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On this week's Highlights Episode, we're discussing the amazing and her books and . Brilliant, thoughtful books -- great for discussion. Have you read them? What are your thoughts? Listen on your favorite player or:

Our Cree Warrior Team, not only do we teach language, we research nehiyaw pedagogy, methodology, & the sociology of it all. We are focused, driven & look within each other, our families our children 4 answers. We speak Cree to each other ❤️

Self Portrait is screening at @gardenstatefilmfestival March 30th in one of our favorite places to visit! It’s looking like a wonderful lineup of films! Can’t wait to see them all! with ma Shady Ladies

It’s official! We will have our EUROPEAN premiere at the legendary BFI Flare London LGBTQ+ Film Festival! Go to to see the full lineup and get your tickets now! ❤️🌈⭐️🎥🍿

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Domenica ci troverete in città alta in Piazza Mascheroni con un banchetto informativo dalle 14.00 alle 18.00!

Today in Calgary! I am very proud of all the First Nation Treaty 7 Post-Secondary students who attended the Treaty 7 Post-Secondary Summer Employment Recruitment Symposium today. Group picture with keynote Dr. Linda Manyguns

With our robot bagged until the competition, we have started working hard on our new projects like the test stand. What are you doing?

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the more people you’re with, the more people you think of every day and shit man… that’s tough.


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Your parents aren’t transphobic if

- You change your name every other day and they just go with your birth name because they can’t keep up.

- They misgender you because you’re constantly changing your gender and pronouns.

- You literally confuse them and spread misinformation, therefore causing them to not understand what being transgender is.

- If they’d prefer you to wait until your older to transition because they don’t want you to make a mistake.

Your parents are only transphobic if they purposely do these things to hurt you because you’re trans.