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In the : There are two phases to organizing your : Plan Your Message and Develop Your Message. Planning is Critical because you want to make sure your message is for the right audience. - via

You know what they say. What you do today will determine what happen to you tomorrow. Public speaking is cool: HOW PUBLIC SPEAKING SKILLS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FO...

TIP: It's not enough to know your content – you must exercise your ability to convey it. But meaningful practice requires operating your mouth, not just your mind, so don't mumble it. (How to make a point: )

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For those that missed the livestream this morning it was fun and here's the playback for your convenience. Be sure to like and share. Thank you.

Here are five hacks for every person with a super long presentation to engage their audience and make it stand out.📊

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Me being super sleepy and not doing anything productive even though I have a presentation on Tuesday which could be very beneficial to my economics grade? More likely than you think

Shoutout to whoever sent me a story but hasn’t followed. Don’t be ashamed young Padawan.

Got an important presentation today, couldn’t sleep the day before and ate a ton of food (I eat a lot when anxious) which went from scrambled eggs with some sriracha to cream cheese and honey on chips. Long story short, my stomach was a carnival the next day, it stopped for a while and I thought it was over so I went to give my presentation. I’m backstage waiting and I felt a fart, went to a corner to let it go and let’s just say it wasn’t a fart. Had to get on stage, my pants were black and had a blazer that covered my ass so it wasn’t like it could be seen, but if you were close by you could smell it and I felt it move as I walked, towards the end I could feel a bit going down my leg. Got it done and just left, said I had a family emergency and went home to die.

To sum up, I ate a shit ton of food which resulted in me shitting my pants and giving a presentation to a room full of people as I felt my shit moving around.

About me

If I may introduce myself, my name is Claire, I’m 17 years old, turning 18 soon and I live in France. I have a cat who is incredibly fat but sooooooo cuddly and I love him from the bottom of my heart. I play the piano and I sing. My favourite music might by Legends never die by Against The Current but I’m not sure, it depends so much on my mood ! -I could share my playlists, I love creating them- I’m a great fan of cinema and theater. Painting (mostly with acrylics and watercolor) and drawing are my passions. I wish I could start my own business around those arts but I have a lot of time ahead to think about that.

Time has been rough lately but I’m back on my feet even though I didn’t believe it could happen. Now I’m trying to be positive and become someone better, trying to help others because I wouldn’t have survive without help.

To sum it up, I’m a stargazer trying my best, and I do believe that’s enough. I hope so, at least.

day 16/50

I DON’T THINK I FAILED ANYTHING TODAY!!! My music presentation was decent imo, my history essay handed in on time, and I feel good about my physics test (for once in my life)! The only thing I’d wished I done was practice more for my piano lesson today but hey, only a small blip in my entire day… I got through all my homework for the weekend so whoop WHOOP

Me looking back at my productive day (also Chris Evans is such an adorable little muffin he restores my faith in humanity and the world post-Endgame):

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You may have seen this egúngún masquerade dance costume several years ago when it was exhibited in Disguise: Masks and Global African Art (2016) and Diverse Works: Director’s Choice, 1997-2015 (2015), or even in Passages: Photographs in Africa by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher (2000). During these earlier exhibitions the costume was simply draped onto a support with its flaps hanging down lifelessly. 

For our current exhibition One: Egúngún, the costume mount received a dramatic makeover giving the viewer a suggestion of the costume’s dynamism. Consulting with Sills Family Consulting Curator, Kristen Windmuller-Luna, and working with our mount maker Mike Mandina, we modified the mount to create
a more compelling and lively display of the work to reflect how the costume was originally used.

Suggestion of body movement was obtained by cutting and angling the internal Ethafoam® support. Ethafoam® is an easily carved archival polyethylene foam regularly used in museums. Additionally, enhancing and angling the internal head form helped to create the illusion of a moving figure beneath the costume. Supports comprised of a soldered brass armature covered in Fosshape were used to lift the fabric flaps and give the effect of movement.

 Fosshape is a non-woven synthetic fabric that can be heated and manipulated into a desired form. The flap supports at the bottom of the costume were secured by inserting the brass frame into Ethafoam planks underneath the objects, while those at the top were secured in place using magnets. 

The use of magnets and Fosshape in conservation and mounting of artworks is relatively new and not available when the costume was acquired in 1998. Utilizing these new technical innovations allowed us to greatly enhance the presentation of this object.

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#Repost @skuzzz I’ll be giving a small presentation/speaking on a panel at @phoenixfanfusion ! (In partnership with @realtimesteam). The panel will consist of other medical illustrators, a medical animator, surgical video editor @chinami_michaels , and a medical app developer. I’ll be talking briefly about the history of medical art at Barrow Neurological Institute @barrowneuro, and the work I do. #medical #art #technology #presentation #comiccon #science #artwork #panel #medicine #talk #neuroscience #brain #surgery #drawing #painting #med #illustration #discussion #skull #phoenix #stem #tech #con #steam #animation #conference #medicalillustration #digitalart #wacom #neurosurgery #neurocirurgiabr #neurosurgeryblog

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ask is open;

pt-br.: oii, anjos, bem vindos ao iconsabrina. me chamo thaissa, mas vocês podem me chamar de “thai”. aqui vocês encontrarão icons com/sem psd, apenas da sabrina carpenter. vocês podem fazer seus pedidos na “ask”, sejam gentis e específicos. não sejam apressados e tenham calma, eu sou só uma aqui. lembrando que a “ask” não está aberta só para pedidos, se quiserem conversar/interagir, eu vou amar! enfim, espero que gostem daqui, xoxo.

eng.: hii, angels, welcome to iconsabrina. my name is thaissa, but you can call me “thai”. here you’ll find icons with/without psd, only of sabrina carpenter. you can make your requests on “ask”, be kind and specific. don’t be hasty and take it easy too, i’m just one here. remembering that “ask” is not open just for requests, if you want to talk/interact, i’ll love! anyway, i hope you like it here, xoxo.

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Hey 🌠

It is new blog and I figured it could be nice to introduce myself in a fun way~ So let me share a few information about me:

You may call me: Ciel, Yami or Lyrae

Age: 25


Some of my favourite things:

Colour: Lavender

Season: Autumn

Drink: Chai Latte

Element: Fire

Flower: Lilac

Tree: Weeping Willow

Legendary creature: Demons

Major Arcana: The stars

Celestial body: Nebula

Special ability: Telekinesis

Anything else you want to know? Don’t be afraid to ask! Also if you feel like it, share your own fave things ! I’d love to know.

During our final review in the Community Room at PROJECT RE_, we demonstrated the deployment of the interview table. It was great to see the enthusiasm and interaction from our guests.

Demon presentation!

Name: Thanatos

Age: Adult

Incarnation: Impartial justice

Occupation: Prince of hell, Ruler of the Tartare

Likes: His family, Justice, his work, the calm, his scythe, capes, discipline and walks along the Styx.

Thanatos is the Prince of Justice, and he rules over the Tartare. He is the eldest son of Hades, and Satan’s big brother, even though he looks nothing like him.

Thanatos really takes his work to heart: he must bring justice to the violated souls, and punish the bad ones. Therefore, he his very attentive to his subject’s needs.

Pretty distant, Thanatos lead his employees with an iron fist, with some exceptions…

Thanatos has two sons, Mephisto and Loki, who he cares about a lot, even though he doesn’t show it  very well.

Feared and respected, Thanatos is a charismatic demon, but really discreet.


Today is the second day of the 45th annual Neuroscience Symposium @barrowneuro. This animation was created by Josh Lai and Michael Hickman from Neuroscience Publications. #barrow #neuroscience #presentation #brain #spine #conference #neurology #surgery #science #animation #3d #maya #zbrush #model #anatomy #art #artwork #adobe #aftereffects #hospital #event #education @neurocirurgiabr @doctormedicine_ @neurosciencenew (at Barrow Neurological Institute)

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Hello new and old followersヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

I thought I would give you a little presentation of myself.

Welcome to my writing blog! My name is Tess and I’m from Sweden. I write reader insert fanfics, mostly with Yondu Udonta (Marvel), Talos (Marvel), Loki (Marvel), and Orm Marius (DC). Sometimes I write for other characters as well, whatever inspires me really ^^

I don’t take request, BUT…I am always happy to get ideas and suggestions for stories sent to me! So please, if you get an idea, never hesitate to send it to me, or feel that you’re bothering me.


I can’t however, promise that I will write the idea you send me. It really depends on my inspiration.

I work full time and have a family, so I don’t have that much time to write. But I always try to post at least on fic every week, usually on Sundays 9pm (CET)

I have a main blog; @my-little-fandom-corner where I put all fandom related stuff that I love.

I hope you will enjoy your stay here and my writings ^‿^


Pecha Kucha

For my Pecha Kucha presentation, I decided to explore the different sides of identities I could portray in my books. I looked at different factors that comprise an entire person. SOme of the elemenyts I considered where identit7y defined by:



-work style

-colour and shape


-social groups

The critique I received was quite helpful in my development of the books. Some of the things that were said are:

  • How do we make books?
    • How do we apply these levels of identity in the bookmaking process
    • “don’t judge a book by its cover”
    • How does a book present its own identity?
      • Human & identity
      • how does the physicality of the book come into play
      • have to define my own system
    • Make mock-up book
      • Practice and define systems
      • how do these books all sum up an identity?
  • Thinga tha could be defining of identity:
    • Nationality/birthplace/race
    • appearance
    • dislikes/likes
    • talents and skills
    • object possessions
    • Beliefs
    • Social group
      • Any social group would affect:
        • sexual orientation
        • sports
        • religion…
    • Gender
    • voice
    • clothing style

I was also given a few references to look into, with an emphais placed on Irma Boom, as well as the “Fully Booked” series.

redwriter100  asked:

Hiya! Im genderqueer and ive really been dysmorphic about my body. Ive been trying really hard to have a more andro look. Can you give me some tips?

So this can really depend on what exactly is setting you off and also what you perceive as androgynous. Here are some general things you can play around with:

  • Cutting or growing out your hair/using hair extensions
  • Wearing hats
  • Trying a new hair style
  • Buying some new clothes/trying a style you’ve never done before
  • Accessorizing (makeup, scarves, jewelry, belts, suspenders)
  • Queer pride clothes and accessory merch (pins, bracelets, etc.)
  • Going for a bold, slightly-tacky style with bright colors and seemingly mis-matched clothes (skirts with suspenders or combat boots, dress with pants, hyper-feminine or just bold color makeup with a casual shirt and jeans, etc.)
  • Billowy clothes rather than form-fitting
  • Using makeup to contour your face to look like a different shape/highlight different areas of your face
  • Shaving or drawing on hair
  • Working out and toning muscles
  • It’s certainly not for everyone, but I personally find tattoos and even piercings a confirming way of reclaiming my body and making it my own
  • Binding/packing, tucking/stuffing (just make sure you’re aware of the risks and how to do any of these in the safest manner)

Sometimes just making a change to how we usually present is enough to make us feel valid and comfortable and happy!

And, as always, I cannot understate the importance of working to mentally cope with these doubts and anxieties. Using mindfulness, learning cognitive behavior therapy techniques, utilizing meditation or grounding breaths, making sure to be positive towards yourself every day, etc. are all important to building ourselves a more comfortable future.



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Pentathlon Event #5

For my last pentathlon credit of the semester, I attended Sketchup’s live sketch comedy show Shut the Sketch Up put on by SEE on May 10 at 8:00 in the Hoff Theater. There was also a live broadcast of the event on their Facebook page. This was a fun way to relieve stress from the end of the semester while also knocking out a pentathlon credit. Comedy is something that I have been interested in for a while and I have never seen live sketch comedy before. The only other live comedy show I have have seen was the standup showcase during last semester’s NextNOW fest. I actually considered joining Sketchup after visiting their table at NextNOW fest, but I missed the audition. It was cool to see the girls that I met that night performing in the show. I generally prefer standup comedy to sketch or improv comedy, so I don’t think that I will join Sketchup in the future, but it was still a fun show.