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Read our honest review of The Gadget Flow Find out if they're worthwhile using for marketing your Kickstarter or Indiegogo Project. Do they actually work and how can they help?

In an interview with The Fly, Stephens Jeff Cohen said 'a ton of questions' remain about Google's Stadia on and the business model. More in "Game On," weekly from

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In the highly competitive space, what matters most is the availability of content, but also notes variations in and can also make a difference:

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Read our honest review of The Gadget Flow Find out if they're worthwhile using for marketing your Kickstarter or Indiegogo Project. Do they actually work and how can they help?

Will proposed proposals actually bring down cost? Most interesting idea is to tie cost of some hospital-administered drugs to prices abroad. Will benefits inure to patients? How Best To Bring Down Prescription Drug Prices?

This marks our 30th year of successful Pricing & Conferences around the globe! Watch this message from Patience Mutiso - a dear friend & expert

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Is... not knowing how to price & package your offer keeping you from ditching your *time-based* pricing model? [Still Trading Time for Money? Overcome These 5 Key Hurdles and Finally Stop Charging by the Hour]

An interesting way of "testing" a price increase (or is it) --- This News From Netflix UK May Have You Reconsidering Your Choice Of Subscription

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Here’s a new price sheet for ya’ll!  Please dm me here or over on twitter under the same handle, thank you!

s are appreciated!


Last week it was not an easy week for our startup. We launched second serial event called RAPID Fire, but the tickets were sold really slowly. One of the major reason is the price we set. During the weekend we discussed and based on Chinese Market characteristic, we decided to use these series events to test our price model. How we reacted is way more important than worrying about getting tickets sold for one session only.

Check out my IGTV for full video. And my radio for this episode is also out, you may search HAO’s JFDI on anchor to find out.

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anonymous asked:

hi! i’ve ordered some stickers that are supposed to be about 4cm / 1.5” in height, but it turned out to be about 3.4cm/ 1.3” in height, and i’m not sure if i can sell these stickers at $1 each , and do some kind of promo because i’m not sure if people would want to spend a dollar on such a small sticker, or should i sell them for like 50c? :’) thanks in adv!

Kiriska: Put them at a dollar and see if it sells before adjusting down. Hell, if they’re nice quality (thick vinyl and/or laminated, etc), you could possibly charge more than a dollar? Either way, deals are always nice for small items like stickers and buttons!

Commission Prices!


sketched -> lined
[headshot] $0.20 -> $0.30
[bust] $0.45 -> $0.70
[halfbody] $0.70 -> $1.10
[fullbody] $1.00 -> $2.00
[chibi] $0.50 -> $1.00 
[adventure time style] $0.50 -> $0.75 
[custom] $1.00 -> $2.00
[fusion] $0.75 -> $1.25


sketched/colored -> lined/colored
[headshot] $0.20 -> $0.40
[bust] $0.45 -> $0.70
[halfbody] $0.75 -> $1.75
[fullbody] $1.00 -> $2.00
[chibi] $0.50 -> $1.00 
[adventure time style] $0.50 -> $0.75 
[custom] $1.00 
[fusion] $0.75 -> $1.25

Materials and Pricing

The greatest thing about the Shoebox Projector is that all of the materials can be found at home! Due to this, no money was spent in the making of the projector. However, if you don’t have all of the materials listed, below are the prices for each item:


Scratch papers

Glue gun ($5.00)

Magnifying glass ($1.50)

X-acto knife ($2.00)

Scissors ($1)

Coloured paper or paint (decoration) ($4.00)

Glue stick ($1.00)

Brush ($1.25)

Pencil or marker ($1.00)

Ruler ($1.00)

Binder Clips ($2.00)

anonymous asked:

Dear Art Directors, I've been getting a handful commissions lately but not enough unfortunately, so I wanted to post my commission examples and prices on Twitter for signal boosting. At the same time, I also want to start sending my portfolio to various companies. So my question is, would an AD see me as an amateur if I (heavily) undercharge for individual commissions just to get sales but ask for double or triple the rates for commercial work? Should I maybe keep my prices private? Thanks!

Private commissions are totally different than commercial ones. Commercial ones cost more because they’re not just paying you to MAKE A PIECE OF ART they are paying you for the USAGE OF THAT IMAGE COMMERCIALLY. So it really doesn’t matter. 

That said, do be careful to not underprice yourself on either front. All you do is keep yourself in starvation mode longer and drag down prices for other artists. Do some research at who else is doing roughly what you do with roughly the same experience/skill and price around that. Your goal is not to undercut everyone else. That always backfires.

—Agent Negative Space

Red Alert my guys, I’m freaking the flip out.

I need help. I’m trying to figure out pricing for the two commissions I’ve done, now that I’m almost done with them. Bear in mind I’m an idiot moron with no concept of how much is worth what.

Alright, here’s the deets regarding the specs:

Gatomon: approx 4 hours stitching, 469 stitches

Infermon: looking to be about 30 hours stitching, 4161 stitches

Neither has been washed/ironed yet, and I’ll be doing both together, which will take like half an hour. Both will be shipped together in a flat pack, since they’re going to the same person.

Initially, when asking around in my crafting group, the general consensus was a minimum of $2 per hour. Which would put me at a minimum of like $70 or so. So I was thinking of asking for $100 so it’s not bare minimum.

Now people in the crafting group are saying I should be charging by stitch, where $0.08 per stitch would get me about $10 per hour (my stitch speed is about 2 per minute) which would give me like, $400 or something like that. Even charging $7.25 per hour, minimum wage, is what feels to me like an absurdly high cost. There’s no damn way anyone would pay $300 for a couple of cross stitches, right?

Anyone want to chime in please? Give suggestions, weigh in on how I should measure pricing (by hour? by stitch? by square inch???), etc. Please guys, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Also bear in mind this isn’t a full time job I’m doing or anything, it’s just being paid for something I’m doing anyway to keep my hands occupied.

Here’s one of my fashionable witches, Alpha, being a sample for #commissions


 Bust: 10€ 

Half Figure: 12€

 Full Body: 15€ 

+5€ for additional character 


Bust: 15€ 

Half Figure: 17€ 

Full Body: 20€ 

+7€ for additional character 

 Digital Flats: 

Bust: 25€ 

Half Figure: 27€ 

Full Body: 30€ 

+10€ for additional character 

Standard Package
External image

The Standard Package is perfect for the budget minded bride who still wants a lot of value for not much money.  You can rest assured that you will have your event covered and at a very affordable price. 

For more information please call or text: 281-686-0080


5 hours of event coverage

10 inch digital photo album

Copyright release

Flash drive of ALL of your high resolution images

FREE engagement portrait session

FREE family portrait session*

*the free family portrait session is valid for 12 month from your wedding date