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Hispanic Heritage Month!

What can brands do, now that Month is well behind us? Learn how marketers must take Pride beyond the bandwagon:

Baker students planning for Hispanic Heritage Month. We are still enrolling students in grades 9-12. Please join us! For More Information please call the office at  (773)-535-6460 or email us at   

It's been a month and a half since - do you miss it? Good news! has interviewed to learn everything Norwich, Pride, and everything surrounding the LGBTQIA+ community in Norwich! #10

I know this is late. Last month I covered the March for . More people came to demand for their equal rights, gave me hope that more people are willing to demand in Mongolia. However, Mongolia has a long ways to go to become more inclusive.

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|VII| • The countdown to Starbaby’s first B🌎-Day continues... • This marks the beginning of the end. My 3rd trimester started during month and I am one proud rainbow Mama! I also forgot to take a month 8 pic so I guess pregnancy 🧠 started arou…

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shouldn't be limited to a month 🏳️‍🌈 How and why at GC we work with Pride 24/7, 365 days a year 🌈

So excited that DON’T SUCK has a multi-page spread in this month’s issue of !!! 🔥 Check out the full magazine to read their interview with creator and other great content!

When post surgery recovery leaves you flat on your back bed ridden for a month, there's still no way my dad is missing 🏈💜😁 K-State on the ceiling and awesome reflective glasses that let him see the tv laying down!!!

Freedom Month🎉💖🌈  🎶Celebrations Continue!!!👩‍❤️‍👩🏳️‍🌈l🎶 🏳️‍🌈September 15th, 10 pm onward @ The List at KittySu, Mumbai with DJ Victor 🏳️‍🌈   

Our first mini delivery for our celebration as part of later this month. And our colleagues will be delighted to know cake will be involved

The lady lions bringing suicide/bully awareness to light during spirit week. Shirts can be purchased all month long in room c115 & b221. if you can be anything in the world, be kind 🧡💜

Congratulations Chris Rogers, Renton Rotary September Student of the Month!

Brands during month

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Who is this? It’s Kaitlyn, Warrior Student of the Month. Congrats!

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Cheers to the freaking weekend 🥂

Pride Month (featuring @revoltwithlcve)

Steven spent a fair amount of time on the Internet, and he hadn’t went on it beforehand. However, ever since June had started, he’d been on it more than usual.

He saw the usual group of happy people traveling together. They were carrying a huge rainbow flag while wearing lots of rainbow makeup, and they were celebrating their annual pride event. Steven had always longed to go to one.

“Hey, Mom?” he asked gently, as he approached her. “Can I talk to you about something really cool?”

Day 20- Papyrus x Frisk

These guys look so smol and pure! I really like this one (plus, it’s not rushed as hell, what a bonus) Also, my Grillby x Muffet post that I did yesterday got kinda popular. By popular I mean it has about 50 notes at the time of posting, which honestly means a lot to me (wow how sad) But yeah, thanks! See you tomorrow!

So before I pass out I wanna do a Sanders Sides Pride Month ((people have gotten me inspired lol)) where you create art, writing, headcannons, or an au, etc., on every day of the month ((or just whenever you can lol but the challenge would be every day! although i know that’s not very realistic)) but the thing is you can’t showcase a character with the same gender identity or sexual orientation twice.

Anyway I already have a ton of thoughts on this and how to make it simple but work effectively, but before I get too into this, what do you guys think? Something you’d be interested in? I’d want to do it a couple months after October, ideally, so that we can have a cool off from all the other challenge months going around xD

Day 18- Chara x Frisk

I know I said today’s would be more polished but I’m really busy with various drama commitments atm. I should be less busy in a couple days, but tomorrow’s might be rushed too. Anyway, I don’t know if I’d ship this. I guess they could work? I dunno. (Also, opinions on Chara? Good or evil?) See you tomorrow!

Just a PSA

If you go to Pride, celebrate Pride, or celebrate Pride month


Still think Bisexuals are invalid in anyway


I don’t care if you’re straight, gay, lesbian, or whatever.

Because ya’ll seem to forget who made the first pride parade. 

Thats right folks: Brenda Howard. The Mother of Pride, and a very bisexual woman.

Next time ya’ll want to say bisexuals don’t exist, or aren’t valid, remember who paved the way for the rights you enjoy most.