘for, as and of’ learning infographic summarises three important approaches to assessment, and provides hints on how to incorporate them into your teaching practice.

No matter if you’ve had a hard year or an easy year, we all survived the attack of baby shark. There were times I couldn’t get it out of my head and I just didn’t know what to doo doo doo doo doo doo.

You might be surprised at how your skills can translate into teaching. Let us support you as you make the transition. Simply express your interest at for more information.

🚨 teachers do you know there is training available from +A bursary of 💷£100💷 payable to school for the 1st member of staff attending? (£35 fee for additional staff) Check it out: 🙌🏻

Kate Fletcher from is showing everyone how to use sand and water to develop children's and - come over to the area now to join in!

Exciting their curiosity in Science & STEM -analysis engaged & completely on task in Scientific Enquiry! -teacher

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Here’s Primary! He’s the one Micheal created and possessed. Sadly along with losing his life he lost his vision as well. He can open them tho, they’re just black holes tho. He has a little bell because sometimes he’ll get lost and will need help getting to his destination. He’ll ring it if he’s scared or needs help. Although it rarely happens because he’s learned the pizzeria like the back of his hand. I’m going to draw him with his eyes open now sooo XP

y’all better fucking VOTE in the democratic primaries

I get it. This election cycle is already fucking exhausting. But historically, old people are the ONLY people who vote in primaries. And guess who they vote for? Middle-of-the-road, moderate-to-conservative Democrats, who are almost always boring old white guys without innovative ideas or a willingness to stand for social justice in meaningful ways. If another white bread, ancient, baggage-laden, party favorite like Biden runs, we will have trump for another 4 years, I promise you.

Biden and the candidates like him CANNOT galvanize and mobilize young people, women, and people of color — the democratic party’s lifeblood. As young people, as women, as people of color, we need to make our voices heard. I don’t care who you vote for (but I mean, don’t be stupid) but fucking VOTE. Vote in the FUCKINNG primaries.

Find out how to register to vote NOW at so you’re ready to go when the time comes!! Register as soon as possible!! Keep your registration up to date!! And when the time comes, fucking VOTE.

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I’m back.


With Trump gone you’re going to begin to see things change,” Biden said at a fundraiser. “Because these folks know better. They know this isn’t what they’re supposed to be doing.“

As many pointed out, this prediction is profoundly absurd. Biden should know this, having lived through scorched-earth GOP opposition as Barack Obama’s vice president.

What’s more, as others noted, the notion that many Republicans feel secretly apprehensive about Trump’s many degradations is belied by the George W. Bush years. We saw authoritarianism and lawlessness (torture, secret prisons), politicized law enforcement (the political firing of U.S. attorneys), procedural radicalism and hostility to science (violating the law by refusing to regulate greenhouse gases) and disinformation (the Iraq War).


Biden is getting it wrong on Trump and the GOP 

Either Biden knows better and he’s being dishonest, or he genuinely believes this. Either way, he does not have my support in the primary. Yes, of course, I’m going to vote for whoever gets the nomination, and I’ll campaign for whoever that nominee is, but Biden just does not seem to get it (and I can’t say which is worse: not getting it, or getting it and being dishonest about it.)


@karifaux performing “LEAVE ME ALONE” at @aisle5_atl in Atlanta, GA on her #HelpWantedTour #karifaux #cry4help #primary #lostenlosangeles #laughnowdielater #littlerock #arkansas #atlanta #atl (at Aisle 5)

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@karifaux performing “MEDICATED” at @aisle5_atl in Atlanta, GA on her #HelpWantedTour #karifaux #cry4help #primary #lostenlosangeles #laughnowdielater #littlerock #arkansas #atlanta #atl (at Aisle 5)

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primary research n textures :0

Before starting the editing of my final designs, I took lots of photos of interesting and somewhat gross textures. I did this both in order to look at colours texture, but also because I would like to try and use them in my final room paintings, as inspired by Amanita Design. I will attempt to edit them digitally in, in order to create that strange amalgamation of painting and photo-texture. This will hopefully create this certain level of uncanny that makes you question what you’re looking at.