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Another accurate representation of what the UK beanz looked like after came to the UK for a week, and the boys had us swerving lanes


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first of all your writing got me FUCKED UP IN MY FEELS I am loving it second of all I have a concept, can you write something with Zion or B about how he wants to see you but you’re busy doing school work so he comes over anyways jus to be in bed next to you napping & playing on his phone while you do your work IM SOFT💖💖💖💖💖💖

HNGGGGG I WANT THIS SO BADDDD + thank you my love oh my gosh 🥺✨

‘Baby, can I just come and lay with you?’ Zion’s voice tumbled down the line in a warm plea, the rustling of sheets in the background signalling that he’d just woken up.

‘It’s a study day, bubs, I’m not much fun at the moment,’ you replied with a frown, flicking aggressively through your notebook with the orderly highlighting in colour coded sections.

‘But I’ll be really quiet,’ he reasoned in the voice Zion reserved primarily for you and Simba.

‘Come on, then,’ you smiled to yourself as Zion’s satisfaction seeped through the phone.

Only 15 minutes later, he was laying curled up beside you in bed. His hands slipped beneath the hem of your long sleeve, massaging the sensitive skin. His eyes were partially closed, his lashes a crinkled line of ebony although he tried to focus on you. Continuing to read your cue cards, you reached a hand over to trail your fingertips along the column of his neck and to the parts of his chest that were exposed from beneath his lilac jumper. A sleepy smile came over his face, shivering into your touch a little to rest his face against your hip and tummy.

You grinned down at him, his eyes opening a fraction, his arms wrapping over your waist.

‘Your concentration face is so cute,’ he said decidedly, snuggling back into your lap and tilting his head to kiss your forearm where you were typing on your laptop.

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hi i’m not sure if you’ve done this before but could you do a blurb or something of how the boys would react to you coming out as somebody apart of the LGBT+ community?


I think they’d be so so so proud of you. Brandon would give you a massive hug and would be absolutely over the moon that you’re comfortable to be yourself around them. Edwin is the cutest lil bean ever and I feel like he’d just wanna let you know how much he loves you. Austin would be SO chill like he’d just hug you and ughhgg soft. Zion and Nick are my favourite in this instance because I just feel like they are so confident already and would hype you up so much

I can already imagine Z and Edwin trying painfully hard to ice cupcakes in the pride colours to surprise you and they’re messy but THE THOUGHT IS THERE 🥺

You and PRETTYMUCH were going on tour together, all because your boyfriend — Zion Kuwonu — convinced management to let you and you were grateful for it. For the first night of the tour, the boys did their songs, you did yours, did a little hype dancing, and then did some covers to songs. What Zion didn’t know was that you talked to the other boys and made a plan to do a little something at the end of the show.

“Alright, Houston!” Zion started into the microphone for Brandon to walk over and whisper something in his ear, “Alright Houston, we got one more special for you. Much love and good night!” Brandon stated, for Zion to be confused and the rest to leave off the stage. You pushed Zion into a chair that was left on stage from one of your songs choreo, he was even more lost even when the intro to Rihanna’s Work came on.

You held back a smirk, singing into the mic, “Work, work, work, work, work, work. He said me haffi, work, work, work, work, work, work..” The crowd went wild as you stood in front of Zion, whining to the beat as you sing the hits lyrics. When you looked over your shoulder Zion’s eyes meet yours and then traveled down your body to your hips. “Dry! …Me a desert him..” You backed up, placing your ass on his lap and started circling your hips.

“Nuh time to have you lurking, Him ah go act like he nuh like it..” You started to feel the rhythm even more as you copied a few moves from the video. Having heard it enough times and talking to Rihanna yourself, you were able to imitate her accent and moves well enough.

“You know I dealt with you the nicest. Nuh body touch me you nuh righteous.” You rolled your body as you leaned back against him. He tried to grab your waist, but you subtly would move his hands away, making him hot and flustered. You were really dwelling in the constant groans, curses under his breath, and the sharp inhale he gave when you perfectly sat your ass on his hard-on that you expertly avoided.

As the songs outro played, the lights started dimming as a cue for you two to disappear. The boys were already backstage getting ready for the meet and greet, they were all smug when Zion walked into the room clearly fuming and frustrated but they kept talking, you chiming in here and there, as they talked about the success of the show. “Alright guys, I’m going to go to my dressing room before we have the meet and greet.” The four boys acknowledged you before you slipped out and towards your dressing room. You sighed as you sat down, laughing to yourself, “I did that shit.” As you freshened up, you took your time, enough so that you were supposed to be out of your dressing room ten minutes earlier. Their was a sharp knock on your door, “Alright, alright! I’m coming now.” You threw open the door, ready to give your manager a mouthful, but instead of it being her, it was Zion who wrapped a hand around your throat, stepping in as he closed your dressing room door with his foot. You smirked as he backed you two into a wall, him pinning you against it with his hand still gripping your throat. He pressed himself against you, feeling his every inch of his print, his lips brushed against your earlobe, “You really think you can get away with that shit so easily, mama’s?”

“Zi-Zion, the meet and greet..” You breathed out, sounding more weak by the minute because you honestly needed him too.

“They can wait twenty more minutes. We got some business to finish.”

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all these proposal concepts ur posting got me thinking bout what the wedding wit z would be like?

oH, so we CRYIN cryin today. Sounds good to me

- the vibe of it would be simple but so beautiful

- Zion absolutely adored coming with you to pick stuff out

- the venue would an intimate garden at a beautiful estate

- walking down the aisle from the big double doors

- literal tears when he sees you for the first time

- the boys consoling him as he wipes his tears away uwu

- ‘Holy shit, Mamas, you look so gorgeous.’

- lifting your veil gently off your face is the most tender moment ever

- trying not to swear through his vows skkskskw

- ‘I’m all f-…yours.’

- needs you to hold his hands because he’s: NERVOUS

- ‘You may kiss the bride’ is the moment it truly sinks in

- He actually has the love of his life forever

- The type of kiss where one hand is cupping your cheek and the other is around your waist

- The reception is HYPE

- You best believe you’re sitting Z doing and performing a lil number

- Kinda wishes he could escape with you when he sees the white bodysuit

- First dance to ‘18’ by One Direction or Best Part by Daniel Caesar and H.E.R

- Cutting the cake and feeding it to one another

- Going to stay at a luxurious suite for the night in the estate

- Taking your garter off with his teeth I-

- Truly making love

- champagne afterwards

- laying in bed and feeding one another chocolate because why the fuck not

- ‘Mrs Kuwonu…I gotta be the luckiest man alive.’

Some PRETTYMUCH memes for ya soul😌✌

Make a Wish(Edwin Honoret)

Not Requested

It’s my birthday sooooo


Originally posted by prettymuch-obsessed

Edwin’s bright smile warmed your heart. The day had been filled to the brim with amazing memories. Breakfast in bed, picnic in the park for lunch, a warm bubble bath together. He was gleaming, prideful of his work. “Come on, mami,” he wrapped a fluffy towel around your body. The house was quiet, for once, Edwin had all the boys sent away for the weekend. 

“Thank you, babe,” you offer a soft kiss to his lips. “For everything, today was a great day.” 

“It’s not over yet,” his grin grew, if possible. 

“Ed, what else could you possibly have left?” 

“Only the best for you, mi amor,” he pecked your lips once more. “Go get ready, I’ll be right back.” He snatches up a pair of boxers and is on his way. 

You shake your head softly, and reach for some clothes, settling on one of Edwin’s shirts and his boxers. You had been rubbing lotion over your legs when you hear him yell, “CLOSE YOUR EYES!” 

Giggling to yourself, you shut your eyes and shift to a comfortable spot on the bed. The door creaks open and Edwin’s quiet squealing and giggling in pure excitement warmed your heart. “Can I open them now?” 

He doesn’t answer, but instead, softly presses his lips against yours. The kiss is slow and sweet, his hands are cupping your face. “Happy birthday, babe,” he whispers against your lips. 

Your eyes flutter open, leaning forward you wrap your arms around his neck. “What did I do to deserve such a wonderful boyfriend?” 

“Being yourself,” he smiles softly. He reaches from something on the nightstand: a cupcake. “Make a wish.” 

“I wish this night could last forever,” you admit, the candle goes out in a quick huff.

“I hope your wish comes true,” he curls into bed beside you. “Until then, I have cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries.” 

Your smile grows, your cheeks ache from it. “I love you.” 

“I love you too, Happy Birthday, mi amor.”

Colors and Sounds~ Nick

Originally posted by wealthybrian

I had always seen the world in terms of sound. Each person had their own sound, their own vibe, and I viewed them as a sound because that was how I saw the world.

For example, in my eyes, people who spoke in soft voices sounded like butterfly wings: delicate, soft, shy.

People who spoke in loud voices had the sound of drums: bold, loud, very in your face.

But Nick…..Nick was a special individual. Nick had a voice somewhere in the mix between loud and soft. His voice was soothing to listen to and each word he spoke had an interesting sound to it.

Nick’s voice was like the sound of an acoustic guitar. Each word was plucked on a different string and had a softness to it.

There was times, like when he’d get mad, that his voice became an electric guitar: harsh strumming behind every word and a sharpness to his tone.

Nick also saw the world in terms of color. He often told me that each person in his eyes was a shade of color.

That was like I liked about our relationship: I helped him see the world in sound and he helped me see the world in color.

I’d once asked him what shade of color I was. 

He’d propped his chin in his hand and studied me for a long minute, his eyes focusing on each part of my body like they had their own individual colors and sounds.

When he spoke, his words were soft and sweet like a piano song.

“You are like a bumblebee yellow.”

Colors and sounds. Bumblebee yellow and an acoustic guitar. Nick and I were one and the same and yet so very different.

More | N.M

Request: “can u make an imagine of you wanting to learn how to dance and your friend nick really wants to teach you so he shows you and there’s like hella sexual tension between you guys kbniygcdsw” - Tumblr anon

A/N: I MISREAD THE REQUEST WHEN I BEGAN WRITING THIS BT I LIKE HOW IT TURNED OUT EITHER WAY I HOPE YOU ENJOY. Also im writing this during an all-nighter im doing to fix my sleep schedule before I start working for the summer lmAO im trying to get my remaining requests done before I leave so this might be rushed but im gonna try to do it as best as possible 

Words: 587

Key: Y/N- Your Name, 

Warnings: None (: 

Y/N’s POV: 

Determined. That’s one of the many possible words to describe my best friend of a couple years, Nicholas Mara. Nick has always been a very creative person, whether it was with music, dancing or anything else he does, he does it in his own special way and it’s honestly admirable. Along with being so creative, Nick is determined. Once he sets his mind onto something, he has to (and eventually will) complete it, no matter how impossible it may seem. 

One of the things Nick was determined to do was teach me how to dance. He has begged me multiple times to let him teach me how to dance, but every time I blow it off or make up an excuse to not do it, but now there was no reason to not do it. “Pleaseee, Y/N! Please let me teach you!” Nick whines, dragging the ‘E’ in please, standing over me while I lay on his bed. I take a couple seconds to think about it, but eventually give in. “Fine, you can teach me this once” I watch Nick as his smile grows and his fist bumps the air. “Fuck yeah!! Lets go” he says, cheerily as he drags me from his bed and to his car. 

After a while of driving, we arrived at the dance studio that Nick and the rest of the band frequent. “I’ll start off basic and teach you the choreography to ‘Would You Mind’” Nick says, pulling me into the room and putting down our backpacks. He turns on the music and starts explaining the choreography although I wasn’t listening to a word he said, just admiring him as he explained the moves and then followed up by showing me. I must admit, I do have a slight crush on Nick. I have for a while, actually, but it hits different when I see him dancing. Something about him dancing was really hot to me, which is one of the reasons I procrastinated letting him teach me.

“You good, Y/N?” Nick says, snapping me out of my loving daze. “Oh, uh, yeah! I’m okay!” I say, looking into his eyes and fixing my hair. “It looked like you were staring at me” Nick winks, chuckling lightly after. I bring my eyes to my feet as I laugh along, desperate to hide the light blush on my cheeks. After a while, he starts to teach me more of the dance. As we get deeper into the choreography, the sexual tension in the room elevates to a point where it is unavoidable. We finish the dance, both of us laughing lightly as we spin around, making fun out of the tense time we created. I spin around, bumping into Nick as I try to stop myself. I feel his arms around my waist, pulling my close to his body, our faces inches from the others. I close my eyes lightly as he presses his soft lips to mine, both of us melting into the kiss like a lit candle. 

I open my eyes and a deep blush falls onto my cheeks as I look away from Nick. “Y/N, I’ve loved you for a while. I know we’re best friends but I can’t help but want more. Will you be my girlfriend?” he says, his finger lifting my chin so he could look into my eyes. “Yes, of course Nick” I say, kissing him one last time before we leave the dance studio and go home.