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is dropping this friday! Everyone promo the hell out of this!💥💥

Would you dive in with me or hesitate? A different space, that you ever been So we'll hop in a jacuzzi, cool off in the shower And drip 'til we soak the bed

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I just wanna hug them and express my love and appreciation that I have for them he and Austin are my lil babies like seriously as corny as this sounds they aren’t trying to be anyone but themselves and it means a lot this fandom( on here at least) is seriously the funniest loving ones like we all bag on them outta love and it makes my heart warm SHCHJHJHKJ💗💗

Sing (Zion Kuwonu)

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A/N sorry this took so long, I haven’t been feeling well and have basically been sleeping for the last 36 hours 😂

Requested by: anon


“Hey, lets turn on the radio!” Brandon said from the front of the van.

We all shouted our agreement and the driver switched it on. I was on the way to the next venue with my boyfriend Zion and the rest of his band. We were all chatting before I heard a familiar melody come on the radio.

“So pull me closer, why don’t you pull me close…” I sang along, motioning for everyone else to join as it hit the chorus.

“Oh baby, why don’t you just meet me in the middle?” We all sang in unison.

We sang through the rest of the song and the radio went to commercial. Zion and the rest of the boys turned to me.

“Y/N, I didn’t know you could sing baby!” He said in disbelief.

“We’ll have to get you on a track.” Edwin chimed in, the other boys nodding.

I hid my face a little as the music came back on and everyone started to sing when they recognized the song.

“Baby, I ain’t got no money, all I got is time, and I’m gon’ spend that time on you…” Summer on You blasted through the speakers.

Everyone sang along, happy to hear the song on the radio. Zion pulled out his phone to make an Instagram story of you all loudly singing along to the song. Everyone laughing and having a great time.

A few more songs were sang before we all reached the venue and got out of the car to stretch our legs. I pulled out my phone to go on Instagram and saw Zion’s story. It was all of us goofing around and singing in the car with the words “you know my baby can sing ❤️”.

I looked over to Zion talking with Austin and Brandon and smiled. He sent me a wink when he thought the others weren’t looking, but they saw and told us to get a room.

“Maybe we will” Zion said taking my hand and leading me into the venue trying to hide his laughter as the boys made varying sounds of disgust behind us.

Slowly | N.M

Request: Prompt 10 on Wattpad Prompt List 2 (“Kiss me slowly”)

A/N: FIRST THINGS FIRST THIS IS TERRIBLE AND SHORT I SORRY! I had major writers block on this one and couldn’t figure out how to fit “kiss me slowly” into a sentence so i changed it up a little bit so it’s terrible :/

Secondly, Thanks so much for 70k reads on Wattpad! I only have a couple requests left to do (this is my last wattpad one) so request things so I can keep writing for y'all! (:

Warnings: None (:

Words: 201

Y/N’s POV:

“Nick!” I yell as Nick runs into our shared bedroom with my phone and holds it high into the air where I can’t reach. “Give me my phone!” I whine as I jump, trying to reach the phone. “Your not getting it back!” He laughs as he gives me quick little kisses all over my face. “Look your really cute n all but give me my goddamn phone!” I look into his eyes as he laughed at my failed attempts of reaching for my phone. I finally gave up and sat onto our bed, sighing.

After a couple minutes of standing and staring at me, Nick finally gave up and handed me my phone. “Fuck you” I giggle as Nick sat next to me, grabbing my hand. “I’m sorryy” He said, making sure to drag out the ‘y’ in sorry as much as possible. I laughed at his childishness and unlocked my phone before feeling Nick grasp my cheek, pulling me in and kissing me slowly. A few seconds later I hear the door of our room open. “Ew, cooties” I hear Zion yell as we both laugh, ending the kiss and continuing on with our day..

Love bites // A;P



He was smirking at you, leaning down placing sloppy kisses on your collarbone, and working downwards to your neck.

He knew that once he kissed your neck your resistance would crumble. After just a few delicate touches of his warm lips your hands would start to his bidding. They would fall down his back as your head swims, all previous thoughts stopped in their tracks. Now there was only one desire, one wish, and you both knew it’s just a matter of time before it happened.

„The others won’t know“, he whispered against your skin. You hummed in response, not in the state to talk.

He worked his way down to your breasts, sucking your soft skin with pleasure. He pulled away, a smirk lingered his face as he observed the red mark he left.

“I’m going to drive you crazy, then stop, then do it all over again until you beg me to finish it”, he said in a low voice.