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We are looking forward to meeting aspiring and teachers at our information morning next week! Spaces are still available and the kettle's on. Book your free place here

Have you got what it takes to become a with watch this space or get in touch , our recruitment round opens next month and

Come and see us at the Train to Teach event from 4.30 in tonight. Info on programmes.

Check out , International Curriculum Manager for newest blog post as part of our New Year's blog series:

2019-2020 Primary Registration session at RHDS today with 8 stations designed to introduce school-based supports and community partnerships to parents, students, and guardians.

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Resources to help children spot and build skills are being launched by at London’s this week– the world’s biggest technology event - , ...

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Interested in teaching? Come and visit us and other West Midlands-based providers on Monday 11th February, (B5 5JE), 3-6 PM, to find out more! Book (it's free) →

Our Lego Walking Event is also an incredible event for children. If you know of a school or youth group looking a unique event then send them our way!

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Me Running For President 2020

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Teacher Support

Why haven’t rural teachers and schools been given any spotlight or acknowledgments? Posts about classroom teachers in the public school have come to light about numerous concerns surrounding classroom sizes and the needs of their students, however, there should be more awareness towards rural schools. 

I am currently working in a K-3 classroom. I may only have 8 students in my classroom, its like YES I have 8 kids in my class BUT IT FEELS LIKE 20! I feel as though people overlook the fact that teachers, in a big(ger) school, have more than 2 teachers at a school. I really want to emphasize that I have a K-3 class. I have numerous needs in my class that range from Autism, ADHD, ELL, and challenging behavior, along with students behind in their academics. There is a  mix of these conditions in most, if not all, of my kids. I am so thankful for my team. Do not underestimate the magic of a rural school. There are only two teachers in the whole school, the grade 4-7 and myself. We have 2 EAs, which out of the two, we have to share an EA between both classes. I have an EA assigned to my autistic child especially since he has challenging behavior along with being non-verbal. Our second EA needs to be shared among both classes. Both classrooms have high needs yet they cannot be met due to lack of support. Our funding for EA support is ever changing with expected budget cuts, which in turn, leave our kids behind even further. How is a school supposed to function with only two teachers and 1.5 EAs? This is only the tip of the iceberg for teachers out here. 



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