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Funny I just gave a at that overviewed some of those topics but I think you are getting confused with . I'll be uploading the rest of the presentation soon if you'd like to know more, the topic was on .

Thanks for the kind words, , another genius coach. The book is "Get to the Point! Sharpen Your Message and Make Your Words Matter":

Discussed communication, presentation, teamwork and leadership strategies with Baltimore-based McCormick & Company's "MBA class" today. Also, can't wait to add these gift spices to meals.

Vidéo de de l'émission Salut les Baigneurs ! J'imagine que bon nombre d'entre vous connaissent déjà, mais ce serait sympa de la à volonté dans votre entourage !

The goes out to , who used a cheap stunt and divisive issue to further his personal agenda. tricks almost always backfire.

Great meeting at today following our EEO concert and MIXED Panel on and with our union’s Diversity Director - Feeling good that we are making a difference, bit by bit ✊🏽 More good things to come, stay tuned.

First presenter, Valentina, starting off strong with a Trump meme and Chilean history, culture and language - Chile! Long and skinny at tonight at the Counting House!

has its merits, but too many people use Powerpoint as a crutch...and it kills a instead of enhances it. Pick a visual aid you think will best demonstrate the most valuable information you want the audience to know. It's not always Powerpoint.

Founded by Oliver Medill, with years of experience being a public speaking coach and mentor – All About Impact know what works! Find out more about us over on our website!

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Lacking the and in your Prentations at work? If you'd like to learn how to absolutely nail that presentation every time then join us for our 1 day coming up in 21st March

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The Making of GRAND: Sophia Collier's Artprize Entry
A shorter selection from this video is being played at the Grand Rapids Art Museum at the exhibition space where GRAND is located. It is a great overview of GRAND,…


Not really a presentation idea, as it takes too long for me to replicate, or even to get inspired by, but what a fine idea of a beautiful object…made out of a river. 

Sophia Collier carves out water out of an acrylic…


Good editing is the key to seriously good video content. If you’re stuck for ideas or think you need the practice, why not produce a montage? It’s a relatively simple & engaging way to deliver the goods to your audience.
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Though I’m not a popular social media personality, I found @katblaque‘s latest video about cultivating your presentation and outrage really relateable. Not enough people touch on how certain aspects of the “social justice” community actually encourage people to be as normative as possible.

Specialist Creative Practice: Week 4, Day 3 - CAP1

Finally the last part to my sculpture that I added was the letters spelling out glass and stone. I chose to add them to give a little nod to the lyrics that this sculpture was based off of, it also helped to balance out the sculpture.

Then I decided how I wanted everything to be positioned before moving it all to the display I had picked out. I chose to have a low podium because I wanted viewers to have the option to be able to look into the cage from above and see the sculpture from all different angles.

Group evaluation/thoughts

• Well balanced, the rocks resemble mountains - suggests some kind of barrier or obstacle exists

• Nature in a cage, combination of man made materials and natural materials.

• Conveys an equal sense of fragility and sturdiness

• Environmentalist cage?

Weakness - would have used actual glass and stones instead of spelling out the words, such as light bulbs, mirrors


Looking back at the brief, i think i was successful in creating my own conceptual artwork based off of my chosen lyrics. I think I managed to convey the contrast between the heart and the mind successfully through the wire structure and leaves. I’m really happy with the overall outcome of my scuplture and how it looks. However one thing that I would do differently is I would have liked to try carving into the bowl, my chosen lyric of the song or the word glass and then used a piece of glass underneath the centre piece to reflect what’s written. Also I agree with what my group said about the weakness of my sculpture, if given more time I would like to have thought of a different way to reinforce the idea of glass and stone instead of spelling the words out with letters.


La hora de salir
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