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session on the policies and laws which exists and active in Somaliland as-well as the under processes and absent.

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My friend took this during my AP Lang Presentation

This is from the lovely @teamcg, please read through this and give some advice! Thank you<3

Hi, friends! I’m in my first year at uni. I had a terrible encounter with one of my teachers, AND he is the teacher who is in charge of Erasmus projects. So basically, in the speaking class our mid-term exams will be based on presentations. The teacher asked us to prepare presentations, and he said we would be first starting with the volunteers. Couple weeks later, he abruptly began choosing people by the course list. I’m number 9 so, it was my turn. I said that I wasn’t done preparing it -my presentation subject is plastic waste-. He said, “okay, talk about something else.” I said that “I don’t have another topic to talk about and I don’t wanna do my presentation right now cause I’m thinking of bringing some stuff to the class, -as I don’t have them with me- can I do it next week?” He mumbled something that I couldn’t hear and then said: “Okay, did not talk, did not attend the mid-term exam, zero.” WHAT?????? My friends and the kids at the front were turning back, and checking on me, they couldn’t believe what they heard, too. The teacher literally gave me an FF because all I wanted to do was to make a decent presentation on a topic that I’m genuinely passionate about.  My friends tried to convince me to talk to him but I didn’t cause I was sure that I would sound pretty angry. I said I would wait until next week, bring my stuff, and ask him if I can do my presentation.  Another thing that bothered me was I thought we would prepare presentations and talks??  The students before me were unprepared too and they went and talk about something they read on the internet, they saw on the train, someone they are fond of and things like that. They didn’t bring anything and I was like ????? I thought we would actually do a presentation not just go and talk about sth for 5 minutes. And I’m sure all the teacher wanted from me was to talk about something to ensure him I’m able to speak English. So basically, I’m gonna attempt to save my butt from failing a course that I’m actually pretty good at, next week -18th December-. I would love to hear bits of advice from you even about my subject -plastic waste- If you have any idea to make it more appealing to students I would be so thankful. It was pretty long I’m sorry for taking your time it’s just that I’m new to this environment and frustrated. Have a nice dayyy

So my class had a presentation about cyber-security, sexuality, hypersexualisation, etc and the nurse said something that I love talking about legal relations and shit :

Nurse : So if we have Jason, and he’s 15, and Chris, who’s 19, is it legal?

Class : Yes

Nurse : And since they’re both guys, what does that change?

Class : wtf ?


She’s my favorite person now

What's New with AWS Storage - A Recap of re:Invent 2018 Announcements - AWS Online Tech Talks

Cloud storage is a critical component of cloud computing, holding the information used by applications. Big data analytics, data lakes, Internet of Things, databases, backup and restore, and archive applications all rely on some form of data storage architecture. AWS offers a complete range of cloud storage services that are typically more reliable, scalable, and secure than traditional on-premises storage systems. In this tech talk, learn about the key AWS storage announcements that occurred just prior to and at re:Invent 2018. Object Storage had the most announcements with 8 new Amazon S3 features, including additional storage classes (S3 Intelligent-Tiering and S3 Glacier Deep Archive is Pre-announced), security and compliance (S3 Block Public Access and S3 Object Lock), storage management (S3 Batch Operations in Preview), and new S3 features that make it even easier to use Amazon S3 Glacier (S3 PUT to Glacier, S3 Cross-Region Replication to Glacier, S3 Restore Notifications, and S3 Restore Speed Upgrade). With new Amazon S3 storage classes, security and compliance, storage management and automation, and S3 API unification for the S3 Glacier storage class, you will be able to start designing the foundation of your cloud IT environment for any application and easily migrate data to AWS. Learning Objectives: - Reduce storage costs and easily transition objects between storage classes, especially S3 Glacier - Enforce a “"no public access”“ security policy and set retention dates for compliance or as an added layer of protection - Perform batch operations on billions of S3 objects easily

Tutor Feedback:

  • Go back to initial surrealist and dream research eg. make sure camera angles, lighting and colour evoke dream quality 
  • Liked my experimentation ideas (paint on live action hand and on fur, mimic Maisie’s painting strokes)
  • Liked Chantelle‘s references to Junjiito
  • Random cohesive element throughout the sequences so people can go back and watch it and notice something else eg. adventure time snail or random moments within Green Wing

Female Identity in Isabel Quintero’s Gabi, A Girl In Pieces

Oral Presentation:


What was the most interesting or surprising thing that you learned as you researched and worked on this project? The thing that I learned most in terms of researching my topic had to do with how influential this genre is on adolescents up to the young adult age. I do not think I ever thought about how important these books were to me as well as why this genre continues to be my favorite to this day. In terms of working on this project I really enjoyed the format and the way that we were able to still research and it helped me be far more productive with my time. 

Why did you choose to work with this/these text(s)? I chose Gabi, A Girl In Pieces because culturally speaking I related to this a lot. There were also instances in the novel in which I found my self almost reliving experiences. This book was my favorite in terms of relatability and representation. I also chose this novel because of the format, the diary entries and the poems all combined many aspects that I am drawn to in novels.  

How will you apply what you learned or discovered during this project to your teaching or professional goals beyond this course? Knowing how influential these novels and reading articles, such as the ones we did throughout the course, on the novels that one may be teaching is a huge advantage. I believe that this course has granted me skills on how to find proper novels to use in the classroom as well as how to find more novels to read on my own time. Another thing that I learned through the course of this project was how to use this format of project to create summaries on novels in order to discuss or even just using this format in order to write future papers.

-Sarabeth Lopez

Pentathalon Five

For my fifth pentathalon I went to a presentation on mindfulness. This mindfulness presentation was specifically tied into the arts and had that audience in mind. Coping with stress as someone in the arts can be hard, especially in areas such a music education (which was a topic of focus.) I feel as if the strategies discussed (such as living mindfully through breathing and eating with thought) can be easily implemented in my life and bring actual improvements.

I went to the National Museum of Women in the Arts in DC. The museum showcased a multitude of artworks by women artists. The fashion portion of the museum stood out to me because of all the flowing fabrics and the blending of colors.

プレゼン力やファシリ力を身に付けたければ、まずは社内で経験を積んだ方がいい。顧客や社外向けの場で経験積もうとするとハードル上がるし数もこなせない。社内向けイベントに積極的に関わり、必要なら自分で企画し、機会を作る。これが力の差になる。— sogitani / baigie inc. (@sogitani_baigie) December 10, 2018