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Pricing effect: Why a higher price tag makes wine taste better

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Econometrics and the problem of calculating price.

Assume p(t)follows a random walk process.“ What he means is that the price at any time t equals the price at time t - 1, plus a completely random "shock.” The shock is modeled as a random variable with mean zero and a certain variance.

Notice already that this approach has given up on trying to explain how real-world prices are actually formed. In reality, today’s prices have no causal connection with tomorrow’s prices. Every day, the price of a stock is formed afresh by decisions on the part of investors to buy or sell. The stock price today seems to be partially “dependent” on the stock price yesterday only because the underlying factors that caused yesterday’s price are largely the same today. The case of a stock price is completely different from, say, the balance of one’s bank account, which does remain constant from day to day, except for “autoregressive” changes due to interest compounding, or “shocks” due to deposits and withdrawals.

The econometric approach to stock price movements is analogous to a meteorologist who looks for correlations between various measurements of atmospheric conditions. For example, he might find that the temperature on any given day is a very good predictor of the temperature on the following day. But no meteorologist would believe that the reading on the thermometer one day somehow caused the reading the next day; he knows that the correlation is due to the fact that the true causal factors—such as the angle of the earth relative to its orbital plane around the sun—do not change much from one day to the next.

Unfortunately, this distinction between causation and correlation is not stressed in econometrics. Indeed, for economists truly committed to the positive method, there can be no such distinction. Although the econometric pioneers may understand why certain assumptions are made and can offer a priori justifications such as “rational expectations” for the details of a particular model, the students of such pioneers are often caught up in the mathematical technicalities and lose sight of the true causes of economic phenomena.

Digital Art Commission Prices:

Pricing Guide Transcription:
(per character/per piece)

Sketches/LineArt:  $15.oo - $20.oo USD
Headshots:            $25.oo - $40.oo USD
Character Sprites: $35.oo - $45.oo USD
Full Body Char.:     $35.oo - $45.oo USD
Lineless Paint:       $55.oo - $65.oo USD
(Digital Paint)
Char. Ref Sheet:    $80.oo (+) USD ***
Full Scale Poster:   $95.oo - $100.oo(+) USD

*For NSFW Commissions there is an option to, for a fee, receive both the original commission AND a SFW version. Fees may range from 10% to 50% depending on the complexity of the edit.*


**For NSFW commissions of specific or complicated kinks there may be an upcharge of 15% up to 50% that can be discussed on an individual basis.**
(Reminder: (NSFW commissions are ONLY for OCs owned by commissioners))

***Regarding Reference sheets:***

Character Reference Sheets start at $80.oo and include;
One Full Sized, full color portrait of your character
as well as up to two additional portraits.
Depending on the complexity of the pose, or of the character design, the additional portraits, at base price ($80.oo), will be adjusted between line art and cell shaded accordingly.
instead of two portraits; one additional action shot, and several smaller closer up detail shots of important character anatomy, or gear. (Like ex. above)

A higher priced commission can be negotiated individually, should it be desired that all portraits included be full color, or any of the portraits be bumped up to “Digital Paint” quality. Prices on additional figures of the same character will be discounted after the first on the same piece for commissions of this type. Discuss details with me. 




Work on projects, including research, will not begin until at least a 50% down payment of the summed commission price has been paid. Additionally, the full-resolution and un-watermarked final product will be delivered upon the completed payment of the total commission price.

During the course of a project I give 2 samples for feedback and adjustment before the final product. ***Edits requested post completion of a project will require additional compensation of $15/hr until the edits are finished. 

I look forward to working with you in the future, and I hope you enjoy my art and work!

Alrighty commissions are open!

Hopefully this sheet highlights most of the important stuff? I can also do a few other styles of shading/line and lineless work, so please scroll through the art on my page if your curious.

I will probably be taking commissions until late February 2019 for now. But yeah, any questions feel free to contact me.

Basic-Ass Redbubble Tips, Idiots

 I am by no means a pro at this shit but this is some basic bizniss and mark my words, this is correct:

1. Use PNGs. Please. With transparent backgrounds. It looks so tacky to have your nice cool typography/art on a white square on an off-white mug/shirt/clock. This is the most important tip.

2. Spend 10mins formatting your designs for the various products- especially the phones/mugs/travel cups- make sure it’s not chopping off the bottom or the sides

3. Try not to have your design end in an abrupt straight line at the bottom- this occasionally works but I’d rather not

4. Reformat your design closer/further apart for the sticker design and upload that individually, depending if you want resulting one sticker or multiple- stickers are definitely the most purchased item because they’re the cheapest so it’s worth doing for sure

5. Stay away from the dorky-ass fonts that came with microsoft word, yeah? Times new roman and comic sans especially but just, like, download druchilla or something. Go on dafont or fontsquirrel (both free) and get yourself something nice.

6. Hashtags are your amigo, amigo- go wild

7. Please not the posterise filter, it suxx

8. Personally I like to search up my quote (or idea, whatever) on the redbubble search engine before I post my work just to see if it’s very similar or identical to what’s already out there

9. Don’t post squashed or stretched images

10. Don’t do crappy cliches unless whatever you’re doing is truly clever- no ‘Keep Calm’, kids

11. Don’t add a vignette- you’re better than that

12. If it’s a long quote be sure to center your text rather than having it right-aligned

13. Hi-res or go home, baby

14. Unless it’s a suuuper specific design- this mostly applies to clocks and duvets- put your art on more than just prints and a card; this is not to say that you should put it on EVERYTHING (you shouldn’t- I normally stay away from tapestries and skirts especially)

15. If you are going the leggings and skirts route, or duvets and scarves, your design should probably repeat

16. I’d avoid little square designs in the middle of phone cases in general

17. Be discerning with the whole adult content thing

18. Wisely choose what your design default-ly displays as 

19. Have your design very cropped for everything but the art products (prints, posters, cards, art block) in which case make a variant with some chill whitespace around, room to breathe, you feel me

20. Have a blast!