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What our strategy? Want the absolute best for less ?

Si terrà il 29/5 l'incontro dedicato pricing users: saranno illustrate le nuove funzionalità dei di di e sarà condivisa la road map dei prossimi rilasci. Focus su e . Registrati ora:

your products or services is key to running a . Register for our class in the month of June. Email or call 0728781621 for more information.

2019 Sierra 1500 CarbonPro Editions Are Ridiculously Expensive. Carbon fiber ain't cheap. Read:

BBL Final and was captivated by this chaps smile. Was he: A superb employee with the most ultimate attitude? On a large commission selling with great margins? Have a captive audience ? Or a trick I’m missing? Learning here

your products or services is key to running a . Register for our class in the month of June. Email or call 0728781621 for more information.

Dual price policy in at the water fall. Thai people pay THB 40/- and westerners pay@THB 200/-. They don’t even accept foreigners with work permit. I did not want to go but as accompanying family had too.

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when tabling at overseas events, how do you usually adjust your prices if it's a country with a different currency? do you still adjust it to be exactly the same price (eg 10usd to 13 cad)?

Kiriska: A direct conversion of the price (10 USD to 13 CAD) is common, but I think it’s equally common for artists to just leave prices as-is (10 USD to 10 CAD) either because they don’t want to update signage, don’t want to do math, don’t realise how big of a hit they’re taking on the conversion (or the conversion is in their favour!), don’t care, or all of above.

I’ve also seen artists convert some prices but not others – e.g. leaving print prices as-is (10 USD to 10 CAD) while updating commission prices accordingly (10 USD to 13 CAD).

Occasionally, I see artists go somewhere in the middle, where they adjust prices for the different market, but it isn’t a direct conversion of their home country price. Some countries have entirely different expected/typical market prices, so directly converted prices may not move at all. 

For example, printed goods in Japan are typically priced far lower than in North America because printing is cheaper. It would probably be very difficult to move a $20 USD print at a Japanese con. A direct conversion (~ ¥2150) wouldn’t sell. A lazy conversion (¥20?? ¥200??) is crazy. So it makes the most sense to meet somewhere in the middle, depending on typical local prices.

A general question to shop/bar owners and employers in ffxiv. Or just about anyone who plays ffxiv.

The prices of food and items and job wages in ffxiv has always been on my mind. So I’m wondering, how to people calculate prices for their menus or simply hiring.

Do you just pluck it out of your head? you calculate it.

For me, I like to use a ratio of [10:1]

10 gil = £1

So looking at the price for hot chocolate its 17gil which would be the equivalent of £1.70.

A pair of Bronze Baselards sold by Geraint is 302gil which is the equivalent of £30.20 which is actually quite reasonable for a pair of basic daggers.

A mythril broadsword sold by Elbert at The Pillars costs 4,159gil which is a whopping £415. Which considering the material and quality of the weapon. Is a pretty fair asking price.

I’m just curious how people work theirs out because I can stumble on a menu for a bar/tavern for a slice of chocolate cake and they’re asking 100gil for it. Like £10 for a slice? Oouff. GRANTED however, there could be reasons for this like inflation and taxes.. supply and demand but we don’t have to get that deep.

Customer Tip #2

If you don’t like the prices of something, don’t take it out on the server.

Trust me, we understand. But, we do not make any of the decisions. We simply are here so you don’t have to get the food from the kitchen yourself. We are here to entertain you. We are not here to executive decisions like removing items or increasing prices.

That is what a manager is for.


What is price transparency and why is it so important? Tonight at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time 7pm central we’re going to be going live on my Facebook page with Ryan Kettering who is the founder of Prolific Prints and a marketing and branding expert. Ryan is going to teach us all about price transparency and how we can start implementing this into our service businesses quickly and easily. GOOD STUFF

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I’m opening commissions!

Greetings! I’ve decided to open commissions! I’ve been wanting to open them for a while and considering that I’m about to graduate, what better way to celebrate! For now, I’m only accepting payment through Venmo (US only), although hopefully that changes very soon! 

Here’s what you need to know: 

1) In order to request a commission, you should be following this blog (just my art account y’all) and a reblog of this post is appreciated, although not required. 

2) I can work in several styles, although I am going to say no realism, as its not my forte and I want y’all to get the best possible work you can get! 

3) I work very well with reference photos! If there is a certain style you’d like me to draw in, go ahead and send me a reference! 

4) I will request that half of the payment be made before I start the artwork (with the exception of sketches, those you can pay for once they’re ready to be sent to you), you can pay for the other half when its ready to be sent (I’ll notify you!) 

5) You can request a commission either through my email ( or through messages/inbox on tumblr (or heck, all three!) I will need a name to go with the art, so if you are sending me a message through multiple platforms, include a name (doesn’t have to be yours!) 

6) I will do fandom art, although I may have to do a bit more research if it is one I am unfamiliar with. 

7) Got an OC? I’ll draw ‘em! Just send me a description of your character along with a few interests or hobbies! 

8) I’ll let you know when I start working on your piece, and when I finish it! 

9) Commissions will be sent digitally as I work solely with digital art!

10) In order to avoid premature payments, my venmo information will be sent to you once you request a commission!


Alright y’all here it is, pricing. ooohhh. 

  • Sketch: You can choose for it to be in any color, although it will not be a colored picture, just the basic sketch y’all! 5 USD
  • Sketch with color: You can choose any set of color’s you’d like, or you can let me surprise you! This will take me a bit longer than a regular sketch. 8 USD
  • Sketch with background, no color: The same as original sketch but with a background / setting. This will take more time. 10 USD 
  • Full Blown Art, with background + color: This is a full piece of art and could take a while to complete. A reference for the background photo is appreciated, although not required. 15 USD

I will only accept payment through Venmo. I will not allow you to pay me until I begin the artwork, to avoid any mix ups. 

And that’s about all you need to know, any edits that I make will be made 


I can’t wait to get working on your art! Until then! 

- Cal-Art

Commissions are Open

Prices start at 10 US Dollars, +5 per “feature”

Base price is for colored Lineart of a character, from the waist/thighs up, and a simple background.

Features consist of:

- Expanding to full body

- Shading

- Additional Characters

- Simple Background

- Detailed Background (+$10)

- Background Characters (Scales based on # of Bodies)

- Text

I won’t Draw:

- Child porn

I will Draw:

- Just about anything else, unless you surprise me with some freaky shit.

Get in tough by either shooting me a DM either here, or on Twitter @brandonwilli13

Now here’s some examples of my work, with pricing examples.

Ex.1 | $20 | Base + Shading + Simple Background

Ex.2 | $20 | Base + Shading + Full Body

Ex.3 | $30 | Base + Shading + Full Body + Simple Background + Text

Ex.4 | $45 | Base + Shading + Full Body + Extra Character + Detailed Background + Background Characters X2


One more piece from @washingtonpost special edition last week. This piece was about pricing your house and weighing offers that come in. Thanks @h8nunc!
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