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বন্ধুদের সাথে আড্ডা জমে উঠুক সুস্বাদু চা হাতে। আর সুস্বাদু চা মানেই মেগা টি।

n-compass staff awards taking place. Well done to all the winners.

We look down on people because they have a different income, religious beliefs, political opinions, skin color, culture, any many other reasons. If we claim to God, we must repent of all & , and love all people. Jesus taught everyone…

Mika Brzezinski uses blatant slur. NO LIBERAL OUTRAGE. Why? Because she’s one of the elites of the Left, a woman & an anchor. But mostly because it was agnst Cabinet member Mike .

🎥 Ce soir à 20:30/ le Cratère : Une chance à ne pas rater pour voir « Mario » un film qui a passé une seule fois sur Toulouse traitant de l’homophobie dans le football professionnel.

FROM THE Pride (In the Name of Love) by Listen to the whole Music to Fight Evil playlist via your favourite streaming service here:

n-compass Christmas staff briefing in full swing, everyone looking very festive

Brilliant morning at the Boyd Anderson Ski Race Competition for these pupils 👏⛷ Thanks to parents &

Many thanks to all who have completed our sexuality survey so far, we have had a fantastic response since we launched two days ago 🏳️‍🌈

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i’m not apologising

i know you won’t appreciate it

Date a demisexual person who will always listen to their best friend talk about what they love, no matter how confusing

First place - $200

Second place - $100

3rd place -$50

Hey Gays For years I have heard people say there are not enough LGBTQ2S writers.

Here’s my goal - I am looking to collect Poems, short stories, stories of strength, of finding family, coming out stories. I want to compile them into a book and have it published. We are the ones who need to write more queer content! If you have a story you want to share please email them to me at

Every writer I chose will receive 100% credit for their work and I will reward 3 people with a cash prize, via email/PayPal

If the book gets anywhere and is successful I will make sure everyone who is in the book is compensated in some way!

“You know what I want? I want to be with the woman I love on Valentine’s Day. And I want her to love me back. And I want just one moment of relief from the gut wrenching pain of knowing that that’s never going to happen.”

- can’t wait for Valentine’s Day lol

You know what?

I’ve been having a rough time lately dealing with trans things and dysphoria, and I’ve been acting a little more self destructive and Sad Boy™ lately. Today was rough, and by the end of the night I was getting sad again. But you know what? Being trans is badass. Fuck being sad. We put up with so much shit. We have bodies that defy us (rude) and we just… fuckin’ go out there, everyday, like. That’s like walking around on fire; we walk in the eye of the storm like, “yes, this is my norm, nothing can inconvenience me more than my own vessel.” That’s big dick energy. And we’re patient as fuck. Delivery delayed by a week? That’s nothing. Have to reschedule for next month? No worries. We’ve waited literal years of our lives to reach our final form. I’m a longhaul motherfucker. I’ve been training my whole life with the heaviest of weights, and when that shit is lifted?? A bitch better watch out.

We carry this weight because we are strong, because a trans person who hasn’t reached their final form functioning on normal is a fucking unstoppable force when evolution is complete. Fuck being sad. Trans is op as shit.