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We're set up at Asda Leamington. Here until 4pm with info on our services, Pride gossip, Pride wristbands, free sweets and free wifi according the sign in the background. Support your Pride this LGBT History Month. 🌈🌈🌈

Celebrating LGBT+ History Month with a look at my portraits! 🌈 “Grow up - Come Out - Live life” There are more LGBTQ+ Role Models in the book:

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To celebrate LGBT+ History Month book your tickets for our next presents film 'MILK'. Showing on Wed 13 March at 18.15. Book now:

Our Student Centre team at are celebrating British History month with a special focus on our LGBT collection, creative writing, displays & other activities - drop in throughout February to get involved!

It's going to take forever...I am not a fast knittress🤗 Maybe I'll have it done in time for pride month? It's really vibrant and sparkly, but it was hard to capture all the sparkles.

Hackney Film Club is proud to present a special month screening on Thurs 21 Feb at in , 6pm. No need to book. Pop in to discover what's on, or just join us next week.

Celebrating LGBT history month with fabulous friends and colleagues. Celebrating our fantastic improvement in the workplace equality index. Up over 100 places in a year

Today is GOSH's 167th birthday, Valentines day and the middle of LGBT+ month :) This is the first time the rainbow flag has been raised here ❤🌈🙌

Celebrating LGBT+ History Month with a look at my portraits! 🌈 “Grow up - Come Out - Live life” There are more LGBTQ+ Role Models in the book:

Celebrating LGBT+ History Month with a look at my portraits! 🌈 “Grow up - Come Out - Live life” There are more LGBTQ+ Role Models in the book:

Thank you for coming to the event and speaking to us so engagingly about the brilliant Pride In The Past exhibition. We've loved having it on display as part of our LGBT History Month events.

Don’t forget to pop down to Rochdale BG01 on your lunch today for more LGBT History month celebrations! We have delicious pride cupcakes made by our wonderful catering students to give away 😋🧁🌈 Plus our in demand HHC pride badges back in stock!

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History month have created a fantastic display in HQ to celebrate the pride in how much progress sexual politics and respect has made in our lifetimes. More progress to be made and together we will make it happen 💖

We've got a NEW and EXPANDED children's area coming to ! Want to perform? Apply before the end of the month at

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I … can’t wait for June. I’m gonna make sooooo many gay edits for IDKHOW … showing the world they’re for the gays, as they rightfully are

Listens to Nickelback pride flag!

The brown is because the music is shit

The blonde is for Mr. Nickelback’s highlights

We need Mr. Nickelback himself

The blue is for those beautiful eyes

And the grey is for the color scheme of their top ranked album according to wikipedia

@ those fuckers who say we don’t need pride anymore because we ‘have equal rights’

1) People don’t get kicked out of their homes/families for being straight/cis

2) People don’t get fired from/rejected for jobs for being straight/cis

3) It is illegal to be gay in 72 countries (as of 2017)

4) Same-sex marriage has only been legal in the UK for less than 5 years and same-sex marriage has only been legal in all 50 states for less than 4 years

5) The chances of being murdered is approx. 1 in 12 for trans people

So yes we still have pride parades, yes we still have pride month, because just because we ‘have equal rights’ doesn’t mean we’re really treated equally

I wish I was able to cut a bitch through the screen. A gay cis man cannot be transphobic bc he’s gay. Sure hun. This guy claims that a gay trans man can never be gay bc, hold my purse, he is a straight girl with different pronouns. A straight girl. With different pronouns. To him, sex and gender are the same thing, and your biology cannot be changed. We just have to accept that we are straight girls with different pronouns